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356 DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. dare, and has issue living, tnid, b, 1889. Residence, 21, Hyde Fark Gate, 3. VV. (,<?;/*?; 3, Temple Gardens, E.G. Clubs, University, National, Beefsteak John William Pitt, b. 185, ed. at Eton; is in B.C.S. : in. 1876, Fanny Louisa, da. of the late Lieut. -Gen. Montague Gholmeley John.stone [see Johnstone, Bart., colls.], and has issue living, two sons and two daus. Residences, Galcutta ; Simla. Sister living Susannah Anne Eliza. Residence, The Hermitage, Ranmore, Dorking. Widow living Of 2nd Baronet SOPHIA MATILDA (Lady Muir-Mackenzie), sth da. of the late James Raymond Johnstone, Esq. [see Johnstone, Bart., colls.]: ni. 1832, Sir John William Pitt iNIuir-Mackenzie, 2nd baronet, who d. 1855. Residence, 8, West Eaton Place, S.W. MACKINNON, Creation 1889, of Strathaird, Isle of Skye, and Loup, Kilcalmonell, co. Argyll. Sir WILLIAM MACKINNON, C.I.E., ist Baronet, youngest son of the late Duncan Mackinnon, Esq., of Campbel- town, co. Argyll, by his wife, Isabella, who d. 1861 ; b. March 3ist, 1823 ; is a J.P. and a D.L. forco. Argyll, and a D.L. for co. Inverness ; C.I.E. 1882 : m. 1856, Janet C., da. of the late R. Jameson, Esq. ^rms Quarterly : ist, vert, a boar's head erased argent, in the mouth a shin-bone proper ; 2nd, azure, in fesse between two anchors erect proper, a castle triple towered gules, embattled argent ; 3rd, or, an ancient galley fules ; 4th, argent, from the sinster a dexter hand couped at the wrist proper, olding a cross crosslet fitchee sable ; all within a bordure indented or. Crtst A boar's head as in the arms. Seats Balinakill, Clachan, Argyllshire ; Strathaird, Isle of Skye. Clubs Brooks's, Reform, Royal Yacht Squadron, New (Edinburgh). MACKWORTH, Creation 1776, of Gnoll Castle, Glamorganshire. Sir ARTHUR WILLIAM MACKWORTH, 6th Baronet ; b. Oct. 5th, 1842; s. his father, Str DIGBY FRANCIS, 1857; is Col. R.E., and a D.L. and J.P. for Monmouthshire ; served in Egyptian campaign 1882 (medal with clasp, bronze star, and 3rd class Medjidie) : m. 1865, Alice Kate, da. of Joseph Cubitt, Esq., C.E., and has issue. ^rms Per pale indented sable and ermine, on a chevron gules, five crosses-patee or. Cttgt A cock proper. Seat Glenuske, Carleon, Monmouthshire. Club Junior United Service. Sons living DIGBY, b. May 2oth, 1868 ; is Lieut. 2nd Batn. The Queen's (Roy. W. Surrey Regt.). Humphrey, b. 1871 ; is Lieut. 3rd Gwell angau na cywilydd. Batn. Queen s (Roy. W. Surrey Regt.). Francis Julian Audley, (>. Rather death than shame. ' 8 , 7 6. -Harry Llewellyn, b, . 187^ Geoffrey, b. 1879. Arthur Christopher Paul, b. 1886. John Dolben, b. 1887. Daughters living Gyneth. Helen. Mary Josephine. Beryl Katharine. Dorothy. Brothers living William, 6. 1847. Rowland, b. 1848. Widow living Of 5th Baronet MATHILUE ELEANOR ELIZA (Lady MackwortK), da. of Lieut. - Col. Peddie, K.H. : m. 1840, Sir Digby Francis Mackvvorth, sth baronet, who d. 1857. Residence, Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Lieut. Herbert Mackworth, R.N., 2nd son of 3rd baronet, b. 1791, d. 1848 : m. 1821, Jessie, who d. 1869, da. of James Anderson, Esq. : Jessie Philippa : in. 1851, the Rev. George Woodfield Paul, V. and Patron of Finedon, and has issue living, Herbert Woodfield, M.P. (of 46, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, S.W.), b. 1853 ; ed. at Eton, and at Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1875) ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1878 ; has sat as M.P. for Edinburgh. S. Div. (LG) since 1892 : m. 1883, Elinor, da. of the late William Ritchie, Esq., Member of Council of Gov.-Gen. of Bengal, and has issue living, Humphrey Mackworth b. 1885, Beatrice Elinor b. 1890, Gerald Dolben, b. 1865, Lilian Gertrude : m. 1887, Rev. William Oram Leadbitter, V. of Denford-cum-Ringstead, Northamptonshire, and has issue living, Geoffrey George b. 1891, Margaret Woodfield b. 1888, Helena Beatrice, Jessie Georgina. Residence, Finedon Vicarage, Welling- borough Jane Deere : m. 1862, George Sinclair Brodie, Esq., who d. 1880. Martha Amelia. Fanny : in. 1859, Thomas Bagnall, Esq., J.P. , D.L., and has issue living, Helen Maurice,