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vi Preface. 240 new titles and Companionships in recognition of Parlia- mentary, Naval, Military, Diplomatic, Colonial, Indian, Civil, and other services, rendering necessary a further increase of thirty- six pages in the size of the book. The information furnished in "Debrett" is mainly confined to living members of the nobility and of those collaterally con- nected with them, and it is confidently hoped that the present edition will be found a complete repertory of useful knowledge concerning every living personage among the Titled Classes of the realm, the Companions of the various Orders, and the Collateral Branches of all Peers and Baronets (for very recent events see "Occurrences during Printing"), and that its sphere of usefulness as an accurate book of reference has been largely increased by the insertion of the residences at home and abroad of thousands of junior members (male and female) of the families mentioned; moreover, "Debrett" is the ONLY VOLUME that sup- plies facts anent the issue of living females whose fathers were descended in the male line from a first Peer or Baronet, or gives biographical sketches of Companions of the Distinguished Service Order. In the preparation of the work communication has, during the past four months, been held with upwards of thirty-five thousand correspondents in all parts of the world, and no expense has been spared in endeavouring to make the volume accurate. The constant requisition for old editions of "Debrett," and the early date after publication at which recent issues have run out of print, afford ample proof of its recognised value for purposes of reference. From Dec. 6th, 1891 to Dec. 5th, 1892, seventeen Peerages* were created, six became extinct t (two of which released minor

  • Amherst of Hackney, Baron (Amherst), Ashcombe, Baron (Cubitt), Battersea,

Baron (Flower), Blythswood, Baron (Campbell), Crawshaw, Baron (Brooks), Cromer, Baron (Baring), Dunleath, Baron (Mulholland), Hood of Avalon, Baron (Hood), Kelvin, Baron (Thomson), Knightley, Baron (Knightley), Llangattock, Baron (Rolls), Newton, Baron (Legh), Playfair, Baron (Playfair), Roberts, Baron (Roberts), Rookwood, Baron (Selwin-Ibbetson), Shand, Baron (Shand), York, Duke of (Prince George of Wales). t Barony of Bramwell, Dukedom of Clarence and Avondale, Earldom of Charlemont Viscounty remains), Marquessate of Drogheda (Earldom remains), Viscounty of Sherbrooke, Barony of Winmarleigh.