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Preface. vii honours), one Peer of Scotland * was raised to a Dukedom of the United Kingdom, one Earl of the United Kingdom t was pro- moted to a Marquessate, and one Viscount and one Baron J each to an Earldom, the abeyance in the case of one Barony was terminated, five Baronetcies j| merged in Peerages, and twenty- four new Members ^[ were sworn of the Privy Council. During the same period the Order of Baronets received an addition of seventeen names,** while three Baronetcies ft became extinct ; eighty-eight gentlemen JJ were honoured with Knighthood, in addition to many promotions to higher grades, and ninety-seven additional Companions were nominated to the various Orders.

  • Duke of Argyll.

t Earl of Zetland to Marquessate of Zetland. j Viscount Cranbrook to Earldom of Cranbrook, and Baron Willoughby de Eresby to Earldom of Ancaster. Barony of Conyers. Brooks, Campbell, Selwin-Ibbetson, Knightley, Roberts. If Arthur Herbert Dyke Acland, M.P., Herbert Henry Asquith, Q.C., M.P., John Atkinson, Baron Balfour of Burleigh, Sir Walter Barttelot, Bart., C.B., M.P., James Bryce, M.P., Jesse Ceilings, M.P., Sir James Parker Deane, Q.C., D.C.L., Robert William Duff, M.P., Earl of Fingall, Arthur Bower Forwood, M.P., Herbert Colstoun Gardner, M.P., Charles Seale-Hayne, M.P., Alexander Staveley Hill, Q.C., M.P., Baron Houghton, Professor Thomas Henry Huxley, D.C.L., F.R.S., Hon. Sir Francis Henry Jeune, D.C.L., The MacDermot, Q.C., Arnold Morley, M.P., Baron Ribblesdale, Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bart., M.P., Sir Archibald Levin Smith, Hon. Charles Robert Spencer, M.P., Baron Vernon.

    • Armstrong, Brodie, Carbutt, Durand, Townsend-Farquhar, Hamilton, Dixon-

Hartland, Hunt, Jaffray, Lawson, Lea, Morgan, Muir, Powell, Schroder, Stewart, Wiggin. ft Evans, O'Malley, Jones- Parry. jj Abbott (J. J. C), Abbott (J. P.), Abercorn (Duke), Aiyar, Alabaster, Barnby, Barnes, Ashmead-Bartlett, Bateman, Bell, Black, Bower, Boyle, Bruce, Buchanan, Buckley, Collins, Colton, Cotton, Crowe, Cusins, Devonshire (Duke), Dibbs, Dixon, Engleheart, Evans (D.), Evans (G. H. P.), Evans (J.), Findlay, Fleming, Flower, Fulton, Geddes, Glasgow (Earl), Grenier, Heneage, Hill, Hopkins, Hornby, Howorth, Humphery (Bart.), Inchiquin (Baron), Inglott, Invin, Jenkyns, Johnson, Tones, Kennedy, King, Lacoste, Lathom (Earl), Leach, Lushington, MacCabe, MacDonald, MacDonell, MacGregor, Maple, Micks, Mowat, Ollivant, Oppen- heimer, Palgrave, Palmer, Parratt, Pile, Pontifex, Portal, Rigby, Rosebery (Earl), Ross, Sankey, Scott (F. C.), Scott (J.H.), Sexton, Sivewright, Smith, Holled-Smith, Smyly, Stokes, Stone, Straight, Walker, Walpole, Warner, Watson, Williams, Wrixon. Alleson, Anthonisz, Aubert, Badcock, Bateman, Bernays, Brennan, Brown (J.), Brown (M. G.), Buck (Knt.), Castle, Charlemont (Viscount), Clerke, Cotton, Creagh, Culley, Daly, Daukes, Dawson, Domville (Bart.), Durand, Ebden, Ellis, FitzGibbon, Fraser, French, Froude, Fuller, Gardner, Griffith, Hale, Hammill, Harrison, Henderson, Henley, Hervey, Home, Hood (Hon.), Hughes, Hutton, imThurm, Jackson, Keane, Keary, Kekewich, Lee, Leigh, Lloyd, McDonnell, Maclean, MacMunn, Madden, Mahon, Malcolm, Maling, Marshall, Maxwell, May, Merriman, Milman, Mitchell, Montgomerie, Moore, Morice, Murdoch, Newton, Nicoll, Norris, O'Brien, Ottley, Pattisson, Phillips, Pickersgill, Pougnet, Reed (Knt.), Rice, Risley, Robertson (F. E.), Robertson (G. S.), Rose, Ross-of- Bladensburg, Scott, Shelford, Singleton, Seth-Smith, Somerset, Stanford, Svvetten- ham, White-Thomson, Thorne, Tucker, Wallace, Ward, Lee-Warner, White, Winter, Woodburn.