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DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. MR. C. B. HARNESS' SYSTEM OF ELECTRO-MASSAGE A METHOD OF CURE COMBINING ELECTROPATHIC TREATMENT WITH MASSAGE MANIPULATIONS. flTHE MEDICAL BATTERY COMPANY, Limited, have Special Departments 'CL' for the Treatment of Paralysis, Hysteria, Rheumatic Affections, Gout, Sleep- lessness, loss of Appetite, Neurasthenia, Spinal Complaints, Chronic Dyspepsia, Constipation, Corpulence and other diseases, by Electrisation combined with Mas- sage, under the charge of their officers, who have had a long and varied experience in Hydro-Therapeutics, Electricity and Massage, and the staff of Masseurs and Electricians who act under his direction all hold certificates of proficiency. At the head ot the Ladies' Department is a skilful and experienced Masseuse (who has had the highest scientific training, and is the holder of several special certificates), and ladies may rely upon each individual case receiving scrupulous care and attention. Jn making this announcement the directors feel they have met a wide-spread want; they have specially fitted up suites of rooms exclusively for this treatment, the arrangements of which are replete with every appointment conducive to the comfort of patients. This treatment is becoming more popular every day. It is recommended by the leading members of the Faculty, including Dr. Herbert Tibbits, Dr. Arthur Harries, Dr. Gordon Stables, M.D., Dr. Cecil Greenwood, M.R.C.S., Surgeon-General Tuson, M.D., Dr. Russell Harris, M.D. It is also patronised by Mr. Arthur Paul, M.A., Mr. Edward Lloyd, Miss Jessie Mr. William Gunn, Rev. Wm. John Edge, Rev. E. F. Shaw, and thousands of Bond, other influential and distinguished personages, including Ambassadors, Dukes Earls, Countesses, Marquesses, Lords, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament Baronets, Knights, Judges, Bishops,Physicians,Clergymen, Barristers, Solicitors, Military and Naval Officers, Men of Letters, and all classes of so- ciety ; but as it would be a breach of confidence to publish their names in the Pess, we refrain jfrom doing so, xecept when special permission is given. Consultations may be had free of charge, and those ^ who cannot call should write ** for descriptive pamphlet to the proprietors ; !V-v -- ~- ,*, -"^--r:-.- The Electropathic & Zander Institute, 52, OXFORD STREET, London, W.C.