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ABBREVIATIONS. A.A.G., Assistant Adjutant- General. Acad., Academy. A.D.C., Aide-de-camp. Adj., Adjutant. Adm., Admiral. ante, before. A.P.D.ArmyPayDepartment. A.Q.M.G.,AssistantQuarter- master General. Assist., Assistant. Bar., Barrister. B., Baron. b., born. B.A., Bachelor of Arts. Bart., Baronet. Batn., Battalion. B.C.L.,Bachelor of Civil Law. .B.C.S., Bengal Civil Service. B.D., Bachelor of Divinity. Bom. C.S., Bombay Civil Ser- vice. Bom.S.C.,BombayStafl Corps Bp., Bishop. Brig., Brigade, Brigadier. B.S.C., Bengal Staff Corps. C., Conservative. c. crowned. Camb., Cambridge. Capt., Captain. Cav., Cavalry. C.B., Companionof the Bath. C.E., Civil Engineer. Ch., Chief. Chap., Chaplain. Ch. Ch., Christ Church. Chm., Chairman. C.I., Lady of Imperial Order of the Crown of India. C.I.E., Companion of the In- dian Empire. Civ. Ser., Civil Service. C.M.G., Companion of St. Michael and St. George. Co., County, Company. Col., Colonel. Coll., College. Colls., Collateral Branches. Com., Commander. Comdg., Commanding. Comdt., Commandant. Com.-in-Ch., Commander in Chief. Commn., Commission. Commr., Commissioner. Corny. - Gen., Commissary General. Cos., Counties, Companies. or., creation. C.S., Civil Service. C.S.I., Companion of the Star of India. d., died. D., Duke. da., dau., Daughter. D.A.A.G., Deputy Assistant- Adjutant-General. D.A.Q.M.G., Deputy Assistant- Quartermaster- General . D.C.L., Doctor of Civil Law. D.D., Doctor of Divinity. Dep., Deputy. Depart., Department. Diplo., Diplomatic. Dist., District. Div., Division. D.L., Deputy Lieutenant. D.Sc., Donative. D.S., Doctor of Science. Don. O., Companion of Distin- guished Service Order. <i. s. p., died without issue. E., Earl. ed., educated. E.I.C.S., East India Com- pany's Service. el., eldest. ext., extinct. Extraor., Extraordinary. F.K.Q.C.P., Fellow of the Kingand Queen's College of Physicians, Ireland. F.R.C.S., Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons. F.R.S., Fellow of Royal So. F.R.S.E., Fellow of Royal Society of Edinburgh. G.C.B., Knight Grand Cross of the Bath. G.C.H., Knight Grand Cross of Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order. G.C.I.E., Knight Grand Com- mander of Indian Empire. G.C.M.G., Knight Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. George. G. C.S.I., Knight Grand Com- mander of Star of India. G.M.I.E., Grand Master of Indian Empire. G.M.M.G., Grand Master of St. Michael & St. George. G.M.S.I., Grand Master of the Star of India. Gen., General. Gov., Governor. Govt., Government. Gram. Sch., Grammar School. h. a., heir apparent. H.E.I.C.S., Honorable East India Company's Service. H.I.H., His, or Her, Imperial Highness. H.L., House of Lords. H.M., His, or, Her Majesty. H.M.S., Her Majesty's Ship. Hon., Honourable, Honorary. h. p., heir presumptive. h.-p., half-pay. H.R., Home Rule. H.R.H., His, or Her, Royal Highness. [Highness. H.S.H., His, or Her, Serene I.S.C. Indian Staff Corps. infra, below. J.P., Justice of the Peace. K.B., Knight Bachelor. K.C.B., Knight Commander of the Bath. K.C.H., Knight Commander of the Hanoverian Guel- phic Order. K.C.I.E., Knight Commander of Indian Empire. K.C.M.G., KnightCommander of St. Michael and St. George. K. C.S.I., Knight Commander of the Star of India. K.G., Knight of the Garter. K.H., Knight of the Hano- verian Guelphic Order. Knt., Knight. K.P., Knight of St. Patrick. K.T., Knight of the Thistle. L., Liberal. L.C., Liberal Conservative. Legis., Legislative. L.I. .Light Infantry. Lieut., Lieutenant. Lieut. Col., or Lt. Col., Lieu- tenant Colonel. L.K.Q.C.P., Licentiate of the Kingand Queen's College of Physicians, Ireland. LL.B., Bachelor of Laws'. LL.D., Doctor of Laws. LL.M., Master of Laws. M. Marquess. m., married. M.A., Master of Arts. Maj., Major. M.B., Bachelor of Medicine. M.C.S., Madras Civil Service. M.D., Doctor of Medicine. M.E.C., Member of Execu- tive Council. Med., Medical. M.I.C.E., Member of Insti- tute of Civil Engineers. Mil., Military. Min., Minister. M.L.A., Member of Legis- lative Assembly. M.L.C., Member of Legis- lative Council. M.P., Member of Parliament. M.R.C.S , Member of Royal College of Surgeons. M.R.I.A., Member of the Royal Irish Academy. M.S.C., Madras Staff Corps. Mus. B., Bachelor of Music. Mus. D., Doctor of Music. N.I., Native Infantry. Oxon., Oxford. P.C., Privy Councillor. Ph.D., Doctorof Philosophy. Plen., Plenipotentiary. P.R.A., President of Royal Academy. Preb., Prebendary. P.R.S., President of Royal Society Pres., President. P.W.D., Public Works De- partment. Q.C., Queen's Counsel. Q.M.G., Quartermaster - General. R., Rector. R.A., Royal Artillery, Royal Academician. R.E., Royal Engineers. Regt., Regiment. Rev., Reverend. R.H.A.,Royal Horse Artillery. R.M., Royal Marines. R.M.A., Royal Marine Ar- tillery. [Infantry. R.M.L.I., Royal Marine Light R.R.C., Lady of the Royal Red Cross. R.N., Royal Navy. Roy., Royal. R.S.O., Railway Sub-Office. Rt., Right. Rt. Hon., Right Honourable. s., succeeded. Sch., School. S.C.L., Student of Civil Law. Sec., Secretary. Ser., Service. So., Society. Sup., Superintendent. Surg., Surgeon. Trin., Trinity. Univ., University. V., Viscount, Vicar. V.A ., Lady of the Royal Order of Victoria Vis., Viscount. V.C., Victoria Cross. V.L., Vice-Lieuteuant. Vol., Volunteers. W.S., Writer to the Signet, Yeo., Yeomanry.