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PEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. xxxix THE NEW -EOLIAN Is conceded by the WORLD'S best MUSICIANS to be the GREATEST MUSICAL INVENTION of Modern Times. By means of a novel arrangement and expression guide in this unique and wonderful instrument, any person, quite without musical knowledge, can sit down and play correctly and artistically any piece of music ever written, whether Sonata, Symphony, Opera, Waltz, Hymn, March, or Dance. It has also a keyboard which can be played, not only in the ordinary manner of other keyboard instruments, but also in combination with the automatic part, giving in the hands of the trained musician most beautiful and brilliant results, quite impossible on any other instrument. Mere words will not convey an adequate idea of the capacity of the JKOLl AN, it should be seen and heard. Your visit will be esteemed a favour. .Prices from t&25 to " I recognise it as one of the greatest inventions of the present century." Signer LUIOI ARDITI, the Great Operatic Conductor. " This wonderful inventiou is ' artistic' in the true sense of the word." SARASATE, the Great Violinist. " The jEolian is an instrument offering a large range of advantages, and affording new sources of pleasure alike to the Artist, the Student, and the Amateur Musician," Dr. TURPIN, of the London College of Organists. " I recommend the jEolian as the simplest and best means of cultivating a taste for the works of the best composers." A VIANESI, ler. Chef d'Orchestre de 1'Opera de Paris, Musical Director and Conductor of the Abbey and Grau Opera Company in New York. " I find it difficult to say enough in praise of the Jolian. The quality of its tone is very charming, and I much admire the arrangement which enables even the uninitiated to produce music of the very highest class." Lieut. DAN GODFREY, Grenadier Guards, and Professor R.A.M. GEO. WHIGHT AND Co., 225, REGENT STREET, LONDON, W.