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been a M.L.C. for the Central and S. Yarra Provinces (successively) of Victoria since 1874 ; in 1880 represented Victoria before the Royal Commn. for Protection of British Interests abroad ; was a Mem- ber of Board of Advice in London for the Colony 1880-82, Minister of Defence 1883-6, Executive Vice-Pres. of Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition 1888, and Minister of Defence and Minister of Instruction 1890-92 ; is an Executive Councillor and a Territorial Magistrate for the Colony : m. ist, 1858, Marian Australian Rolfe, only da. of the Hon. G. Rolfe, M.L.C. ; 2nd, 1880, Julia, 2nd da. of James Tom- lin, Esq., of London; cr. C.M.G. 1885, i K . C . M . G. 1 890. Rtppon Lea , Melbourne, Victoria; Australian Club (Melbourne}. SAUNDERS, Sir Edwin, son of the late Simon Saunders, Esq. ; b. 1814 ; I M.R.C.S. Eng. 1839, and F.R.C.S. 1855 ; is Surg. Dentist to H.M. and to T.R.H. the Prince and Princess of Wales, F.G.S., Fellow of Royal Medical and Chirurgical So. , and Member of Odontological So. of Great Britain ; formerly Lecturer on Ana- tomy and Diseases of the Teeth at St. Thomas's Hospital ; has been Pres. of Odontological So., of British Dental Association, of Metropolitan Counties Branch of British Medical Association, and of Section XII. of International Medi- cal Congress; author of "The Teeth a Test of Age": m. 1848, Marian, el. da. of the late E. Burgess, Esq. ; cr. K.B. 1883. I3<r, George Street, Hanover Square, W. ; Fairlawn, Wimbledon Common. SAWYER, Sir James, J/.Z>., son of the late James Sawyer, Esq., of Carlisle ; b. 1844 ; ed. at Queen's Coll., Birmingham ; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1866, M.B. Lond. Univ. (ist class Honours) 1867, and M.D. 1873 ; F.R.C.P. Lond. 1883 ; is Consulting Phy- sician Queen's Hospital, Birmingham, - Professor of Medicine in Queen's Coll., and a J. P. for Birmingham ; formerly Pres. of Birmingham Clinical Board and of Birmingham and Midland Branch of British Medical Asso. : ;. 1873, Adelaide Mary, da. of the late Rev. J. H. Hill, of Cranoe Rectory, Leicestershire ; cr. K.B. 1885. Haseley Hall, Warwick; 29, Old Burlington Street, W.; 31, Temple Row, Birmingham ; Conservative and Midland Conservative Clubs. SCANLAN, Sir Thomas Charles, K. C.M. G. , son of Charles Scanlan, Esq. , ot Cape Town ; b. 18 ; admitted Attor- ney 1866 ; elected a Member of House of Assembly, Cape of Good Hope. 1869 ; was Chm. of Cape Town Municipality 1870-77, Premier and Attorney-Gen., Cape of Good Hope 1881, and Colonial Sec. and Premier Cape of Good Hope 1881-4; cr. K. C.M.G. 1884. Johannesburg, South Africa. SCHNEIDER, Gen. Sir John William K.C.B.;b. 1824 ; entered Bombay Army HTS. 70S 1840, became Captain 1846, Major 1858, Lieut.-Col. 1862, Col. 1867, Maj.-Gen. 1877, Lieut. -Gen. 1881, and Gen. 1888 ; commanded Contingent, Infantry and Irregular Cav., of Rajah of Sattara, in campaign in S. Maratha country 1844-5, the Kolapore Infantry during Indian Mutiny 1857 (medal), and ist Brig, of ist Div. in Abyssinian campaign 1 868 (medal); was Judge Advocate Gen. of Army 1868- 72, Political Resident at Aden with com- mand of the Brig. 1872-7, and in command of N. Div. of Bombay Army 1877-82 (fre- quently mentioned in despatches): 02.1851, Amelia Euphemia, da. of Lieut.-Col. C. J. C. Davidson, of the Bengal Engineers ; cr. C.B. 1868, K.C.B. 1889. 8, Queensbonmgfi Terrace, W. SCHOLFIELD, Sir Henry, son of the late H. Scholfield, Esq. ; b. 18 ; was H.M.'s Consul at Guatemala 1872-80, and in charge of Legation there in 1876 ; cr. K.B. 1876. ScOBLE,6 > zVAndrewRichard,A'.C.5./., M.P., son of'the late John Scoble, Esq., of Kingsbridge, Devon ; b. 1831 ; ed. at City of London Sch. ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1856, a Q.C. 1876, and a Bencher 1879 ; was Advocate-Gen, and M.L.C. of Bombay 1870-7, and a Member of Council of Gov.-Gen. of India 1886-91 ; unsuccess- fully contested Shrewsbury 1880 and Nev- castle-under-Lyme 1885 ; has sat for Hackney, Central Div. (C) since 1892 : m. 1863, Augusta Harriette, only da. of the late Joseph Nicholson, Esq.; cr. C.S.I. 1889, K.C.S.I. 1890. 21, Kensington Gardens Terrace, W.; Carlton and Athenceum Clubs. SCOTLAND, Sir Colley Harman, el. son of the late Thomas Scotland, Esq. ; b. 1818 ; ed. at Roy. Sch., Raphoe ; Bar. Middle Temple 1843 ; was Ch. Justice of Supreme Court of Judicature, Madras, 1861, and of High Court of Judicature 1862-72, and Vice-Chancellor of Madras Univ. 1862-71 : m. 1853, Sarah Anne, who d. 1859, da. of the late John Joseph Bygrave, Esq. ; cr. K.B. 1861. 44, Queen's Gate Gardens, S. W. ; Windham Club. !. Sir Francis Cunningham, ., C.B., el. son of Carteret George Scott, Esq., of Malleny, Balerno, Midlothian ; b. 1834 ; entered 42nd Highlanders 1852, became Capt. 1856, Major 1866, Lieut.-Col. 1874, and Col. (retired) 1881 ; served throughout Crimean campaign 1854-5 (medal with three clasps, 5th class Medjidie, and Turkish medal), in Indian Mutiny campaign 1857-8 (medal with clasp), in Ashantee War 1874 (wounded, mentioned in despatches, C.B., and medal with clasp), and in command of Expedition against the Jebus 1892 ; was from 1878-88 one of H.M.'s Gentlemen- at-Arms ; is a J. P. for Midlothian ; for- merly Lieut.-Col Comdg. 4th Batn. Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regt.) ; appointed Inspector-Gen, of Gold Coast 45