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738 KNIGHTAGE. ist, as his 3rd wife, Rear-Adm. Sir William Symonds, C.B. whorf. 1856, Surveyor of R.N., andly, 1861, Thomas Mayo, Esq., M.D. TAIT, Lady. Rose, da. of the late William Abraham, Esq., of Fort Prospect, Limerick : m. 1853, Sir Peter Tait, whorf. 1890. THOMPSON, Lady. Georgina, da. of Edward Currie, Esq., of Pickford, Sussex : in. 1859, Sir Augustus Rivers Thompson, K. C.S.I., C.I.E., who d. 1890. THOMSON, Lady WYVILLE-. Jane Ramage, el. da. of Adam Dawson, Esq., D.L.. of Bonnytoun, co. Linlithgow : in. 1853, Sir Charles Wyville-Thomson, LL. D. , D. Sc. , Ph. D. , F.R.S., Professor of Natural History in Edin- burgh Univ., who d. 1882. Bonsyde, Linlithgow. TOBIN, Lady. Catharine, da. of the late Lister Ellis, Esq., of Crofthead, Netherby, Cumberland : m. 1835, Sir Thomas Tobin, who d. 1881. 63, Albert Hall Mansions, S. W. WALKER, Lady. Mary Elizabeth, 2nd da. of Capt. Hallowes, R.N., of Glapwell Hall, Derbyshire : m. 1866, as his 2nd wife, Sir Edward Samuel Walker, who d. 1874, Mayor of Chester. WALLIS, Lady. Jemima, da. of the late Gen. Sir Robert Thomas Wilson, M.P. : in. 1849, as his second wife, Adm. of the Fleet Sir Provo William Parry Wallis, G.C.B., who d. 1802. Funtington House, near Chicliester. WALPOLE, Lady. Gertrude, da. of Gen. Ford : m. 1846, Lieut. -Gen. Sir Robert Walpole, K.C.B., who d. 1876 [see E. Orford, colls.]. Hampton Coicrt Palace. -^ WALTON, Lady. Louisa Hoskyns, da. of the late Charles Legh Hoskyns Master, Esq., of Barrow Green House, Oxted : in. 1834, Sir William Henry Walton, Queen's Remem- brancer 1838-74, who d. 1882. 5, The Crescent, Surbiton. TONKIN, Lady. Eliza, da. of Thomas J WARD, Lady. Annie Sophia, da. of the Michell, Esq., of Croftwest House, Cornwall : 'ate Robert Campbell, Esq.. M.P. of N. S. m. 1818, Col. Sir Warwick Hele Tonkin, who d. w ^les : m. 1857, Maj.-Gen. Sir Edward Wol- jgg, stenholm Ward, K.C.M.G., who d. 1890 [see V. TOPAN, Lady. Janbai, da. of : j Bangor, colls.]. j.6,Cadogan Gardens, S.IV. in. 1864, as his 3rd wife, Sir Tharia Topan, ! who d. La. Garde, Cannes, France. Malabar Hill, Land's End WARDE, Lady. Jane, da. of the late Rev. Road, Bombay. TORRENS, Lady. Mary, da. of the late Col. De Butts, R.E. : m. 1876, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry D'Oyly Torrens, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., who d. 1889, Gen. and Com.-in-Ch. of Malta. TORRENS, Lady. Barbara, da. of Alex- ander Park, Esq., of Selkirk, and widow of Augustus George Anson, Esq. : m. 1839 Sir Robert Richard Torrens, G.C.M.G., who d. Canon Charles Lane, R. of Wrotham, Kent : m. 1843, Gen. Sir Edward Charles Warde, K.C.B., whorf. 1884. WELD, Lady. [See B. Clifford, colls.]. WELLS, Lady. Mary Elizabeth, da. of the late Thomas William Ramsden, Esq. : in. 1872, as his second wife, Sir Mordaunt Wells, who d. 1885, formerly a Judge of High Court of Judicature, Bengal. 1884, M.P. for Cambridge 1868-74. Hanna- WESLEY, Lady. Mary, da. of the late ford, Ashburton. Rev- Robert Butt, R. of Stranorlar, Done. TROLLOPE, Lady. [See B. Ellbank, | ga l : m. 1835, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Samuel Robert colls.]. Wesley, K.C.B., who d. 1877. TULLOCH, Lady. -Emma Louisa, da. of WESTROPP, Lady. Eliza, da. of the late Sir William Hyde Pearson, M.D. : m. 1844, I Lieut.-CoI. Lionel Westropp, sSth Regt. : m. Maj.-Gen. Sir Alexander Murray Tulloch, . 1865, as his second wife, Sir Michael Roberts K.C.B., who d. 1864. The Old Park, near Westropp, Ch. Justice of Bombay 1870-82, who, Axminster. j d. 1890. do, Holland Park, IV. TURNER, Lady. Bertha Violet, da. of WETHERALL, Lady. Katharine, da. of S. Lowe, Esq.: in. ist, 1856, Col. Sir William the late John Adam Durie, Esq., of Astley West Turner, C.B., K.C.S.I., who d. 1871;! Hall, Lancashire: in. 1847, Major-Gen. Sir andly, 1875, Lieut.-Gen. George Scougal Edward Robert Wetherall, K. C.S.I., C.B., Macbean, C.B. Oak Grove, Bishopstoke. who d. 1869. Hill Crest, Addlestone, Surrey. TURNER, Lady. Harriett Emeline, da. WHITE, Lady. Alice Elizabeth, da. of of Major J. Wilton^ (Madras Army^of South- the late Nem Malcolm, Esq., of Poltalloch : m. _, Gen. Sir Henry Dalrymple White, K.C.B., who d. 1886. Marden Ash, Bournemouth. amptonshire : m. ist, 1863, as his 2nd wife, Sir James yallentin, who d. 1870, Sheriff of London and Middlesex ; 2ndly, 1874, T. R. Lewis, Esq. VAN STRAUBENZEE, Lady. Charlotte Louisa, da. of Lieut.-Gen. John Luther Richard- son, H.E.I. C.S. : m. 1841, Gen. Sir Charles Thomas Van Straubenzee, G.C.B. , who d. 1892. 100, Sydney Place, Bath. WADDY, Lady. Ann Elizabeth, da. of the late Comy.-Gen. William Cordeaux, of Aus- tralia : m. 1840, Gen. Sir Richard Waddy, K.C.B., who d. 1881. " Milverton," Oakdale Road, Strcatham, S. W. WADE, Lady. Jane Selina, da. of the late Capt. T. Nicholl, Bengal Horse Artillery : in. ist, 1845, Sir Claude Marline Wade, C.B., who d. 1861 ; 2ndly, 1864, Edward Deane Macj Dermot, Esq., M.A., M.D. 8, The Circus, Bath. sea, and widow of Gen. S.Thacker, Bom. S.C.: m. 1879, as his 3rd wife, Gen. Sir Frank Turner, K.C.B., who d. 1890. I ... 7- j i7i o , T T , . ,, . j , i WHITE. Lady. Florence busan, da. of VALLENTIN Lady. Anna Maria, da. of the lat ^ Hen , Simpson , Esq of Harewood the Rev. John Cox, M.A., of Valgraye, North- Square, N. W.: m. 1878, Alderman Sir Thomas White, Lord Mayor of London, 1876-7, who d. 1883. 4, Ashley Place, Victoria Street, S.W. WHITE, Lady. Katherine, da. of the late Lewis Kendziar, Esq., merchant, of Dant- zig : in. 1867, the Rt. Hon. Sir William Arthur White, P.C., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., who d. 1891, Ambassador at Constantinople. WHITE, Lady. Sarah, da. of the late Richard Johnson Lockett, Esq., of Maccles- field : m. 1848, Sir William White, Sheriff of Cork, who d. 1861. WICKENS, Lady. Harriet Frances, da. of William Davy, Esq., of Cowley House, co. Gloucester: m. 1845, Vice-Chancellor the Hon. Sir John Wickens, who d. 1873. WILDE, Lady. Jane Francesca Speranza, da. of Charles Elgee, Esq.: in. 1851, Sir William Robert Wills Wilde, M.D., who d. 1876, Surgeon-Oculist to H.M. in Ireland.