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746 COMPANIONAGE. BECKETT, Col. Stephen, C.ff.,son of the late Capt. J. O. Beckett, H.E.I.C.S. : b. 1840 ; entered 25th Bengal N.I. 1857 ; joined B.S.C. 1861, became Capt. 1869, Major 1877, Lieut.-Col. 1883, and Col. 1887 ; retired 1889 ; served in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-9 (dangerously wounded, mentioned in despatches, and medal), in N.W. Frontier of Indian Campaign 1863-4 (medal with clasp and twice mentioned in despatches), in command of Bahawalpiir Con- tingent on Dera Ghazi Khan Frontier in ist Cabul Campaign 1879, an d as Director of Indian Transport with Forces in Suakin 1885 (medal, mentioned in despatches and C.B.) : tit. 1875, Cecilia, who d. 1889, da. of P. Griffith, Esq. ; cr. C.B. 1885. East India United '< Service Chtb. BEDFORD, Rear-Adiu. Frederick George Denham C..5.,sonof Vice-Adm. Edward James i Bedford ; b. 1838 ; entered R.N. 1852, became Lieut. 1859, Com. 1871, Capt. 1876, and Rear- Adm. 1891 ; served during Russian War in Black Sea 1854, present at bombardment of Odessa, capture of Redout Kaleh, and bom- bardment of Sebastopol (Crimean medal with clasp and Turkish Medal), in Baltic Expedition ! '855, present at bombardment of Sweaborg (medal); Com. of H.M.S. "Serapis" during the visit of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales to India 1875-6 (specially promoted); Capt. H.M.S. 1 " Shah " when she engaged the Peruvian iron- ' clad "Huascar"; was Capt. of R.N. Coll. 1880-3, and f" Monarch" 1884; sent up Nile to organise an Armed Flotilla (Egyptian medal with clasp, specially mentioned in both Houses of Parliament, and thanked by Admiralty) ; was an A.D.C. to H.M. 1888-91, and a Naval Lord < of the Admiralty 1889-92, since when he has been Com.-in-Ch. at Cape of Good Hope, and ! on W. Coast of Africa: m. 1880, Ethel, da. of E. R. Turner, Esq. ; cr. C.B. 1886. 67, Elm ; Park Gardens, S. W. ; United Service Club. BEECH, Capt. John Robert, C.M.G., D.S.O.; b. 1860; entered Army as Veterinary i Surgeon 1881, became Lieut. 2ist Hussars 1888, and Capt. 4th Hussars 1889; served with Egyp- tian Expedition 1882-4 (wounded, mentioned in despatches, medal with three clasps, bronze star), i and in Soudan 1884-5 (two clasps); went on special mission to King John of Abyssinia 1887 ; sometime attached to Egyptian Army (4th class : Medjidieh) ; cr. C.M.G. 1888, D.S.O. 1891. BEGBIE, Col. Ellphinstone Waters, D.S.O. ; b. 1842 ; entered Madras Army 1859, became I Capt. 1871, Major 1879, Lieut.-Col. 1885, and Col. 1889 ; served with Abyssinian Expedition 1867-8 (mentioned in despatches, medal), with Daffla Expedition 1874-5 (mentioned in des- patches), and with Burmah Expedition 1885-6 | (mentioned in despatches); isD.A.G., Madras; cr. D.S.O. 1891. Madras. BELL, James, C.B., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.; b. 1825; ed. at Univ. Coll., London ; (medalist); Ph.D. 1882, F.R.S. 1883, and Hon. i D.Sc. Roy. Univ., Dublin 1886 ; is Inspector ' of Lime and Lemon Juice for Board of Trade, Consulting Chemist to Indian Govt. and to various Public Departs., and a Past Pres. of Institute of Chemistry; has been Principal of Laboratory Depart, of Inland Revenue since ! 1874, and Chemical Referee under Sale of Food ; and Drugs Act since 1875: in. 1858; cr. C.B. 1889. Howell Hill Lodge, Ewell, Surrey. BELL, Col. William, C. B. , son of Thomas Bell, Esq., of Guernsey; b. 1829; ed. at Elizabeth Coll., Guernsey, and at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; formerly in 64th Regt. ; has been A.D.C. to H.M. since 1868, and Govt. i Sec. and Sec. to Lieut. -Gov. of Guernsey since 1862 : m. 1855, Rosina, da. of Havelland Carey, Esq., of (Queen's Road, Guernsey; cr. C.B. 1889. Guemsev. BEXBOW, Henry, D.S.O., son of the late James Benbow, Esq., of Thornton Heath, Sur- rey; /;. 1838; entered R.N. 1861, became Ch. Engineer 1879, Inspector of Machinery 1885, and Ch. Inspector of Machinery 1888 ; served with Naval Brig, in Nile Expedition 1884-5, and repaired, under heavy fire from the enemy, the boiler of the "Sofia'Vhen disabled by a shot from Fort Wad Habeshi (specially mentioned in despatches, medal, bronze star, specially promoted) : m. 1892, Elizabeth Jean, da. of Henry Bird, Esq., of The Vineyard, Uxbridge ; cr. D.S.O. 1891. BENGOUGH, Col. Harcourt Mortimer, C.B., son of George Bengough, Esq., of The Ridge, Gloucestershire ; b. 1837 ; ed. at Rugby ; entered 77th Regt. 1855, became Capt. 1864, Major 1877, Lieut.-Col. Middlesex Regt. 1879 (h.p. 1882) and Col. 1883 ; served in Crimea from Sept. 1855 to end of War, during Zulu Campaign 1878-9 (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp, Brevet of Lieut.-Col.), and with Burmah Expedition 1885-6 as Ch. Staff Officer to Sir H. Prendergast, K.C.B. (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp) ; was A. A.G., Madras, 1882-6, and in command of 2nd class Dist., Madras, 1886-91 : m. 1876, Christina, da. of H. Maybery, Esq., of Brecon, S. Wales; cr. C.B. 1886. United Service Club. BENNETT, Col. William, D.S.O., son of the late Capt. Thomas Bennett, i4th Hussars ; b. 1835 ; entered Army 1858, became Capt. 1871, Major Yorkshire Regt. 1881, Lieut.-Col. 1885, and Col. T 3So (h.p. 1889); retired 1890; served in Hazara Campaign (on Indian N.W. Frontier) including Expedition against the Black Moun- tain Tribes 1868 (medal with clasp), and on special service with Nile Expedition under Lord Wolseley 1884-5 (medal with clasp), and with Expedition on the Nile under Gen. Sir F. Stephenson 1885-6 ; commanded ist Batn. Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regt. at battle of Ginnis (mentioned in despatches, D.S.O.) : m. 1869 Belinda, da. of William Rosher, Esq., J.P., of Woodfield, Northfleet, Kent ; cr. D.S.O. 1886. 96, Redcliffe Gardens, S. Kensington, S.ll~. ', Army and Navy Club. BENT, Lieut. -Gen. George, C.B., son of the late Col. Bent, R.A. ; b. 1820; entered R.E. 1838, became Capt. 1847, Major 1854, Lieut.- Col. 1855, Col. 1859, Maj.-Gen. 1868, and Lieut.- Gen. (retired) 1873 ; served in Eastern Campaign April 1854, with Turkish Army on Danube June to Dec. 1854 (mentioned in despatches), and at siege and fall of Sebastopol from June 1855 (medal with clasp, Medjidie, Turkish medal, Legion of Honour) : in. 1857, a da. of Major J. Bent, of Wrexham Lodge, Bucks ; cr. C.B. 1855. BERESFORD, Capt. Lord Charles William De la Poer, C.B. [see M. Waterford]. BERESFORD, Col. Lord William Leslie De la Poer, l^.C., C.l.E. [see M. Waterford]. BERKELEY, Col. James Cavan, C.l.E., son of the late Gen. Sackville Hamilton Berke- ley, Col. i6th Regt. ; b. 1839 ' entered Madras Army 1857, became Capt. 1868, Major 1874, Lieut.-Col. 1875, and Col. 1881 ; was Resident at Gwalior 1883, in Kashmir 1884, in Nepal 1885, and Agent to Gov. -Gen. at Baroda 1886-7 : m. ist, 1860, Anna Sophia, who d. 1886, da. of Capt. George Middlecoat, Madras Artillery ; 2nd, 1892, Maud, youngest da. of W. Tomlin- son, Esq., F.R.A.S., of York, and Sandown, I. of W. ; cr. C.l.E. 1888. 91, Kensington Gardens Square, II'.; United Service Club. BERNAL, Frederic, C.M.G. , youngest son of the late Ralph Bernal, Esq., many years