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COMPANIONAGE. 747 Chm. of House of Commons ; b. 1828 ; ed. at Eton ; was H.M.B.'s Consul at Madrid 1854-8, at Carthagena, S. America 1858-60, at Baltimore 1860-66, and at Havre 1866-83, since when he has been Consul-Gen, there: m, 1850, Charlotte Augusta, da. of J. Brewster Cozens, Esq., of Woodham Mortimer Lodge, Maldon, Essex ; cr. C.M.G. 1891. British Consulate-General, Havre ; Thatched House and Neiv Travellers' Clubs. BERNARD, Hewitt, C.M.G. , Q.C., son of T. J. Bernard, Esq. ; b. 1825 ; Bar. of Upper Canada 1866, and a Q.C. 1872 ; was Sec. to Attorney-Gen, of Upper Canada 1858-9, Ch. Clerk Crown Law Depart, of Upper Canada 1859-64, Sec. to Conference held in Quebec on Subject of Confederation 1864, Sec. to Confer- ence on same subject held in London 1866, Dep. to Min. of Justice 1868-76, and Assist. Commr. to France and Spain for negotiating commercial relations with Canada ; is an extra A.D.C. to Gov.-Gen. of Canada, and a Knt. Com. of Spanish Order of Isabella Catolica; cr. C.M.G. 1872. Ottawa. BERNAYS, Lewis Adolphus, C.MG., son of the late Adolphus Bernays, Esq., Ph.D., Professor of German at King's Coll., London ; b. 18 ; ed. at King's Coll., London ; was an Officer of Parliament N.S. Wales 1853-9, since when he has been Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland ; is Sec. of Brisbane Water Supply, and member of numerous scientific sos. ; cr. C.M.G. 1892. Houses of Parliament, Brisbane, Queensland; Queens- land (Brisbane) Club. BETHELL, Hon. Slingsby, C.B. [see B. Westbury]. BEVILLE, Maj.-Gen. Henry, C.B., son of the late Henry Edward Seville, Esq., sth Dra- goon Guards ; b. 1828 ; ed. at Cheltenham Coll., and at Addiscombe ; entered Bombay Army 1845, became Capt. 1861, Major 1865, Lieut.- Col. 1868, Col. 1874, and Maj.-Gen. (retired) 1880 ; served in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-8, in Rohilcund Campaign 1858 (medal), and Abyssinian Campaign 1867-8 (medal, C.B., specially mentioned in despatches : m. 1853, Mary Anne, da. of the late John Lambert, Esq., of Castle Lambert, co. Galway ; cr. C.B. 1868. Burfield Hall, Vymondhain, Norfolk; United Service and Constitutional Clubs. BEYTS, Henry Nicholaspuverger, C. M. G. , son of the late H. W. Beyts, Esq., Sup. of! E. I. Cp.'s cotton stores, Bombay ; b. 1821 ; is in Civil Ser. of Mauritius was Dist. ' Clerk at Flacq 1852-4, Clerk to Magistrate of : Port Louis 1854-6, Acting Stipendiary Magis- trate at Black River 1856-7, and at Grand Port 1857-8, District Magistrate at Flacq 1858-9, Acting Protector of Immigrants 1859-61, Pro- tector of Immigrants 1861-7, M.L.C. 1867, Chm. Poor-Law Commn. 1869, Census Commr. ' 1871, Acting Treasurer and Collector of Internal Revenue, and M.E.C. 1873, Acting Receiver Gen. 1874-7, an< 3 Receiver-Gen. 1877-89 : several times acted as Colonial Sec. : in. 1841, Louisa, da. of F. Gerard, Esq., Planter, Mauritius ; cr. C.M.G. 1881. Port Louis, Mauritius. BICKFORD, Capt. Andrew Kennedy, C.M.G., son of the late William Bickford, Esq., of S. Devon ; b. 1844 ; entered R.N. 1858, became Lieut. 1866, Com. 1878, and Capt. 1884; served at operations in Japan, including action at Simonoseki, capture of forts and opening of inland sea, on Coast of Ireland during Fenian riots 1866-68, at action with Peruvian Rebel , ironclad " Huascar " 1877 (favourably men- tioned), in charge of Naval Transport arrange- ments at Alexandria during Egyptian War 1882 (medal, bronze star, and 3rd class Medjidie); commanded H. M.S. "Pegasus" on Chinastation 1882-85, during which time when employed as Senior Officer in charge of Straits Settlements, negotiated the release of the captive crew of the " Nisero, who were in the hands of the Rajah of Tenour (thanked by Foreign and Colonial Offices, and several times by Italian Govt., and C.M.G.) : in. 1868, Kathleen Louise, da. of the late P. E. Dove, Esq., M.D., of co. Cork ; cr. C.M.G. 1885. Causeivay, Pelersfield. BIDIE, Surg.-Gen. George, M.B., C.I.E., son of the late W. Bidie, Esq , of Backies, Banfishire ; b. .1830; M.B. Aberdeen and L.R.C.S. Edin. 1853 ; entered Madras Med. Dept. 1856; became Surg.-Maj. 1873, Brig.- Surg. 1883, Dep. Surg.-Gen. 1884, and Surg.- Gen. 1886 ; retired 1890 ; served with Brig.-Gen. Hill's force against Coopal Fort and in E. Berar, also under Sir Hugh Rose i8s7-9(medal) ; is a Fellow of Madras Univ., a corresponding member of numerous foreign learned Sos., a Chevalier of Crown of Italy, Hon. Surg. to Viceroy, and author of various botanical and numismatic papers : ;. 1854, Isabella, da. of the late A. Wiseman, Esq., of Banchory, Aber- deenshire ; cr. C.I.E. 1883. BlGGE,Afa>r Arthur John, C.B., C.M.G., son of the late Rev. J. F. Bigge, V. of Stam- fordham, Northumberland ; b. 1849 > entered R.A. 1869, became Capt. 1880, and Major 1885; served in Zulu Campaign 1878-9 (mentioned in despatches and medal with clasp) ; appointed Groom-in-Waiting to H.M. January, 1880, Assist. Private Sec. to H. M. August, 1880, and an Equerry in Ordinary April, 1881 : m. 1881, Constance, da. of the late Rev. William Frederick Neville [see B. Braybrooke, colls.] ; cr. C.B. 1885, C.M.G. 1887. Colour Court, St. James's Palace, S.I I.; United Seivice Club. BIGGS, Col. Arthur Godolphin YEATMAN-, C.B., son of Harry Farr Yeatman, Esq., of Mansion House, Dorset ; b. 1843 ; entered R.A. 1860, became Capt. 1874. Major 1880, Lieut.- Col. 1882, and Col. 1886; served in China 1862 (medal), during S. African War 1879 (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp, Brevet-Major), and with Egyptian Expedition 1882 (mentioned in despatches, medal, bronze star, 4th class Osmanieh, Brevet Lieut. -Col.) ; is a J.P. for Wilts; cr.C.B. 1891. Stockton House, Wilts; A riny and Navy and United Service Clubs. BILIOTTI, Alfred, C.B., C.M. G., son of the late Charles Biliotti, Esq. ; b. 1833 ; was Clerk inVice-Consulate at Macri 1849-50, Drago- man and Cancellier Dragoman in Consulate at Rhodes 1850-6, Unpaid Vice-Consul there 1856- 60, Acting Consul Feb. to April, 1860, July to Sept., 1861, and June to Aug., 1862, and Vice- Consul 1863-5, when he was employed superin- tending excavations at Budrum ; was Vice- Consul Trebizond 1873-9, Consul f r Pachalic of Trebizond 1873-83 and for Pachalics of Trebi- zond and Sivas 1883-5, since when he has been. Consul for Island of Crete; cr. C.M.G. 1886, C.B. 1890. British Consulate, Crete. BINGHAM, Gen. George William Powletl, C.B., son of the late Capt Arthur Batt Bingham, R.N. ; b. 18 ; entered Army 1838, became Capt. 1848, Major 1856, Lieut.-Col. 1857, Col. 1862, Maj.-Gen. 1868, Lieut. -Gen. 1881, and retired Gen. 1881 ; served with 64th Regt. in Persian Campaign 1856-7 (medal with clasp), and in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-9 (mentioned in despatches, and medal with clasp) ; has been Hon. Col. Kentish Militia since 1877, and Col. King's (Liverpool Regt.) since 1891 ; is a J.P. and D.L. for Kent : in. ist, 1845, Sophia, who d. 1881, da. of the late. Col. Charles Coxe Bing- ham, R.A. : 2nd, 1887, Ada Emma, widow of