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776 COMPANIONAGE. Imperial Govt. in reference to establishing Line of Railway from the then Province of Canada to Red River and British Columbia ; in 1863 was nominated by Govts. of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, and j appointed by Imperial Govt. Engineer to conduct | survey of Inter-Colonial Railway from Halifax to Quebec ; directed explorations for a trunk railway across Newfoundland for New- i foundland Govt. ; was Engineer in Ch. of Cana- i dian Govt. Railways 1863-80, and as such con- structed the Intercolonial Railway through provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Quebec ; 1871 to 1880 directed surveys and con- : struction of Canadian Pacific Railway, extend- ing across the continent of N. America ; elected for three years Chancellor of Queen's Univ., ; Canada, 1880, and re-elected 1883, 1886, and : 1889; presented with Freedom of Kirkaldy > Burghs 1882 ; Hon. LL.D. St. Andrew's, Scot- j land, 1884, and Columbia, New York, 1887 ; , Delegate from Canadian Institute and Ameri- can Metrological So. New York to Interna- tional Geographical Congress at Venice 1881, Delegate of Gt. Britain representing the Dominion of Canada to International Prime Meridian Conference at Washington 1884, and from Queen's Univ., Canada, to Tercentenary Edinburgh Univ. 1884, and Delegate of Canada , to Colonial Conference in London 1887 ; Con- i federation medal 1886 ; was Pres. of Roy. So. of Canada 1 888-9; isaM.I.C.E-.aM.A.So.C.E.. i a F.G.S., a F.R.G.S., a Director of the Hud- ; son's Bay and Canadian Pacific Railway Cos., and Hon. Member of Canadian Institute, of Geographical So. of Quebec and of Imperial Geographical So. of Vienna, and of other scien- tific sos.; author of "The Inter-Colonial, a History 1832-76," " England and Canada,' ! "Old to New Westminster," "Memoirs on i Universal Time and a Prime Meridian for all Nations," " Time and its Notation," " The j New Time-Reckoning," and various scientific papers : m. 1855, Ann Jean, da. of the late Sheriff Hall,, of co. Peterborough ; cr. C.M.G. 1877. Winterhohn, Ottawa ; The Lodge, Halifax, Canada. FLETCHER, Lieut.- Col. John, C.M.G., son of the late Archibald Fletcher, Eso., of Glenorchy, Argyleshire ; b. 1815 ; served five years as an officer in Canadian Vol. Force, four years as Lieut, in looth Regt., and nineteen years on Staff of Canadian Active Militia ; com- manded the line of skirmishers that carried Fenian entrenchments at Trout River 1870 ; was twelve years Brig. Maj., and seven years D. A. G.: m. 1848, Elizabeth Holmes, of Montreal ; cr. C.M.G. 1870. Brigade Office, Montreal. FLOOD, Maj. -Gen. Frederick Richard SOLLY-, C.B., son of Frederick Solly-Flood, Esq., J.P., of Slaney Lodge, Kyle, Wexford ; b. 1829 ; entered 53rd Regt. 1849, became Capt. and Major 1860, Lieut. -Col. 1870, Coi. 1876 (h.p. 1877), and Maj. -Gen. 1885 ; retired 1891 ; served on N.W. Frontier of India 1851-2, and in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-9 (twice mentioned in despatches and medal with clasp); transferred to Sand Regt. 1860, and commanded , it 1872-7 ; was on personal staff of Baron Sand- hurst 1858-70; was A.A. and Q.M.G. at Gibraltar 1878-84, Comdt. and Sec. to Roy. i Mil. Coll., Sandhurst 1884-5, Ch. of the Staff in Egypt 1885-6, and in command of a ist class Dist. of Bombay Army 1886-91 : nt. 1863, Con- stance Eliza, da. of the late William Edward Frere, Esq., C.M.G., J.P., of Bitton, near Bath ; cr. C.B. 1877. Artnv and Navy Club. FOLLETT, Charles John, C.B., son of John Follett, Esq., of Exeter ; b. 1838 ; ed. at St. John's Coll., Oxford (B.A. with honours n Classics and Civil Law iSo, M.A. and B.C.L. 1864) ; formerly Fellow of St. John's Coll. ; admitted a Solicitor 1864, and practised in E.veter until 1878 ; was Mayor of Exeter (of which City he is a J.P.), 1873 and 1874 ; has been Solicitor to H.M.'s Customs since 1878 : m. 1863, the el. da. of W. Nation, Esq., of Rockbear House, Devon ; cr. C.B. 1891. 44, Green Street, Park Lane, /i'~. ; H. Jf.'s Customs, E.G. FOOTE, Thomas Dickson, C.M.G. ; (>. 1 8 ; formerly Pres. of Legislative Council of the Leeward Islands, and of Legislative Council of Antigua ; appointed M.E.C. Antigua 1891 ; cr. C.M.G. 1891. Antigua. FORBES, William Ashburner, C.B., son of the late M. Forbes, Esq., of Sillwood Park,Sun- ning Hill, Berks ; b. 1825 ; ed. at Rugby and Haileybury ; was in B.C.S. 1847-75 ; served as Political Officer throughout Indian Mutiny (medal with clasp for Lucknow) ; was sometime Commr. Allahabad Div. and officiating member of Board of Revenue : ;. 1859, da. of the late Samuel Grove Price, Esq., M.P. for Sandwich, of Taynton Gloucestershire : cr. C.B. 1860. 36, Kensington Park Gardens, W. ; East India United Sci-vicc Club. FORD, William, C.S.I, [see Ford, Bart.]. FORREST, Gen. William Charles, C.B., son of the late Lieut.-Col. Forrest, H.E.I.C.S. ; /;. 1819; ed. at Eton; entered Army 1836, became Capt. 1841, Major 1848, Lieut.-Col. 1854, Col. 1860, Maj. -Gen. 1868, Lieut. -Gen. 1877, and Gen. (retired) 1881 ; has been Col. nth Hussars since 1886 ; served with 4th Dragoon Guards in Crimean Campaign 1854- 5 (medal with three clasps, 5th class Medjidie and Sardinian and Turkish medals); is a J.P. for Hants : in. ist, 1851, Elizabeth Ann, who d. 1887, only da. of William Margesson Penfold, Esq., of Loose Court, Kent ; znd, 1890, Tempe Eleanor Mary, da. of Frederick Richard Falkiner, Recorder of Dublin, of Invernisk, Lower Killiney, co. Dublin ; cr. C.B. 1875. Uplands, Winchester ; United Sen'ice Club. FORSEY, Charles Benjamin, C.B., son of John Forsey, Esq.; b. 1819; entered Excise Depart. 1841, in which he was many years Ch. Inspector ; was Sec. of the Inland Revenue Board 1881-6: m. 1843, Martha, da. of the late William Bishop, Esq., of Pedwell, Ashcot, Somerset; cr. C.B. 1885. 88, Carleton Road, TufnellPark, N. FOSTER, Gen. Charles John, C.B. ; b. 1818 ; entered Army 1836. became Capt. 1847, Major 1852, Lieut.-Col. 1857, Col. 1861, Maj.- Gen. 1868, Lieut. - Gen. 1879, and Gen. (retired) 1885 ; served with loth Lancers in Afghanistan 1842 (medal), at Maharajpore 1843 (bronze star), and in Sutlej Campaign 1846 (medal with clasp) ; was a member of Coun- cil of Sec. of State for India 1878-88 ; is Col. i6th Lancers; cr. C.B. 1877. 29, ViltonPlace, S.W. ; Army and Navy, United Service, and Arthur's Clubs. FOWLER, Francis John, D.S.O. ; />. 1864 ; entered Army 1883, and became Lieut. Bom.S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1885 ; served in Burmah 1889; cr. D.S.O. 1889. FRANKLIN, Maj.-Gen. Charles Trigance, C.B., son of the late Sir William Franklin, K.C.H. ; b. 1822 ; entered R.A. 1842, became Capt. 1848, Major 1854, Lieut.-Col. 1861, Col. 1867, and Maj. -Gen. 1873; served in Crimean Campaign 1854 (medal with two clasps, Turkish medal, and 5th class Medjidie) ; is a J.P. for Herefordshire : m. 1852, the da. of Francis Hay- wood, Esq., of Sillins, Bromsgrove ; cr. C.B. 1857. Wigmorc Hall, Kingsland R.S.O., Herefordshire ; Junior United Service Club. FRANKS, Augustus Wollaston, C.B.,