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802 COMPANIONAGE. tired) 1881, and Col. Comdg. Northumberland ' Fusiliers 1887; served with s8th Regt. during | New Zealand War 1845-7 (mentioned in des- patches and medal) ; commanded troops at j Wanganui and captured five natives who had i murdered the family of a settler : he had these tried by a court-martial composed of subalterns, I and four of them were hung ; the execution was I followed by an attack on the Settlement by a war party of 700 men, which was repulsed by Capt. Laye and his 170 men (services specially approved by H.M. through Earl Grey and Brevet-Major) ; was Assist. Mil. Sec. to the late Gen. Dean Pitt, K.H., comdg. in New Zealand, and Assist. Mil. Sec. to Lord William Paulet, comdg. on the Bosphorous, and Dep. , Judge Advocate Gen. at Headquarters 1865-75 : i at. ist 1848, Emilia Maria, who d. 1891, da. of the late Gen. Dean Pitt, K.H. ; 2nd 1891,! Louisa Maria, da. of the late James Jupp, Esq.; cr. C.B. 1881. 90, Talbot Road, Bayswater, W. ; United Service Club. LAZZARINI, Maj.-Gen. James, C.M.G.; formerly Maj.-Gen. Roy. Malta Artillery;; served in Egypt Expedition 1882 ; cr. C.M.G. < 1882. Malta. LEACH, Col. Edmund, C.B. , 5th son of! the late Henry Leach, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of j Corston, co. Pembroke ; i>. 1836 ; ed. at Roy. ' Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; entered soth Regt. 1854, i became Capt. 1864, Major 1866, Lieut. -Col. 1876. j Lieut. -Col. comdg. ist Batn. The Queen's Own (Royal W. Kent Regt.) 1885, and Col. 1884 : (h.p. 1885) ; served (i) in Crimean Campaign ' 1855-6, (jit) in New Zealand War 1863-6 (three i times mentioned in despatches and medal), (Hi) throughout Egyptian War 1882 (medal, bronze star, and 4th class Osmanieh), and (iv) in Nile i Expedition 1885 (mentioned in despatches) ; was | A.A.G., E. Dist. 1886-91 : in. 1869, Frances Elizabeth, 2nd da. of the late W. H. Ince, Esq., of 27, Thurloe Square, S.W. ; cr. C.B. 1885. 27, Thurloe Square,'. LEACH, Col. Edward Pemberton, C.B., V.C., 2nd son of Lieut. -Col. Sir George Archi- | bald Leach, K.C.B., late R.E.. Sec. of Board of j Agriculture ; b. 1847: ed. at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich ; entered R.E. 1866, became Capt. 1878. Major 1879, Lieut.-Col. 1881, and Col. ! 1885 ; served with Ix>oshai Expeditionary Force i 1871-2 (medal with clasp), in Afghan Wars I 1879-80 and 1880-1 (severely wounded, men- ! tioned in despatches, medal with clasp, and V.C. for gallant conduct in comdg. a survey reconnaisance at Maidanak, March i7th, 1879), in Suakin Campaign 1885 (C.B.), and in Nile i Expedition 1885, in command of troops at | Korosko (medal with two clasps) ; commanded j troops at A-ssuan 1886-7 : in. 1883, Elizabeth Mary, da. of Sir Thomas Sebastian Bazley, 2nd Bart.; cr.C.R.iSSs. United Service and Junior United Service Clubs. LEACH, Lieut. -Col. Harold Pemberton, i D.S.O.; b. i8si;entered R.E. i87i,became Capt. ' 1885, Major 1885, and Lieut.-Col. 1890; served j during Afghan War 1878-80 (mentioned in des- , patches, medal with clasp), with Soudan Expedi- , tion 1884-5, present at action of Abu K!ea(men- I tioned in despatches, medal with two clasps, bronze star, Brevet Major), with Lushai Expe- dition i 833-9 (honourably mentioned), and with Chin-Lushai Expedition 1889-90 (mentioned in despatches, Brevet Lt-Col.) ; appointed Comd_t. Bombay Sappers and Miners 1800, and Mil- Sec, to Com.-in-Ch., Bombay, 1892 ; cr. D.S.O. 1891. Bombay. LEE, Henry Austin. C.B.> son of the late George A. Lee, Esq., Ceylon Civil Ser., of Frogmore, Guernsey ; b. 1849 ; ed. at Ox- ford Univ. (B.A. 1869) ; entered Foreign Office 1870, and became 3rd Sec. in Diplo. Ser. 1873 ; was attached to Marquess of Salisbury's special Embassy to Constantinople 1876, Assist. Private Sec. to Earl of Beaconsfield at Berlin Congress 1878, and Private Sec. to successive Under Sees, of State for Foreign Affairs (Sir C. Dilke, Bart., Lord E. Fitzmaurice, Mr. J. Bryce, and Sir J. Fergusson, Bart.) 1880-87, since when he has been 2nd Sec. of Embassy at Paris, and Private Sec. to successive Ambas- sadors there (Earl of Lytton and Marquess of Dufferin and Ava) ; appointed an Acting Sec. of Legation 1892 : tn. 1802, Madeleine, da. of Benjamin Franklin Smith, Esq., of New York, and widow of Arthur Taylor, Esq. ; cr. C.B. 1892. British Embassy, Paris; Isleofjethou, Cliannel Islands ; Sf. James's, Brocks' s, A rthurs, and Bachelors Clubs. LEET, Maj.-Gen. William Knox, C.B., V.C. ; b. 1833 ; entered Army 1855, became Lieut.-Col. 1881, and Maj.-Gen.' (retired) 1887; served during Indian Mutiny 1858-9 (mentioned in despatches, medal), during S. African War 1878-9 (twice mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp, V.C.), and with Burmese Expedition 1886-7 (mentioned in despatches) ; cr.C.B. 1888. LEFROY, Anthony O'Grady, C.M.G., son of the late Rev. Henry Lefroy, V. of Santry, Dublin ; b. 1818 ; appointed Private Sec. to Gov. of W. Australia and Clerk of Councils 1849, and Treasurer of that Colony 1856; was Acting Colonial Sec. 1875-7; formerly a M.E.C.: in. 1852, Mary.da. of the late Col. Bruce, Com.ol Troops in W. Australia; cr. C.M.G. 1878. Perth, Western Australia. LEIGH, Major Henry Percy Poingdestre, C.I.E.; b. 1851 ; entered R.A. 1871, and K.S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1877, became *Capt. 1883, and Major 1891 ; is an Assist. -Commr., Punjab ; cr. C.l.E. 1892. Kohat, Punjab, India. LE MESSURIER, Col. Augustus, C.I.E., .son of the late Augustus Smith Le Messurier, Esq., Advocate-Gen, of Bombay ; b. 1837 ; ed. at Addiscombe ; entered Bombay Engineers 1856, became Capt. R.E. 1868, Major 1874, Lieut.-Col. 1881, and Col. 1885; served in Indian Mutiny 1858-9, in Abyssinian Expedi- tion 1867-8 (mentioned in despatches, and medal), and in Afghan War 1878-9 (mentioned in despatches, medal, and Brevet Lieut -Col.) ; is a Gov. and Member of Committee of Almoners of Christ's Hospital ; was specially employed at Colonial and Indian Exhibition 1886: m. 1871, 'Kathleen, da. of Maj.-Gen. G. Moxon, B.S.C. ; cr. C.l.E. 1886. Oakhurst, Ealing: East India United Sen-ice Cliib. LE MESURIER, Col. Andrew Alfred, C.B.; b. 1837 ; entered i4th Regt. 1855, became Capt. 1858, Major 1872, Lieut.-Col. 2nd Batn. King's (Liverpool Regt.) 1880, and Col. 1884 (retired 1888) ; served in Crimea 1855, being present at siege and fall of Sebastopol (medal with clasp and Turkish medal) ; was Insp. and Adj. British Indian Railway Vol. 1873-7 ; f. C.B. 1886. LE MESURIER, Col. Cecil Brooke, C.B.; b. 1831 ; entered R.A. 1850, became Capt. 1857, Major 1872, Lieut.-Col. 1875, and Col. 1880; retired 1889 ; served during Afghan War 1878-9 (mentioned in despatches, medal) ; cr. C.B. 1887. LENDY, Edward Augustus William, D.S.O. , son of the late Major A. F. Lendy, F.L.S., F.G.S. (formerly Capt. French Staff, and Major 5th Batn.Royal Fusiliers), of Sunbury House, Sunbury-on-Thames ; b. 1868 ; is Lieut. 2nd W. India Regt., and an Inspector of Sierra Leone Frontier Police, with local rank of Capt. ; served against slave traders at Foulah Town, W. Coast of Africa, 1889 ; cr. D.S.O.