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COMPANIONAGE. LETHBRIDGE, Surg.-Licnt.-CoL Alfred Swaine, C.S.I., M.D., son of the late William Farley Lethbridge, Esq., of Woolborough, Newton Abbott ; 6. 1844 ! M.D. Aberdeen and M.R.C.S. England 1865 ; entered Bengal Med. Ser. 1867, and became Surg.-Major 1879, an d Surg.-LJeat.-Col. 1887 ; appointed Inspector- Gen, of Prisons and Sanitary Commr., Burmah 1875, and Sanitary Commr., Bengal 1877, and Inspector-Gen, of Prisons, Bengal 1878 ; served on Prison Committee of India 1888 ; went on special duty to the Andamans 1890 ; was Pres. Indian Factory (1890) and Native Passenger Ships (1891) Commns. ; cr. C.S.I. 1890. East India United Service Club. LEVEY, George Collins, C.M.G., son of George Levey, Esq., of Camber well Grove, Surrey, and Great New Street, B.C. ; b. 1835 ; ed. at Univ. Coll., London ; having been for a shorttime in Govt. Service of Victoria as Clerk to Gold Receiver, embarked in mining pursuits, and wasthefirst to employ machinery for quartz- crushing ; subsequently contributed to the Mel- bourne Press; travelled over Europe 1859-61, and contributed to English newspapers ; wasM.L.A. of Victoria 1861-6, and editor and proprietor of the Herald 1863-8, which paper he issued at id., and thus founded cheap journalism in Australia ; has been since 1868 editor or con- tributor to the Melbourne Age ; was Sec. to Commrs. of Victoria at Exhibitions of N.S. Wales (1870), Melbourne (1872, 1875, and 1880- i), London and Vienna (1873), and Philadelphia (1876), and Acting Executive Commr. at Paris Exhibition 1878 (C.M.G. and Legion of Honour), and Executive Commr. at Amster- dam Exhibition 1883; successfully visited all European countries and U.S.A., with the view to induce their Govts. to send representa- tives to the Melbourne International Exhibition Officer of Crown of Italy) ; has contributed largely to the Melbourne, London, Philadel- phia, New York, and Paris Press, and written various important official reports : in. ist, 1863, Euphemia Dalton, da. of Charles Whybrow Ligar, Esq., Surveyor-Gen, of Victoria ; 2nd, 1876, Mary Elizabeth, da. of George Parker, Esq., of Washington, U.S.A., and widow of the Hon. J. E. Bouligny. member of Cougress for New Orleans ; cr. C.M.G. 1878. Lafayette, St. Kilda, Melbourne ; National Liberal and St. George's (London), and Atliciieeitiii and Yorlck (Melbourne) Clubs. LEYS, Peter, C.M.G., son of the Rev. P. Leys ; b. 1851 ; ed. at Edinburgh Univ. (M.B. 1874); entered Colonial Ser. 1876, and ad- ministered Govt. of Labuan, 1881; was Consul- Gen, for Borneo 1881-9 : m. 1885, Anna F. E., da. of the late Professor Nabert, Ph.D. ; cr. C.M.G. 1890. Beliitont, Hclensbitrg, N.B. LIMOND, Maj.-Gen. David, C.B., son of R_ Limond, Esq.; b. 1831; entered Bengal Engineers 1 850, became Capt. 1858, Major 1872, Lieut.-Col. 1874, Col. 1879, and Maj.-Gen. 1886 ; served in Indian Mutiny Campaign (medal with clasp), and in Afghan Campaign 1879-80; formerly Ch. Engineer and Sec. to Govt. of Punjab in Public Works Depart. Bengal : m. 1888, Margaret Springall Jackson, da. of Springall Thompson, Esq., of Bramcote, Slough, Bucks cr. C.B. iSSi. 4, Gloucester Crescent, Hyde Park, W. L,iTHGOv,Surg.-Ma/.-Geti. Stewart Aaron, M.D., C.B., D.S.O., son of the late Aaron Lithgow, Esq. ; b. 1833; ed. at Dundee Acad. and at Edinburgh Univ. ; L.R.C.S. Edin. 1855, M.D. Edin. 1876; entered Army Med. Depart. 1855, became Surg. 1867, Surg.-Maj. 1873, Brig.-Surg. 1880, Dep. Surg.-Gen. 1884, and Surg.-Maj. -Gen. 1891 ; served through- out Indian Mutiny 1857-59 .(wounded, and ' medal with two clasps), as Principal Medical Officer, British Troops, at base of operations (Kurrachee) during advance of Bombay Column to Candahar 1880, with Nile Expeditionary Force as Principal Med. Officer of Line of com- munications 1884-5 (specially mentioned in despatches, medal with cla_sp, bronze star), as Principal Med. Officer during the operations on the Upper Nile 1885 (specially mentioned in despatches), and with Zhob Field Force 1890 (mentioned in despatches); is Principal Med. Officer, S. Dist. : in. 1866, Elizabeth Charlotte, da. of the late Rev. John Davis, Ordinary of Newgate; cr. C.B. 1885, D.S.O. 1886. Ports- Month. LITTLE, Col. Henry Alexander, C.B. , fourth son of the late John Little, Esq., of Stewartstown, co. Tyrone; b. 1837; ed. at Roy. Sch., Dungannon ; entered i7th Regt. 1855, transferred to 7th Fusiliers 1857, became Capt. 1868, Brevet Major 1869, exchanged to B.S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1871, Brevet Lieut.-Col. 1877, an d Brevet Col. 1882 ; served during Crimean Campaign 1855-6, in Eusofzaiye Cam paign on N.W. Frontier of India 1863-4 (men- tioned in despatches, medal with clasp, Brevet Major), with S.Afghanistan Field Force 1880-81, as D.A.Q.M.G., and during Burmah War 1886-9, as Comdt. of Regt., and of Bhamo com- mand (mentioned in despatches, two clasps C.B.) ; was D.A.Q.M.G., Bengal 1873-8, A.Q.M.G., Bengal 1880-84, Comdt. of nth Kelat-i-Ghilzie Regt. 1884-9, and Col. on the Staff, Mooltan 1889 ; received good service pension 1890 : tn. 1866, Ellen Wade, el. da. of the late D. P. Thompson, Esq., J.P., of Park and Stonestown, Kings' co. ; cr. C.B. 1889. Grosvenor Club. LITTLER, Ralph Daniel Makenson, C.B., son of the late Rev. Robert Littler ; b. 18^5 ; ed. at Univ. Coll., London (B.A. 1854, Fellow 1873); Bar Inner Temple 1857, Middle Temple 1870, a Q.C. 1873, and a Bencher 1882 ; is a Lieut, for City of London, and a J.P., a D.L., and Chm. of County Council and of Quarter Sessions (Councillor for Wood Green, E., Div.) for Middlesex; cr. C.B. 1890. Broomfield House, Palmer's Green, Middlesex ; Petteril Bank, Carlisle; 4, Temple Gardens, E.G. ; Carlton, St. Stephen's, and Whitehall Clubs LLEWELYN, Robert Baxter, C.M.G., son of John Llewelyn, Esq.; b. 1845 ; was Clerk of Privy Council, Jamaica 1877-8, Ch. Commr. for Turks Islands 1879-85, Administrator of Tobago 1885-8, of St. Vincent 1888-9, and of St. Lucia 1889-91, since when he has been Adminis- trator of the Gambia : m. 1873, T. L., da. of Charles Harvey, Esq., Campbelltown, Argyll N.B. ; cr. C.M.G. 1889. Government House, Bathurst, Gambia ; Junior Carlton Club. LLOYD, Col. Francis Thomas, C.B., son of the late E. J. Lloyd, Esq., Q.C. ; b. 1838 ; entered R.A. 1857, became Capt. 1870, Major 1877, Lieut-. Col. 1884, and Col. 1888; served in Egyptian Expedition 1882 (medal and bronze star), in command of R. A. in Soudan Expedition 1884 (two clasps, and three times mentioned in despatches), and as D.A.A.G. and A.A.G. in Nile Expedition 1884-5 (C.B.); was Ch. Instruc- tor at Sch. of Gunnery 1889-92, since when he has commanded R.A., S.E. Dist. : m. ist, 1864, Julia Louisa, who d. 1880, da. of the late Harman Visger, Esq.; 2nd, 1885, Penelope Rosalind, widow of Archibald Douglas, Esq., and da. of the late Edward Burges, Esq., of The Ridge, Yate; cr. C.B. 1885. Dover; Junior United Service Club. LLOYD, Major George Evan, D.S.O. [see Lloyd, Bart.]. LLOYD, Capt. Rodney Maclaine, C.B., son of Edmund Lloyd, Esq., of Thornbury