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Sc6 OMPANIGX.V.r. MACBRIDE, Robert Knox, C.M.G., son i of the late Robert Mac Bride, Esq., J.P., of. i Fort Hill House, co. Sligo ; f>. 1844 : was Sup. Officer, Public Works Depart., Ceylon 1866-72, , Irrigation Assist. 1872-4, and Provincial Assist, for N. Central Province 1874-6, at Uva 1876-8, for S. Province 1878-82, and for Central Pro- vince 1882-5, since when he has been Director | of Public Works; is a M.I.C.E. : tn. 1866, Eleanor, da. of T. H. Palmer, Esq., of Cuffs-" 1 boro' House, Queen's co. ; cr. C.M.G. 1890. j Colombo, Ceylon; Junior Carl ton Club. McCALLUM, Major Henry Edward, C.M.G., el. son of Major Henry Atkins Mc- Callum, R.M.L.I.; b. 1852; ed. at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich : entered R.E. 1871, became , Capt. 1883, and Major (Reserved List) 1890 ; j served in Perak Expedition 1875-6 as Private ; Sec. to Gov. of Straits Settlements (medal with I clasp), and in command of combined forces in Pahang 1892 ; was Colonial Engineer and Sur- , veyor-Gen. of Straits Settlements (with a seat j on the Executive and Legislative Councils) ! 1880-90 ; is Comdt. of Singapore Artillery Vols., ! and a J.P. for the Colony : in. 1874, Lily, only ' da. of Vice-Adm. Johnson ; cr. C.M.G. 1887. j Beaconsfield, Singapore, Straits Settlements ; ; Junior United Se) vice Club. McCALMONT, Col. Hugh, C.B., el. son of the late James McCalmont, Esq., J.P., of | Abbeylands, co. Antrim, by Emily da. of the late James Martin, Esq., D.L., of Ross, co. i Galway ; i>. 1845 ; ed. at Eton ; entered gth Lan- ! cersi865, became Capt. 7th Hussars 1870, Major ; 1878, Lieut.-Col. 1880, Col. 1885, transferred to ! 4th Dragoons 1 886, and Col. Comd_t. 1888 (h.p. j 1892); served in Red RiverExpedition 1870; em- ! ployed on capture of Fort Garry to convey des- '. patches to Canadian Govt.; was A.D.C. to Sir j Garnet Wolseley in Ashanti Expedition 1872 ' (medal); employed 1 876 on Special Ser. by Intel- j ligence Depart, in N.China(speciaIly thanked by ! H.R.H. the Cpm.-in-Ch. for report thereon) ; appointed a Mil. Attache to British Embassy i at Constantinople on outbreak of Russo-Turkish j War 1877, and accompanied the Turkish Armies in the Field throughout the Campaign in Arme- j nia (twice thanked by Sec. of State for Foreign ] Affairs for his exertions in preventing atrocities being committed by the Kurds) ; served in S. Africa as A.D.C. to Sir G. Woiseley 1879-80, present at storming of Sekukuni Stadt (men- i tioned in despatches and medal with clasp) ; was on Staff of Brig.-Gen. MacGregor, in Expedi- tion against the Marris 1880 (mentioned in des- patches) ; in Egyptian War 1882 was Brig.- : Major of ist Cav. Brig., and present at actions of Mahsameh, Kassasin, the battle of Tel-el- Kebir, and capture of Cairo (mentioned in des- patches, medal with clasp, 3rd class Medjidie, and bronze star); commanded Light Camel Regt. in Soudan Expedition 1885 (mentioned in despatches, clasp and C.B.) : in. 1885, the Hon. Rose Elizabeth Bingham, da. of 4th Baron Clan- morris ; cr. C.B. 1885. Abbeylands, co. An- trim ; Arjny and Xary, Carlton, Bachelors , Kildare Street, Ulster, and St. George's Yacht ' Clubs. MCCARTHY, James Desmond, C.M.G., ' M.D. ;b. 1839 ; formerly Surgeon R.N. ; served with Ashanti Expedition 1870 (specially men- tioned in despatches, medal) ; was Senior Resi- dent Assist. Physician, Cheadle Roy. Asylum, 1875-7, Assist. Colonial Surg.. Lagos 1877-80, Colonial Surg. there 1880-85, since when he has been Ch. Medical Officer of Gold Coast Colony ; cr. C.M.G. 1891. Accra, Gold Coast. W. Africa ; Badminton Club. MAcDONALD, Maj. Hector Archibald, D.S.O., son of the "late William Macdonald, Esq., of Rootfield ; b. 1853; enlisted in 92nd Highlanders, 1870, became Capt. Gordon Highlanders 1888, and Major Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt.) 1891 ; served during Afghan War 1879-80 (twice mentioned in de- spatches, medal with 3 clasps, bronze star, pro- moted 2nd Lieut.), in S. African War 1881 (mentioned in despatches), in Nile Expedition 1884-5, at Suakin 1888 (mentioned in de- spatches, medal with clasp, bronze star, 3rd class Medjidie), and at actions of Toski 1889 (mentioned in despatches, clasp, D.S.O.), and Tpkar 1891 (3rd class Osmanieh); employed with Egyptian Constabulary 1885-8, and with Egyptian Army since 1888 ; cr. D.S.O. 1890. MACDONALD, Lieut. -Gen. John Alexander Mathew, C.B., son of the late Col. Archibald Macdonald, C.B., 451)1 Regt.; b. 1824; entered Bombay Army 1843, transferred to Bom. S.C. (now I.S.C.), and became Capt. 1858, Major 1860, Lieut.-Col. 1868, Col. 1873, Maj. -Gen. 1885, and Lieut. -Gen. 1889; served (/) as D.A.Q.M.G. to Persian Expeditionary Force 1856-7 (medal with clasp), (it) as D.A.Q.M.G. to Malwa Field Force 1857 (fit) in 1858 as A.Q.M.G. to Central Field Force 1857-8, (medal with clasp), and (/) in 1859 as A.Q.M.G. with Field Columns under Sir Hugh Rose operat- ing S. of the Nerbudda ; employed in Q. M.G. Depart. 1856-65, having in 1864 attained the grade of D.Q.M.G. of the Army ; appointed Dep. Sec. to Govt. of Bombay 1865, and Sec. to Govt. in Military, Marine, and Ecclesiastical Depart. 1872 ; awarded a good service pension 1881 : m. ist, 1840, Isabella Harriet, da. of the late Gen. W. B. Goodfellow, R.E. ; 2nd, 1871, Agnes Arabella, da. of Maj. -Gen. W. E. Mac- leod ; cr. C.B. 1881. 51, Castletmtm Road, IV. Kensington, ll~. MACDONALD, Col. the Right Hon. John Hay Athole, P.C., C.B., ' LL.D., son of Matthew Norman Macdonald-Hume, Esq., W.S. ; b. 1836; ed. at Edinburgh and Basle Univs. (LL.D. Edin. 1884); Advocate 1859, and Q.C. 1880; was Sheriff of Ross, Cro- marty,and Sutherland 1874-6, and of Perthshire 1880-5, Solicitor-Gen, for Scotland 1876-80, and Commr. of N. Lights 1876-80 and 1885-8, Mem- ber of Prison Board for Scotland and of Board of Supervision 1880-5, Dean of Faculty of Advo- cates 1882-5, Lord Advocate and one of the Committee of Council on Education in Scotland 1885-6 and 1886-8, Chm. of Roy. Commn. on Boundaries of Glasgow 1888, Col. Comdt. (Vol. Officers' Decoration) The Queen's Rifle Vol. Brig. (Roy. Scots) 1882-92, and Pres. of Roy. Scottish So. of Arts 1891-2 ; is a J.P. and D.L. for co. of city of Edinburgh; Member of H.M.'s Board of Manufactures for Scotland, F.R.S., F.R.S.E., M.I.E.E., and Brig.-Gen. of Roy. Co. of Archers (H.M.'sBody Guard for Scotland), and of Forth Inf. Vol. Brig. ; unsuccessfully contested Edinburgh (C) 1874 and 1880, and Haddington Burghs 1878 ; sat as M.P. for Edinburgh and St. Andrews Univs. 1885-8, when he was appointed Lord Jus- tice-Clerk of Scotland (with title of Lord Kings- burgh), and Lord Pres. of 2nd Div. of Court of Session : m. 1864, Adelaide Jeanette, da. of Major Doran, of Ely House, Wexford ; cr. P.C. 1885, C.B. 1886. 15, Abercrotnby Place, Edin. burgh ; New and University Clubs (Edin- burgh) : Constitutional Club (London}. MACDOXAI.D, Major Reginald Percy, D.S.O. , son of Maj. -Gen. John Collins Mac- donald, formerly M.S.C. ; b. 1856 ; entered Army 1878, became Capt. Hampshire Regt. 1884, and Major 1892 ; served during Afghan War 1879-80 (medal), and in Burmah 1885-91 (mentioned in despatches, medal with two clasps, D.S.O.); m. 1890, A. L., da. of Thomas Chard, Esq., of Ramsgate, and widow of Alexander