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8i8 COMPAMOXAOE. St. Budeaux, Devon ; cr. C.B. 1866. 35, Manor Park, Lee. Kent. MORICE Pasha, George, C.M.G., son of George Farquhar Morice, Esq., Com. R.N.; b., 1837; entered R.N. 1851, and Lieut. 1859, Com. 1869 (retired 1874), and Capt. 1884 ; served during Crimean War 1854-6 (medal with clasp, Turkish medal), during China War 1856-9 (medal with 3 clasps, promoted Lieut, for special and brilliant service), in Anglo- Chinese Force 1863-4, and during Egyptian War 1882-3 (medal, bronze star, 3rd class Osmanieh) ; is a Ferik Pasha (Vice-Adm.) in Egyptian Ser., a Grand Officer of the Med- jidie and of the Osmanieh, Comptroller Gen. of Ports and Lighthouses, Egypt, and Com. of the Egyptian Marine : cr. C.M.G. 1892. Kainleh, Alexandria, Egypt. MORRIS, Capt. Arthur Henry, D.S.O., son of the late Rev. Henry Morris [see Broughton, Bart., colls.] ; b. 1861 ; entered Roy. Irish Regt. 1883, and became Capt. 1891 ; served in Nile Campaign 1884-5 (medal with clasp, bronze star), during Burmah War 1885-9 {mentioned in despatches, medal with tvo clasps), with Chin-Lushai Expedition 1889-90 (mentioned in despatches, clasp, D.S.O.), and with Karen Field Force 1888-9 (mentioned in despatches); cr. D.S.O. 1890. MORSE, Capt. Frank Alexander, D.S.O., son of Maj.-Gen. Robert Alexander Morse, formerly R.A. ; b. 1862 ; entered Prince Albert's (Somersetshire L.I.) 1884, and became Capt. S. Staffordshire Regt. 1890 ; retired 1891 ; served during Burmese War 1885-7 (four times men- tioned in despatches, medal with clasp) ; cr. D.S.O. 1887. MOSSE, Charles Benjamin, C.B., son of Peter Benjamin Mosse, Esq. (formerly of 8oth Regt.), of Rutland House, Carlow ; b. 1830 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1852, M.A. 1873; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1852, L.K.Q.C.P. 1868; entered Med. Depart, of Army 1858, became Surg. 1867, and Hon. Dep. Surg.-Gen. 187- (h. p. 1876) ; served with Expeditionary Force up River Gambiai866, in Ashanti War 1873-4, (twice mentioned in despatches, and medal with clasp); is Sup. Medical Officer for Jamaica, andan official M.L.C.: m. 18 ; cr. C.B. 1874. Kingston, Jamaica ; Naval and Military Club. MOSTYN, Maj.-Gen. the Hon. Savage, C.B. [see B. Mostyn], MOUAT, Surgeoii-Gen. James, C.B., V.C., son of the late J. Mouat, Esq.. M.D., of I3th and isth Light Dragoons ; 6. 1815 ; ed. at Univ. Coll., London, and at Univ. of France M.R.C.S. Eng. 1837, and F.R.C.S. 1852 ; en- tered Med. Depart, of Army 1838, became Surg. 1848, Surg.-Maj. 1858, Dep.-Inspector Gen. 1863, and Surg.-Gen. 1864 (h.p. 1876) ; served throughout Crimean Campaign 1854-5 (medal with three clasps, Legion of Honour, Turkish medal, and V.C.), and as principal Med. Officer uninterruptedly throughout two New Zealand Wars, 1860-5 (repeatedly mentioned in des- patches, medal with two clasps ; thanked by Colonial Govt., and specially mentioned for some mark of H.M.'s approbation) ; appointed Hon. Surgeon to H.M. 1888 : m. 18 , Adela, da. of the late Rev. Nicolas Tindal ; cr. C.B. 1856. 108, Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensing- ton, W. ; Junior United Service Club. MOWATT, Francis, C.B. , son of the late F. Mowatt, Esq. ; b. 1837; formerly a Principal Clerk in the Treasury ; has been Auditor of the Civil List, and Assist. -Sec. to the Treasury since 1888: /. 18 ; cr. C.B. 1884. Withdeane Hall, Patchain, Sussex; Devonshire and Reform Clubs. MOYSEY, Col. Charles John, C.M.G. , el. son of the Rev. Frederick Luttrell Moysey [see V. Bangor, colls.] ; t. 1840; ed. at Cheltenham Coll., and at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich ; en- tered R.E. 1857, became Capt. 1867, Major 1877, Lt.-CoI. 1879, and Col. 1883 (h.p. 1888) ; served in Zulu War 1879 (medal with clasp, and mentioned in despatches) ; was Commr. on Transvaal Frontier 1880- 1 ; was Assist. -Director of Works for Barracks at War Office 1884-8, since when he has been Assistant Inspector- Gen, of Fortifications : in. 1873, F" ranees, da. of Sir Peter Benson Maxwell; cr. C.M.G 1884. A ruty and Navy Club. MUHAMMAD HYAT KHAN, C.S.L, son of Sardar Karem Khan, who was killed at the battle of the Punjab 1848 when serving under Gen. Nichelson; b. 1836; from the age of 12 years he, with his servants, took a part in all bat- tles under Major James Abett until the conquest of the Punjab; on the outbreak of the Mutiny in 1857 he became A.D.C. to Gen. J. Nichelson, and was present at all the battles fought under that commander ; was twice wounded, had three horses shot under him, and was shoulder to shoulder with the Gen. when the latter was mortally wounded at the storming of Delhi ; on the fall of the Gen., Hyat Khan carried him to the rear on his shoulder through the thickest fire, and personally attended him until his death 10 days after ; after the conquest of Delhi he entered the political service and did great ser- vice in promoting peace on the W. and N. frontiers, and bringing the frontier tribes under English subjugation (medal) ; was Political Officer with Sir F. Roberts when the English army was sent to Cabu! and Kurrum (mentioned in despatches, and medal with two clasps) ; is Dist. Judge in Mooltan Dist. of the Pun- jab ; cr. C.S.I. 1872. IVati, near 17 man Abdal, Punjab. MuiR, Major Charles Wemyss, C.I.E., son of Sir William Muir, K. C.S.I, [see E. Wemyss, colls.] ; b. 1850 ; ed. at Rugby ; entered B.S.C. (now I. S.C.) 1369, became Capt. i3 , and Major 1889 ; served during Afghan War 1880, present at march to relief of Kandahar (medal), and in Suakin Expe- dition 1885 (mentioned in despatches, medal and clasp, and extra clasp for Zareba fight at Tofrek, Khedive's star) ; was Private Sec. and A.D.C. to Lieut.-Gen. of X.W.P. 1872-3, A.D.C. to successive Viceroys of India (Earl of Lytton and Marquis of Ripon) 1878-83, and Comdt. of Body Guard to Viceroy of India 1883-9 I appointed an A.A.G., Bengal in. 1883, Alice, da. of Horace Abel Coc Esq., C.S.I. ; cr. C.I.E. 1887. Meerut, Abel Cockerell, Bengal ; Junior A rnty and _Vr. p )' Club. MuLOCK, Col. Thomas Edwards, C.B.; />. 18 ; entered Army 1836, became Capt. 1846, Major 1858, Lieut.-Col." 1878, and Col. 1879; commanded 70th Regt. during New Zealand War 1863-5 (mentioned in despatches, and medal): in. 1861, Julia Florentia, da. of the late John Leigh Doyle Sturt, Esq., of the Bengal Engineers ; cr. C.B. 1865. Junior United Ser- vice Club. M u N RO, Surg. - Gen. William , C. B. , M. D. , LL.D.,son of the late I nspector-Gen .of Hospitals William Munro ; b. 1823; M.D. Glasgow and L.R.C.S. Edinburgh 1844, Hon. LL.D., Glas- gow 1888 ; entered Med. Dept. of Army 1844, became Surg. 1854, Surg.-Maj. 1864, Dep. Surg.- Gen. 1867, and Surg.-Gen. 1876 ; retired 1881 ; served in Kaffir War, 1846-7 (medal), in Crimean Campaign 1854-5 (medal with three clasps, jth class Medjidie, and Turkish medal), in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-8 (medal with two clasps),