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COMPANIONAGE. and with Euzufzai Field Force, 1863 (mentioned in despatches, thanked by Gov.-Gen. in Council, and medal with clasp) : in. 1857, a da. of James tfell, Esq. ; cr. C.B. 1865. 64, West Cromwell Road, S.IV. MURDOCH, Charles Stewart, C.B., son of the late Sir Clinton Murdoch, K.C.M.G. ; b. 1838 ; is a Principal Clerk in the Home Office : in. 1880, France* Bliss, da. of the late Aden. J. B. Wainwrighr; cr. C.B. 1892. 3, Gloucester Street, Belgrade Road, S. W. MURPHY, Surg.- Lieut.- Col. William Reed, D.S.O. ; b. 1849; entered Indian Med. Staff 1872, became Surg.-Major 1884, and Surg.-Lieut.-Col. 1892 ; served during Afghan War 1878-80 (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp), with Hazara Expedition 1888-9 (mentioned in despatches, medal), and with Chin Lushai Expedition 1889-90 (mentioned in despatches, clasp, D.S.O.) ; cr. D.S.O. 1890. MURRAY, Col. Andrew, D.S.O.; b. 1837 ; entered Army 1858, became Capt. 1866, Major 2880, Lieut. -Col. 1883, and Col. 1887 (h. p. 18 ) ; served during Afghan War 1880 (medal), with Egyptian Expedition 1882 (medal with clasp, bronze star, 4th class Osmanieh), and with Hazara Field Force 1888 ; has commanded Regt. Dists. Nos. 72 and 79 since 1890 ; cr. D.S.O. 1889. Inverness. MURRAY, Lieut. -Gen. Augustus William, C.B. ; b. 1811 ; entered Army 1832, became Capt. 1842, Major 1854, Lieut. -Col. 1860, Col. 1865, Maj.-Gen. 1870, and Lieut.-Gen. (retired) 1882 ; served in Canada during Rebellion 1838-40 ; was Acting Dep. Judge-Advocate in Jamaica 1848-53 ; commanded a Brig, at capture of stockades of Sabajee on the Gambia 1853, and the British troops up the Gambia 1861, and compelled the king of Baddeboo to make peace ; was D.A.G. in Barbadoes 1862-7 ; and com- manded Forces in Mauritius 1877-82 : in. 1840, Catherine Fortescue, who< 1889, da. of the late Capt. P. Perceval Graham, R.N.; cr. C.B. 1862 MURRAY, Charles Stewart, C.I.E. [see E. Dunmore, colls.]. MURRAY, Herbert Harley, C.B. [see D. Athole, colls.]. MURRAY, Col. John, C.B. ; b. 18 ; entered Army 1851, became Capt. 1858, Maj. 94th Regt. 1870, Lieut. -Col. 1877, and Hon. Col. (retired) 1880; served in Zulu War 1879; cr. C.B. 1880. Army and Navy Club. MURRAY, Gen. John Irvine, C.B.; b. 1826 ; entered Bengal Army 1842, became Capt. 1856, Major 1858, Lieut.-Col. 1866, Col. 1868, Maj.- Gen. 1882, Lieut.-Gen. 1887, and Gen. 1891 ; served in Punjab Campaign 1848-9 (medal), and throughout Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-9 (mentioned in despatches, medal, and repeatedly thanked by Com.-in-Ch. and the Govt.); was Brig.-Gen. in command of Rphilcund Dist. 1877-82, and of Lucknow Div. of Bengal Army 1884-7: in. 1854, Wilhelmina Stanley, da. of Major D. A. Malcolm ; cr. C.B. 1873. MURRAY, Col. Kenelm Digby, D.S.O. ; cr. D.S.O. 1886 [see Murray, Bart. ; cr. 1628]. NAIRNE, Maj.-Gen. Charles Edward, C.B., son of the late Capt. Alexander Nairne, H.C.S. ; b. 1836 ; ed. at Addiscombe ; entered Bengal Artillery 1855, became Capt. R.A. 1864, Major 1872, Lieut. -Col. 1880, Col. 1884, and Maj.-Gen. 1890; served in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857 (medal), in 2nd expedition to Eusofzai, N.W. Frontier 1863, in Kabul Cam- paign 1879 (medal), and in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (medal, mentioned in despatches, C. B., and 3rd class Medjidie) ; was Cornell, and Sup. School of Gunnery 1885-7, ar >d Inspector-Gen. of Artillery in India 1887-92, since when he has commanded a ist class Dist. there : in. 1860, Sophie, da. of the Rev. J. D. Addison ; cr. C.B. 1882. Meerut, India ; United Service and East India United Service Clubs. NAPIER, Col. the Hon. James Campbell, C.I.E. [sec B. Napier of Magdala]. NATION, Lieut.-Gen. John Louis, C.B. t son of the late Col. Stephen Nation, C.B., H.E.I. C. ; b. 1825 ; entered Bengal Army 1841, became Capt. 1856, Major 1861, Lieut.-Col. 1867, Col. 1872, Maj.-Gen. 1882, and Lieut.-Gen. 1887 ; served in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1858 (medal) and in Afghan War 1879 (medal) ; commanded a Brig. E. Frontier Dist. 1879-83: m. 18 , Matilda, da. of the late Lieut.-Gen. C. Wahab, Madras Army ; cr. C.B. 1881 NAYLOR, James Richard, C.S.I. ; I. 1842 ; entered Bom. C.S. 1862 ; appointed Remem- brancer of Legal Affairs to Govt. of Bombay 1874, and M.L.C., Bombay 1884; acted as M.E.C., Bombay 1887 and 1888: m. 1868, Eleanor, step-da, of C. Hexton, Esq., of Bom. Revenue Survey ; cr. C.S.I. 1890. Bombay. NAYLOR, Henry Paul TODD-, C.I.E., son of the late William Todd-Naylor, Esq., of Liverpool, and Hartford Grange, Cheshire ; b. 1861; ed. at Shrewsbury, and at Univ. Coll., Oxford; entered B.C.S. 1882; is a Dep. Commr., Burmah ; cr. C.I.E. 1890. Magwe, Upper Burmali ; 8, Crescent Road, Becken- ham ; East India United Service Club, NEEL, Edmund, C.I.E., son of the late Elias Neel, Esq., of St. Heliers, Jersey ; b. 1841 ; ed. at Victoria Coll.. Jersey ; entered India Office 1859 ; was Assist.-Sec. in Mil. Depart. 1881-5, since when he has been Assist.-Sec. in Political and Secret Depart. : m. 1876, Con- stance Phillida, da. of the late William Rutter Bayley, Esq., of Cotford House, Sidbury, Devon; cr. C.I.E. 1890. 17, Ladbroke Square, Netting Hill, W. NEVILL, Major Richard, C.I.E.; b. 18 ; cr. C.I.E. 1886. NEWBERY, James Cosmo, C.M.G., 4th son of William Boxer Newbery, Esq. ; b. 1843 ; B.Sc. Harvard Univ. ; studied at Sch. of Mines, Jermyn Street ; in 1865 entered upon an ap- pointment at Melbourne under the Colonial Govt. ; is Sup. of Industrial and Technological Museum, Melbourne; was Hon. Sup.of Juries and Awards at Melbourne International Exhibition 1881 : in. 1870, Catharine Maud Florence, da. of G. Hodgkinson, Esq. ; cr. C.M.G. 1881. St. Kilda, Melbourne; Yorick and Melbourne Clubs (Melbourne). NF.WDEGATE, Lieut.-Gen. Edward NEW- DIGATE-, C.B., son of the late Francis Newdi- gate, Esq., of Kirk Hallam, Derby; b. 1825; ed. at Sandhurst ; entered Rifle Brig. 1842, became Capt. 1852, Major 1855, Lieut.-Col. 1861, Col. 1867, Major-Gen. 1877, and Lieut.-Gen. 1887; retired 1892 ; served in Crimean Campaign 1854-5, present at battles of Alma and Inker- man and Siege of Sebastopol (wounded, medal with three clasps, Legion of Honour, 5th class Medjidie and Turkish medal), and in Zulu War 1879, in command of 2nd Div., and was second in command at Ulundi (medal with clasp, and C.B.); commanded S.E. Dis- trict 1880-85 '> assumed in 1887 by Royal license the additional surname of Newdegate ; was Gov. and Com.-in-Ch. of Bermudas 1888-92 ; is a J.P. and a County Alderman for Warwick- shire : in. 1858, Anne Emily, da. of the late Very Rev. Thomas Gamier, Dean of Lincoln [see E. Albemarle] ; cr. C.B. 1879. Arbury, .Vuneaian ; United Service Club.