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COMPANIOXAGE. 823 Capt. Comdt. Newcastle Mounted Rifles ; was Sec. to Mission of Sir Theophilus Shepstone, H.M.'s Special Coramr. in S. Africa 1876, a Commr. on Mission to Sikukuni 1877, and Colonial Sec. to Govt. of Transvaal 1877-80, since when he has been British Resident in Zululand ; is a J.P. (under Act 26th and 27th Vjc.), having jurisdiction over British subjects from the N. and K. boundaries of the British possessions in S. Africa to 25th degree of S. latitude ; cr. C.M.G. 1882. British Residency, Eshcnve, Zuliilaiid. OTTLEY, Lieut. - Col. John Walter, C.I.E., son of th"! late Major Thomas Henry Ottley, H.E.I.C.S. : b. 1841; entered R.E. 1864, became Capt. 1877, Major 1884, and Lieut. -Col. 1891 ; is Ch. Engineer and Joint Sec. to Govt. of Punjab; cr. C.I.E. 1892. Lahore, Punjab. OUVRY, Col. Henry Aime, C.B.; b. 1813 ; entered Army 1833, and retired as Col. o,th Lancers 1863 ; served in Punjab Campaign 1848-9 with 3rd Light Dragoons (medal with two clasps) ; commanded gth Lancers before Delhi 1857 until appointed A.D.C. to Sir A. Wilson, whom he attended during assault (thanked by Gov.-Gen. in Council) ; after fall of | Delhi commanded Cav. Brig, of movable column, present at relief of Lucknow (thanked by Gov.-Gen. in Council, and medal with two clasps) : m. 1854, Matilda H., da. of Col. John Delamain, C.B., of the Indian Army; cr. C.B. 1858. The Salterns, Lymington, Hants; Atheneeunt Club. OWEN, Surg.-Major Charles William, C.M.G. , C.I.E., 3rd son of A. S. Owen, Esq., of Enfield, Middlesex ; b. 1853 > e d. ?'. Merchant Taylors' Sch. and gained Exhibition to St. Thomas's Hospital 1869; L.R.C.P. Lond. and M.R.C.S.Eng.i874; B.A. Paris 1876; sometime House Surg. Roy. Lond. Ophthalmic Hospital ; entered Med. Depart. Bengal Army 1876, became Surg.-Maj. 1888; was Staff-Surg. Fort William. Calcutta, 1877, Assist, to Sanitary Commr. with Govt. of India 1877, and Officiating Professor of Ophthalmic and Aural Surgery at Calcutta 1878; served on personal staff of Lieut. -Gens. Sir D. M. Stewart and Sir F. Roberts in Afghan Cam- paign 1879-80 (wounded, several times mentioned in despatches,and medal with clasps); established the Cabul Charitable Dispensary (thanked by Gov. Gen. in Council and by Govt. of India) ; served on personal staff of Maj.-Gen. Sir H. Macpherson , K. C. B. , during EgyptianCampaign 1882 (medal with clasp, and bronze star) ; was Civil Surg. Simla 1880-2, in Medical charge of nth Bengal Lancers 1882-3, Residency Surg. E. R. States, Jeypore, 1883-4, > n medical charge of Afgnan Boundary Commn. under Sir Peter Lurasden, 1884-6, Civil Surg. Naini Tal, N.W. Provinces 1887-8, Officiating Agency Surg., Quetta, and Administrative Medical Officer of Civil and Railway Dispensaries, Beloochistan 1888-9, and Surg. to Com. -in-Chief in India(Gen. Sir F. S. Roberts, Bart., G.C.B.) 1889-91 : m. 1878, Mary Elizabeth, el. da. of Horace Barry, Esq., of Winchmore Hill, Middlesex ; cr. C.I.E. 1881, C.M.G. 1887. OWEN, Edward CUNLIFFE-, C.M.G., son of the late Col. Henry Charles Cunliffe-Owen, R.E., C.B. ; b. 1857 ; ed. at Wellington Coll., and at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1880 ; was Sec. to the Fisheries, Health, and Inventions Exhibition and Assist. -Sec. to Roy. Commrs. of Colonial and Indian Exhibition 1886: m. 1882, Emma P., da. of Sir [Francis] Philip Cunliffe-Owen, K.C.B. ; cr. C.M.G. 1886. 9, Westboume Crescent, Hyde Park, W. ; Oxford and Cambridge Club. PALMER, Col. Arthur Power, C.B., son of the late Captain Nicholas Power Palmer ; b. 1840 ; ed. at Cheltenham Coll. ; entered Indian Army 1857, transferred to B. S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1861, became Capt. 1869, Major 1877, Lieut. -Col. 1879, and Col. 1883 ; served with Hodson's Horse throughput Indian Mutiny 1858-9, havingprevi- ously raised and commanded a Regt. of Sikh Infantry (wounded and medal), in N.W. Frontier of Indian Campaign 1863 (medal with clasp), in Abyssinian Expedition with loth Bengal Lan- cers 1867-8 (medal), in Duffla Expedition E. Frontier of India as A.D.C. 1874-5 (mentioned in despatches), on special duty with Dutch Troops in Acheen 1876-7 (mentioned in de- spatches, and Dutch cross with two clasps), in Afghan War 1878-9 as A.A. and Q.M.G. (medal with clasp and mentioned in despatches), and in Soudan Expedition 1885 ; commanded the Camel Corps Mounted Infantry, gth Bengal Cav. and ijth Sikhs in successful affair at Dakul (medal with clasp, C. B., bronze star, men- tioned in despatches) ; has commanded a 2nd class Dist., India, since 1892, with rank of Brig. -Gen. ; cr. C.B. 1885. Myingyan, Burmah. PALMER, Maj.-Gen. Henry Wellington, C.B. ; b. 18 ; entered Army 1846, became Capt. 1852, Major 1854, Lieut. -Col. 1873, Col. and Maj.-Gen. 1878 ; served throughout Kaffir War 1851-3 (medal), and in command of opth L.I. in Kaffir War 1878 (three times thanked in Gen. Orders, and clasp) : m. 1885, Margaret Dartnell, da. of the late John Tuthill, Esq. ; cr. C.B. 1878. Army and Navy and Dublin United Service Clubs. PANIOTY, Demetrius, C.I.E., son of the late Emanuel Panioty, Esq., of Calcutta ; b. 1830; entered uncovenanted service of Govt. of India in Bengal Secretariat 1849 ; transferred to Office of Private Sec. of Gov.-Gen. of India 1853 ; has been since 1877 Assist. Private Sec. to successive Viceroys of India : has held a confidential position during the administration of nine successive Viceroys since the time of Lord Dalhousie : i. 1853, Perrine Eliza, da. of the late James Joseph Fleury, Esq. ; cr. C.I.E. 1885. 6, Council House Street, Cal- cutta ; A rnisdell, Simla. PARKER, Col. George Hubert, C.B., son of the late Rev. C. H. Parker, R. of Great Comberton, Worcestershire ; b. 1834 ; entered Army 1853 i became Capt. 1857, Major 1869, Lieut. -Col. Gordon Highlanders 1876 (h. p.) and Col. 1881 ; retired 1889 ; served in Afghan Cam- paign 1879-80 (medal with three clasps and bronze star), and in S. Africa 1881 ; commanded 75th Regt. Dist. 1882-7 ' '" l8 7 2 > e '- da. of Sir T. Douglas Forsyth, K.C.S.I. ; cr. C.B. 1881. Junior United Sen'ice Club. PARNELL, Col. the Hon. Henry, C.B. [see B. Congleton]. PARR, Col. Henry Hallam, C.M.G., son of the late Thomas Clements Parr, Esq., Bar. -at- Law, of Ch. Ch., Oxford ; b. 1847; ed. at Eton, and at Sandhurst ; entered Army 1865, became Capt. Prince Albert' Somersetshire L.I.) 1878, Major 1882, Lieut.-Col. 1884, and Col. 1886 ; served in Kaffir War 1877, in Zulu War 1879 (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp, C.M.G.), in Boer War 1881, and in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (severely wounded) ; was Mil. Sec. to Sir Bartle Frere when Gov. and Com.- in-Ch. of Cape of Good Hope 1878-80 ; com- manded Mounted Infantry in Egyptian Cam- paign 1882 (medal, twice mentioned in de- spatches, and 4th class Medjidie, bronze star) ; served in Suakin Expedition 1884 (mentioned in despatches, two clasps), and in Nile Expedi- tion 1884-5 (i'd c'ass Osmanieh) ; was Comdt. of Mil. Police and Provost Marshal with Army of Occupation in Egypt 1882 ; served as A.G. and znd in command of Egyptian Army with