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824 COMl'ANIONAGE. rank of Pasha 1885-8 ; was A.A.G., S. Dist. 1880-90 ; has 2nd class Medjidie ; is an A.D.C. to H.M. : m. 1888, Lilian Mary, da. of the late George Louis Monck Gibbs, Esq. [see Elton, Bart.] ; cr. C.M.G. 1880. United Service Club. PATON, Maj.-Gen. George, C.M.G., son of the late John Paton, Esq., of Crailing, Roxburghshire ; b. 1841 ; was A.D.C. to Maj.-Gen. Sir Alfred Horsford, K.C.B, 1871-4, and to Sir William Jervois, K.C.M.G., Gov. and Com.-in-Ch. of Straits Settlements 1 875-7 ; served in Perak expedition, Malay Peninsular, 1875-6 (medal) ; was Colonial Mil. Sec. to Cape Govt. during Kaffir War 1877-8, in command of a force of Irregulars in Transvaal border during latter phase of Zulu War 1879 (medal with clasp), Col. and Lieut.-Col. Comdg. ist Batn. S. Wales Borderers 1882-8, and in command of Regt. Dist. No. 24 1889-92, since when he has com- manded troops in Barbados, with local rank of Maj.-Gen.: ;. ist, 1873, Ethel, who d. 1885, da. of the late Maj.-Gen. Edward Bagot ; 2nd, 1890, Nancie, da. of Edward Walker, Esq., of Careyscroft, Brockenhurst, and West Hill, Oxted, Surrey ; cr. C.M.G. 1879. Bridgetown, Barbados ; A rmy and Navy Club. PATTERSON, Surg.-Maj. Thomas William, D.S.O. ; b. 1844 ; entered Army Med. Depart. 1866, became Surg. 1873, and Surg -Maj. 1878 ; retired 1889 ; served in Afghan War 1879-80 (medal), with Mahrud Waziri Expedition 1881, withSuakin Expedition i885(medal, bronze star), and with Burmah Field Force (medal) 1886-7 > cr. D.S.O. 1887. Junior United Service Club. PATTISSON, Jacob Luard, C.B., son of the late Jacob Howell Pattisson, Esq., LL.M. , of GraylingSj Tonbridge ; b. 1841 ; was a Clerk in the Admiralty 1859-69, and Private Sec. to Earl of Dufferin (successively Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster and Paymaster-Gen., and Gov.-Gen. of Canada) 1869-74, a "d to R'- Hon. W. H. Smith (successively Sec. of State for War and First Lord of Treasury) 1885-91 ; is a J.P. for co. Down, and Resident Agent at Savernake : m. 1872, Ellen Jane, da. of the late Taverner J. Miller, Esq., M.P. for Colchester ; cr. C.B. 1 892. Savernake Estate Office, Marlborough ; Union and Wellington Clubs. PAUL, Alfred Wallis, C.I.E. ; b. 18 ; entered B.C.S. 1870; is a Land Revenue Magis- trate and Collector, Bengal ; cr. C.I.E. 1889. PAYNE, Capt. Richard Lloyd, D.S.O. ; b. 1854 ; entered losth Regt. 1876, and became Capt. Prince Albert's (Somersetshire L.I.) 1885; served in S. African War 1878-9, present at battle of Ulundi (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp), and during Burmah Cam- paign 1885-6 ; cr. D.S.O. 1886. PEACOCK, Frederick Barnes, C.S.I., son of the late Rt. Hon. Sir Barnes Peacock, P.C.; b. 1836 ; was in B.C.S. 1856-90; formerly a Mem- ber of the Legislative Council and of the Board of Revenue, Bengal; cr. C.S.I. 1890. PEACOCKE, Major William, C.M.G., son ofWilliam Peacocke, Esq., M.D.. of Kingstown, Dublin ; b. 1848; ed. at Trinity Coll., Dublin (B.A. 18 ) ; entered R.E. 1869, became Capt. 1881, and Major 1887; served during Afghan War 1878-9 (mentioned in despatches, medal), and with Afghan Boundary Comm. 1884-6 ; had charge of Irish Relief Works 1891 ; cr. C.M.G. 1 888. United Service Club. PEARSE, Lient.-Gen. George Godfrey, C. B. , son of the late George Pearse, Esq. , M . D. ; b. 1827 ; entered Madras Army 1845, became Capt. 1858, Major 1859, Lieut.-Col. 1870, Col. 1878, Maj.-Gen. 1880, Lieut. -Gen. 1886, and Col. Comdt. R.H.A. 1887 ; served in Punjab Campaign 1848-9 (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp), in .command of 4,000 Cash mere Regular Troops and British Irregular Levies in Expedition to Khagan 1852 (medal with clasp), and in command of Cav. in Indian Mutiny Campaign (medal with clasp) : in. 1879, Louisa H., da. of the late Rev. J. Steward, V. of Great Kimble, Bucks; cr. C.B. 1881. 4, Norfolk Square, Hyde Park, W.; United Service Club. PEARSON, Col. Hugh Pearce, C.B., son of the late Major Hugh Pearson ; b. 1839 ; en- tered Army 1856, became Capt. 1861, Major 1875, Lieut.-Col. 1881, and Col. 1885 ; served with 84th Regt. during Indian Mutiny 1857-8, present at capture of Cawnpore (wounded), and defence and capture of Lucknow (medal with two clasps, year's service), and with i2th Regt. and on Staff in Afghan War 1878-80 (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp, Brevet. Lieut.- Col.); commanded i2th Regt. Dist. 1887-90, since when he has been A.G., Madras, with local rank of Brig.-Gen. : in. 1865, Ellen Fanny, who d. 1892, da. of the late Robert M. Thomas, Esq. ; cr. C.B. 1887. PEASE, Col. Thales, C.B., son of the late William Pease, Esq., of Woolwich; b. 1835; entered Ordnance Store Depart. 1855, became Assist. Comy.-Gen. 1880, and Dep. Comy.-Gen. 1885 ; retired 1892 ; served_ with Soudan Expe- dition 1884-5 (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp); was Storekeeper-Gen, of Naval Ordnance, Admiralty, 1891-2 ; cr. C.B. 1889. PELLETIER, Hon. Charles Alphonse Pan- taleon, C.M.G., Q.C., son of J. M. Pelletier, Esq.; b. 1837 ; ed. at Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere's Coll., and at Laval Univ. (B.C.L. 1858); Bar. of Quebec 1860, a Q.C. 1879, an ^ Batonnier 1892; three times elected Pres. of So. St. Jean Baptiste (the National So. of French Canadians) ; was several years Major gth Batn., or Voltigeurs de Quebec, which Batn. he commanded during Fenian Raid in 1866 ; sat for Kamouraska in the Commons 1869-77, and for Quebec E. in Quebec Assembly 1873-4 i P.C. of Canada 1877 as Minister of Agriculture, and called to the Senate for Grandville Division ; was sometime Hon. Pres. of Dominion Board of Agriculture, and Pres. of Canadian Commn. of Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878 : in. ist, 1861, Suzanne, da. of the late Hon. C. E. Casgrain, M.L.C. ; 2nd, 1866, Virginia, da. of the Hon. M. Sales de La Terrifcre, M.L.C. ; cr. C.M.G. 1878. St. Louis Street, Quebec. PELLY, Inspector- Gen. Saville Marriott, C.B., son of the late John Hinde Pelly, Esq., Bom.C.S. ; b. 1819 ; F.R.C.S., London, 1859 ; entered Bombay Med. Depart. 1841, and retired as Inspector-Gen, of Hospitals 1872 : m. 1850, Jane Billing, da. of the late John Morris, Esq., of Dublin; cr. C.B. 1868. Woodstock House, Burnt Ash Hill, Lee, S.E. PEMBERTON, .#//.- GVw.Wykeham Leigh, C.B., 5th son of the late Edward Leigh Pem- berton, Esq., of Torry Hill, Sittingbourne ; b. 1833 ; served a short time in R.N. ; entered 6oth Rifles 1852, became Capt. 1858, Major 1871, Lieut.-Col. 1875, Col. 1880, and Maj.-Gen. 1890 ; served in Indian Mutiny Campaign (medal, and severely wounded at Cawnpore with loss of two fingers of left hand 1857) ; commanded 3rd Batn. 6oth Rifles in Zulu War 1879, and a Brigade at action of Ginghilovo, and relief of Ekowe (medal with clasp and C.B.) ; was A.Q.M.G. at Headquarters 1880-5, and A.D.C. to F.M. H.R.H. the Com.-in-Ch. 1886-90: in. 1884, Jessie, da. of the late John Graham, Esq., of Skelmorlie Castle, N.B., and widow of Charles Gaddum, Esq.; cr, C.B. 1879. Army and Navy Club.