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DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. 35 Gold and Silver Medals awarded London 1851, 1862, Paris 1878 Melbourne 1889., Gt. Russell Street, JS W.C. BIRMINGHAM; 79, EDMUND STEEET. LIVERPOOL : 30, BOLD STREET. LONDON WORKS ; EAGLE WOKKS, HORNSEY, W. BIRMINGHAM WORKS: FORCHESTER STREET. Manufacturers of every description of And Medieval Art Work. IF ^ B IR, I C S_ EMBROIDERIES IN ANCIENT AND MODERN DESIGNS. Designs and Materials supplied to Ladies, and prepared for working, if necessary. WROUGHT~TJETAL WORK, In Iron, Brass, Copper, and Silver. Gates and Railings for Mansions, Public Buildings, and Churches CHANCEL SCREENS, &c., GAS AND ELECTRIC FITTINGS. Manufacturers of the "CATHEDRAL" LAMP, 45, 68, and 106 Candle Power, for Oil THE BEST AND CHEAPEST LAMP FOR CHURCH PURPOSES. Special Estimates and Designs for Lighting Churches, Public Buildings, $c., ON APPLICATION. MEMORIAL BRASSES a Speciality. SILVER COMMUNION SETS, Eagle Lecterns from WOOD WORK, CHOIR STALLS, SCREENS, ORGAN CASES, REREDOSES, LECTERNS, ETC. TPufpita, jfot6d, c^outa, Tfteredoa, JUlouutttetttaf otouea. A CATALOGUE, also Designs and Estimates, on application. ARTISTS IN STAINED GLASS AND DECORATIONS.