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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
2 ii 7 Gray, Andrew (1633-1656): for twentieth read twenty-first
4 ii 14f.e. Gray, Charles: for the royal navy read the marines
9 i 19-20 Gray, Sir John: for He entered the medical profession … degree of M.D., and read He graduated M.D. and master in Surgery at Glasgow University on 24 April 1839 and
17 i 30 Gray, Robert (1809-1872): for Saltburn read Easington
23 ii 36 Gray, Thomas (1716-1771): for Browne read Brown
26 i 12f.e. (repeat previous entry)
24 ii 20 for 1758 read 175
26 i 9f.e. for niece read cousin
27 i 10 for Captandi' read Cogitandi'
33 ii 13 Greatorex, Thomas: for Dr. C. Law read Dr. E.
7f.e. for Westminster Abbey read the cloisters of Westminster Abbey
37 i 22f.e. Greaves, Sir Edward: for 279 read 302
9f.e. for 225 and 279, i. 18 read 51 and 302
53 i 27 Green, Thomas (1658-1738): for Dr. Castle read Dr. Stanley
56 i 14 Green, Thomas H.: for brother read sister
64 ii l.l. Greene, Maurice: for Chrysande read Chrysander
66 i 7f.e. Greene, Richard: for near Gloucester read Gloucestershire
74 i 16 Greene, Robert (1678?-1730) : for 1689 read 1699
77 i 16 Greenfield, William: for Polygotta read Polyglotta
83 i 49-50 Greenwell, Sir Leonard: for Cranford read Crauford
89 i 6f.e. Gregg, John: for Ross read Gregg
92 i l.l. Gregory, Barnard: for Lunenburg read Lüneburg
97 i 20 Gregory, Francis: for Όνομαξικὸν read Όνομαστικὸν
102 ii 24 Gregory, John (1724-1773): for aged 49 read in his 49th year
104 i 23 Gregory, William (fl. 1520): for 1518 read 152
30 for 1918 read 1819
109 ii 13 Grenfell, John P.: omit probably
110 i 32-36 Grenfell, Pascoe: for he became the head … Buckinghamshire, read he connected himself with Thomas Williams of Temple House, Gt. Marlow, then occupied with the development of the industries of Anglesey and Cornwall, and the largest manufacturer of the products of those districts in the kingdom. Grenfell soon became principal managing partner of these concerns, and having purchased Taplow House, was chosen parliamentary representative, on the death of Williams, in 1802 for Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire,
ii 4 for 1868 read 1818
112 i 5 Grenville, Sir Bevil: for 1702) read 1703)
116 ii 9f.e. Grenville, George: for first earl read second earl