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192 i
7 f.e.
Askew, Anthony: for 1772 read 1774
202 ii 11-10 f.e. Astell, William: for in the same year . . . . the House read after an unsuccessful contest in 1806 was in 1807 returned to the House
ii 8 f.e. for six successive read seven successive
7 f.e. after subsequently insert from 1841
4 f.e. after filled insert each of
3 f.e. for several read four
203 i 29 after London insert He died 7 March 1847
205 ii 15 f.e. Astley, Sir Jacob: for Manchester. During read Manchester during
14 f.e. after (27 Oct.) insert a full stop
206 i 9 for Stow-in-the-Wold read Stow-on-the-Wold
ii 30 Astley, John (d. 1595): before Maidstone insert Lyme Regis in the parliament of 1750 and
31-32 omit having before . . . . Commons
212 i 44 Aston, Sir Richard: for the Rockingham read Lord North's
ii 4 f.e. Aston, Sir Thomas: after part insert He was M.P. for Cheshire in the Short Parliament of 1640
219 i 2 Atherton, Sir William: for 1852 read 1851
ii 28 f.e. Atkins, Henry: for He read Matriculating at Trinity College, Oxford, in 1574, he
221 i 24 f.e. Atkins, William: for 1679 read 1681
222 ii 6 f.e. Atkinson, James (1759-1839): after grave' insert In addition to his other acquirements, Atkinson had a remarkable talent for portraiture, and no less than eight portraits by him, variously in oils, water colours, and pen and ink, are in the National Portrait Gallery
5 f.e. for His works are: 1 read His only work is
4 f.e. for 2 read The
223 i 3 after 8vo. insert usually ascribed to our James Atkinson, was by James Atkinson, 1780-1852 [q. v.]
226 ii 14 f.e. Atkinson, William: for within the bounds . . . . of York read in the ainsty of York
227 i 19 Atkyns, Sir Edward: for Hensington read Bensington
229 i 19 f.e. Atkyns, Richard: for Newnham-by-Gloucester read Newnham-on-Severn
232 i
8 f.e.
14 f.e.
5 f.e.
Atkyns, Sir Robert: for Saperton read Sapperton
234 i 20-23 Atterbury, Francis: for been thrust . . . . the Reformation read been elected to the mastership of University College in 1676, had printed an attack upon the Reformation from the pen of Abraham Woodhead
24 f.e. after in reality insert in great part
235 i 26 for 1711-12 read Aug. 1711
ii 16 for bishop of Rochester read dean of Westminster
16 f.e. after He was arrested insert in 1722
237 ii 7 f.e. for in 1732 read on 22 Feb. 1731-2
238 i 21 f.e. Atterbury, Lewis (d. 1693): after in town insert From 1690 till his death he was prebendary of Lincoln
241 i 5 Attwood, Thomas: after wrote insert other anthems
242 i 4 Attwell, Hugh: for Duborne read Daborne
245 ii 9 f.e. Aubrey, William: before He died insert He was M.P. for Carmarthen Borough in 1554, Brecon in 1558, Hindon in 1559, Arundel in 1562, and Taunton in 1592
247 i 20 Auchmuty, Sir Samuel: for made a knight of the Bath read knighted
22-3 omit and . . . . 103rd regiment
27-32 for 1806 had been nothing . . . . Buenos Ayres, which read 1806 had been suggested to Sir Home Riggs Popham [q. v.] when at the Cape by the report of an American merchantman to the effect that the inhabitants of Monte Video and Buenos Ayres were discontented with their Spanish government, and Sir Home Popham recognised that the seizure of a rich city like Buenos Ayres
ii 16 before and in 1810 insert and made colonel of the 103rd regiment
18 f.e. after parliament insert became knight of the Bath
13 f.e. after active service insert In that year he became G.C.B.