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N.B. -/.e. stands for from end and LI. for last line Line

38 Massey, Sir Edward : for Bruckthorpe read Brookthorpe 4-5 omit But his success .... failure.

7 for was retaken read was reoccupied by the royalists but Massey returned

on 14 Oct. and 9-11 for a musket ; Monmouth .... the royalists read a musket, succeeded in

dislodging the enemy, killing 30 and capturing 230 14 for Lydney read Sir John Winter's house, near Lydney

34-85 for does not seem to have gone read did not go

3 f.e. Master, William : for Rudler's read Rudder's

15-25 Maule, Fox, 2nd Baron Panmure : for and again under Lord Aberdeen .... the fall of Sebastopol. read When Lord Palmer ston formed an administration in Feb. 1855 Panmure took office as secretary for war, and it was thus under his direction that the Crimean war reached its termination. Although he was in no way responsible for the errors for which his predecessor in the department, the duke of Newcastle, was severely blamed by the press, all Panmure's acts were rigorously scrutinised.

19 Maule, Sir William H. : for 1810 Maule entered read 1806 Maule came into


21 Mauley, Peter de : for It was he read It was probably he 20 f.e. for Peter IV read Peter III

8-9 Maurice, Prince : for the Earl of Forth read the Earl of Brentford and Forth

22 Maurice, Frederick D. : for the October following read November 1881

30 omit in Great Ormond Street, Queen Square,

31 after pupils insert in Red Lion Square, afterwards removing to Great

Ormond Street

10 f.e. Mawson, Matthias : for Greene read Green 2/.e. Maxse, Sir Henry B. F. : for 1818 read 1878

82 Maxwell, James C. : for Jeens's engraving read G. J. Stodart's engraving 18 f.e. Maxwell, William H. : for Appleby read Apperley

36 Mayerne, Sir Theodore T. de : for 1661 read 1653

7-6 Maynard, Sir John (1592-1658) : for Estaines Parva read Little Easton


24 for Colne read Calne

8 f.e. Maynard, Sir John (1602-1690): for Adlington read Addington

20 Mayow, John : for (1643 read (1640

24 for in May 1643 read on 24 May 1640 (Sloane MS. 1708, f. 117)

4 Mead, Richard : for son read nephew 2-1 f.e. Meadows, Sir Philip : for one married Sir Thomas Powis, read Elizabeth married

Sir Thomas Powys [q. v.],

9-8 Mechi, John J. : for his affairs were put read Mechi was forced to place his f.e. affairs

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