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204 i 6 f.e. Medland, Thomas: for (fl. 1777-1822) read (d. 1833)
ii 28 after 1822. insert He died at Hertford 30 Oct. 1833 (Gent. Mag. 1833, ii. 476).
205 i 25 Medley, John: for entered the church read was ordained deacon
7 f.e. for 1035 read 1835
225 ii 26 f.e. Melmoth, William (1710-1799): for he read she
229 i 12 f.e. Melton, William de: after preacher insert and was for some time tutor to Fisher (cf. De Veritate Corporis, p. 327)
8 f.e. after Library, insert His wills and inventories are printed in 'Testamenta Eboracensia' (Surtees Soc.), pp. 251-63
ii 20 after p. 696 insert Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, viii. 291
265 ii 6 f.e. Mercer, John: for cotton-spinner read weaver
273 i 23 Meres, Francis: for (ib.) read (ib.; Yorkshire Record Series, vol. ii.)
30 after son insert Francis
35 for He seems to have had a son read The son
36 omit who
274 i 13 f.e. after presented insert for the speakership
275 i 28 Meres, John: after l. 28). insert He compiled a useful catalogue of English plays (London, 1713, 4to, with continuation, 1715).
276 ii 15-14 f.e. Merewether, Sir William L.: for he commanded . . . . Sind horse, read he was second in command of Sir George Malcolm's detachment of Sind horse,
282 i 16 Merivale, John H.: for the Rev. H. J. T. Drury read the Rev. Joseph Drury
20 for is read was
21 omit the present
295 ii 37 Merry, Robert: for Cambridge, read Cambridge, being admitted there 2 April 1771.
40 for was entered of Lincoln's Inn read studied at Lincoln's Inn, where he had been entered 5 Nov. 1770,
303 ii 29 Metcalf, John: for Boynes's read Boyne's
305 ii 30-31 Metcalfe, Charles T., Baron Metcalfe: for is in the Kingston town-hall, Jamaica, read by a Canadian artist, named Bradish, is in the court house at Falmouth, Jamaica.
327 ii 24 Michel, Sir John: for (now Sir Henry) read (afterwards Sir Harry)
336 i 14 Michell, Richard: after children, insert One daughter, Mary, married the third duke of Sutherland and subsequently Sir Albert Bollit, M.P.
346 i 8 f.e. Middleton, Conyers: for thus read then
347 i 36 for 'Letter to Rome' read 'Letter from Rome'
352 ii 10 f.e. Middleton, John, 1st Earl of Middleton: for 1673) read 1674)
354 i 35 for 1673 read June 1674 (Sloane MS. 3512, f. 79)
357 i 18-19 Middleton, Richard: for William Middleton, a D.D. of Paris read William of Meliton [q. v.]
364 i 17 Middleton, Thomas F.: for Sharpe read Sharp
366 i 6 f.e. Midgeley, Robert: after Spy,' insert has been doubtfully identified with the Robert Midgeley who was
ii 1 for and removing to Christ's College, read The alleged author of the 'Turkish Spy' seems more probably identical with another Robert Midgeley (son of Samuel Midgeley) who, born at Adle, near Leeds, was admitted a sizar of Christ's College, Cambridge, 27 June 1671, aged 16,
369 i 4 Miers, John: for his father, who was a jeweller; read his father, John Miers, a jeweller and miniaturist, who executed a portrait of Robert Burns;
377 ii 8 f.e. Miles, George F.: omit Edward l'Anson
388 ii 7 Mill, James: after 1808. insert Spence replied in 'Agriculture the Source of the Wealth of Britain.'
399 i 32 Mill, John Stuart: for H. R. L. Mansel's read H. L. Mansel's
401 i 20 f.e. Millar, Andrew: for (No. 4053) read (No. 4059)
5 f.e. Millar, James: for (d. 1827) read (1762-1827)
4 f.e. after writer, insert born at Ayr on 4 Feb. 1762,
l.l. after science, insert He acted for some years as a tutor in Jamaica, and afterwards as chaplain to the University of Glasgow.
ii 6 for in July read on 13 July
403 i 18 Millar, John (1735-1801) for Allan Thomson read Dr. John Thomson, by whom she was mother of Allan Thomson