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406 i 28
Miller, Edward: for 1731 read 1730
34 after Lynn insert His brother Thomas is noticed separately.
410 i 10 f.e. Miller, Hugh: for 2 Dec. read 23 Dec.
411 i 10-1 f.e. Miller, James (1706-1744): omit 'Mister Taste, . . . . Hogarth, 1833, p. 176).
ii 3 after 1735 insert (this piece must be distinguished from another also called 'The Man of Taste,' which was published in 1733, being a reissue with a new title of 'Mister Taste, the Poetical Fop': or, the Modes of the Court,' a comedy [1732]; 'Mister Taste,' for which Hogarth designed a satirical frontispiece, was an insolent attack on Pope)
414 ii 18-19 Miller, John C.: for collected 5,000l. read organised simultaneous collections on a given Sunday in the churches of Birmingham, by which means the sum of 5,000l. was raised, and the first foundation laid of Hospital Sunday.
36 after issue, insert The Miller Hospital of Greenwich, grafted upon the Royal Kent Dispensary, was opened in December 1884 as a memorial to Miller.
7 f.e. before Christian Cabinet insert John Poland's Records of the Miller Hospital and Royal Kent Dispensary, 1893;
419 i 17 f.e.
11 f.e.
Miller, Patrick: for Andrew read William
423 ii 8 f.e. Miller, Thomas (1731-1804): after pavior insert and brother of Edward Miller [q. v.]
424 ii 1-2 Miller, Thomas (1807-1874): for Harrison Ainsworth read W. H. Harrison
427 ii 27 Miller, William (1795-1861): after (Chicago, 1892); insert Basil Hall's Journal in Chili, part i. ch. iii.;
437 i 29
Millhouse, Robert: for J. B. Briscoe read J. P. Briscoe