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128 ii 9 f.e. Moles-worth, Sir William : for it read the proprietorship

124 i 12 after troubles insert after championing Lord Durham's policy

25 before He was insert He took part in founding the Reform Club in London

in the same year.

125 i 10 after Mrs. Grote, insert and on her death it passed to his sister, Mrs. Ford,

who presented it to the parliament house at Ottawa, where it now stands in the library, 33 before The Philosophical Radicals insert Mrs. Fawcett's Life of Sir William

Molesworth appeared in 1903.

127 i 50-51 Molines, Sir John de : for Mautravers read Maltravers

186 ii 3-2 Molyneux, Samuel : for the death of Molyneux's widow, on 27 May read the f.e. marriage of Molyneux's widow to Nathaniel St. Andre, on 17 May

160 ii 13-14 Monck, George, 1st Duke of Albemarle : for no longer shown to visitors read is

in a very decayed condition

21 after 1866. insert A fourth was painted by Dr. Logan, of which, and of two

other pictures of Monck, engravings belong to James Falconer, esq.

161 i 83-88 omit A portrait of Monck .... James Falconer, esq.

23 f.e. after Albemarle, insert born 25 March 1619 (Sloane MS. 1708, f. 117),

ii 31 for said to be aged 54 read aged nearly 51

167 ii 18 Moncreiff, Sir Henry: for (1738-1767) read (d. 1767)

168 ii 10 Moncreiff, Sir Henry W. : for fifty read fifty-two

202 ii 30 Monson, Sir William (1569-1643) : for What appears to be the original manu- script read The original manuscript, corrected for the press by the author and dated 1624, is in Sloane MS. 2496, ff. 113-188. Another manuscript

205 ii 1 Montacute, John de, 3rd Earl of Salisbury : omit baron and after Monthermer insert [q. v.]

218 i 2-1 Montacute, William de, 1st Earl of Salisbury : for Sir William Grandison read f.e. William de Grandison, first Baron Grandison

250 ii 12 f.e. Montagu, Henry, 1st Earl of Manchester : for Sidney, who died in infancy, read Sidney, who, having been admitted fellow- commoner at Christ's College, Cam- bridge, 20 May 1641, graduated M.A. in that year, entered the Middle Temple 2 Aug. 1642, and died young,

257 i 38 Montagu, John, 4th Earl of Sandwich : after first lord, insert Sandwich, how- ever, interested himself in getting Captain Cook's two vessels fitted out adequately in 1778, and Cook named the Sandwich Islands after him.

259 ii 12 f.e. Montagu, Lady Mary W. : for sixth read second

260 ii 3 for 1751 read 1761

295 ii 10 f.e. Montfort, Simon of, Earl of Leicester : for 1891 read 1890

296 i 9 Montfort, Simon of, the younger : for 1265 read 1264

801 ii 10 Montgomerie, Alexander, 9th Earl of Eglington : for Susannah, unmarried.

read Susannah (d. 1754) married John Renton of Lamerton, Berwickshire. 811 i 23 f.e. Montgomerie, Robert (d. 1684) : for 1661 read 1651 ' 814 ii 33 Montgomery, Henry : for 1800 read 1830

828 i 2 Montgomery, Robert (1807-1855) : after 1841. insert The most ambitious of his f.e. later works was ' Luther : a Poem ' (1842, 8vo, 6th ed. 1851). Of immense

length, this volume contains Montgomery's one memorable line, viz. ' the solitary

monk that shook the world.' 885 i 21 f.e. Moor, Edward: after bart. insert and afterwards Baron Hatherley and lord

Chancellor [q. v.] 850 ii 35 Moore, Sir Garret, Viscount Moore : for Sloane MS. read Addit. MS.

448 i 20-21 More, Sir Thomas : omit and personal liberty is at its zenith

444 ii 26 f.e. after Italian version, insert translated by Hortensio Lando and edited

445 ii 18 f.e. for Barus read Barns

6/.e. before the anonymous insert Christopher St. German [q. v.]

2-1 f.e. for in an anonymous treatise entitled read by St. German in

446 ii 21 ow^Dialogi

22 for festinissimo, read festiuissima 4*7 i 8 for Mendacjis read Mendacijs

ii 25 f.e. for now belonging read belonging in 1892

21 f.e. after 121-2) insert The MS. figured in the 83rd ' Antiquarischer Katalog ' of

Heinrich Schoningh of Minister, 1894

449 i 18 omit the Rev.