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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
1 ii 9 Nichols, James: for (1845) read (1845 and 1848)
19 ii 13 Nicholson, John (1821-1857): for Read read Reed
28 i 35 Nicholson, William (1591-1672): for aged 72 read aged 80
29 i 17 f.e. Nicholson, William (1753-1815): for many patients read four patients
16 f.e. after his own insert respectively in 1790, 1802, 1806, and 1812 (the last not being completed)
88 ii 8-7 f.e. Noel, Baptist, 3rd Viscount Campden: for Thomas Watton, lord Watton, read Thomas Wotton, lord Wotton,
103 i 21 f.e. Nonant, Hugh de: for Hubert of Salisbury read Herbert of Salisbury
107 i 1 Norden, John: omit and
8 omit Additional
110 ii 37 Norgate, Robert: after 1573-4. insert He became master of Corpus Christi College in 1573.
112 ii l.l. Norman, George W.: for Baron Overston read Baron Overstone
118 i 9 Norris, Sir Edward: for Francis read Francis Vere
130 i 14 Norris, Sir John: for was finally recalled read was superseded in command, though he remained at Brest till near the end of the year
152 ii 10 North, Sir Dudley: for third son read fourth son
154 ii 24 f.e. North, Edward, 1st Baron North: for Sconington read Sinnington
163 ii 36 North, Frederick, 2nd Earl of Guilford: for Bassett read Basset
200 ii 25-26 Northey, Sir Edward: for Sir Thomas Raymond [q. v.], baron of the exchequer. read Robert Raymond, Lord Raymond [q. v.], lord chief justice.
201 ii 10 f.e. Northmore, Thomas: for Earle read Erie
207 ii 1
Norton, Caroline E. S.: for Lockhart read Henry Nelson Coleridge
220 i 6 f.e. Norton, Samuel: for ff. 81-90 read ff. 17-21, 24-28, and 81-90
221 i 12 f.e. Norton, Thomas (fl. 1477): before Addit. MSS. insert Sloane MSS. 1198, 2174, and omit 300 [1]
222 i 12 f.e. Norton, Thomas (1532-1584): omit Middle
245 ii 32 Nowell, Alexander: for Jewell's read Jewel's
247 i 25-26 for name unknown, read whose name seems to have been Blount,
27-31 for who had been married before . . . . she had issue, read widow of Thomas Bowyer, grocer, of London.
32 after 1612 insert being buried at Mundham, near Chichester (see monumental inscription and parish register at Mundham)
248 i 13-14 for Pankhurst's read Parkhurst's
253 i 15 Nower, Francis: for C. P. Nowers read G. P. Nowers
278 ii 30 Nutter, William: for 21 March read 14 March
279 i 5 f.e. Nye, Nathaniel: after astronomy' insert (Nye also published an almanack for 1642 and two others in 1645)