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283 i 31 Nye, Stephen: after 1729) [q. v.] insert An 'Examination' by John Jackson (1686-1763) [q. v.] appeared in 1715
287 i 29 Oakeley, Frederick: for Time read Tones
300 i 13 Oates, Titus: for Buckingham read Gates
301 i 35 for Withins read Wybhens [q. v.]
303 ii 5 after Cartwright; insert Lord Kenyon's MSS. pp. 105-8; Rochester's Familiar Letters, 1714, p. 150;
312 i 11 f.e. O'Brien, Donogh C.: for March read de Marisco [q. v.]
316 ii 11 f.e. O'Brien, James T.: for Westmeath read Wexford
317 i 23 after ings insert as well as those of the deists
ii 11-12 for seven sons and six daughters read eight sons and five daughters
17 after year insert (4th edit. 1877 and 5th edit. 1886)
19 for directed against ritualism, read in great part directed against Tractarianism,
327 i

O'Brien, Murtough: for Murtough read Murtogh
20-24 omit He attended a synod . . . . three thousand students.
37 after 1086. insert His daughter Mòr (d. 1137) married Murchadh O'Maelsechlainn.
40 after vol. ii.; insert Annals Loch Cé (Kolls Series);
380 i 31 O'Brien, Turlough: for Murtough read Murtogh
372 i 4 O'Connell, Daniel (1775-1847): for brother read uncle
16 f.e. for return read recovery
400 i 24 O'Connor, Cathal (1150-1224): for March read de Marisco [q. v.]
405 i 8 f.e. O'Connor, Luke S.: for February 1868 read January 1867
ii 13 f.e. O'Connor, Roderic (1116-1198): for (1116 read (1116?
428 i 5 f.e. Odo of Canterbury: for Odo read Odo 'de Cancia'
3-2 f.e. for These sermons are remarkable for their frequent introduction read They have been attributed both to Odo of Canterbury and to Odo of Cheriton, but the frequent introduction
l.l. omit which helps to explain the
ii 1-3 for confusion with Odo . . . . the latter author read points to the latter's authorship; they are, however, distinct from Odo of Cheriton's sermons
429 ii 13 f.e. Odo of Cheriton: for undoubtedly read probably and for Canterbury read Cheriton
12 f.e. for Cheriton read Canterbury
434 i 28 O'Donnell, Calvagh: for 1581 read 1561
449 ii 35 O'Donovan, John: for Henthorne read Henthorn