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336 i 40 Bacon, Francis:after seat in it insert (he had been returned both for Ipswich and St. Albans and sat for the former)
341 i 31 after resources insert Bacon had been elected for Ipswich, St. Albans, and Cambridge University, and sat for the last
362 i 10 f.e. Bacon, John (1740-1799): for Whitfield's read Whitefield's
367 i 25 Bacon, Sir Nicholas: after Cambridgeshire insert and next year was elected M.P. for Dartmouth
369 ii 18 for ib. read Hist. Comm. MSS. Rpt.
i 15 after 1562 insert in which year he had been elected M.P. for Beverley
31-32 for son of the lord keeper's fourth son read fourth son of the lord keeper's son
14 f.e. after 1604 insert was M.P. for Norfolk in the same year
ii 5 omit for Suffolk (1592-3)
374 i 28 Bacon, Robert: after Edmund Rich insert which has been identified with the MS. C 12, 9 at St. John's College, Cambridge. A fragment, or a fragment of an abridgment of it, is at the end of Lambeth MS. 135 (cf. Wilfrid Wallace, St. Edmund, 1893, pp. 5-6).
29 for this read the life
32-5 omit but as a separate work . . . . authority
385 i 7 f.e. Badew, Richard: after 1326 insert and again in 1338
388 i 8 Badiley, Richard: for (fl. 1649-1656) read (d. 1657)
389 i 12-13 for In the summer of 1656 read On 14 Feb. 1655-6
15 after the Downs insert (Public Intelligencer, 11-18 Feb. 1655-6)
17-19 for he probably died . . . . whilst read he died in August 1657, according to the announcement in 'Mercurius Politicus,' 11 Aug. 1657
394 i 6 f.e. Bagehot, Walter: after of thought insert He was the unsuccessful liberal candidate for Bridgewater against George Patton [q. v.] in 1866
399 i 13 Bagot, Lewis: omit was
24 for his deanery read the deanery of Christchurch
ii 9-11 Bagot, Richard: for Blithfield . . . . Worcester read Blithfield. In 1812 he became prebendary of Lichfield; in 1817 canon of Worcester, and in 1822 canon of Windsor; he was appointed dean of Canterbury 2 Sept. 1827
13 after D.D. insert he held the deanery of Canterbury in commmendam
400 ii 14 Bagot, Sir William: after (Claus. 1 H. IV) insert He was M.P. for Warwickshire in eleven parliaments, from Feb. 1387-8 till his death
401 i 15 Bagshaw, Christopher: before About 1579 insert In 1578 he was made prebendary of Lichfield
403 i 10 f.e. Bagshaw, Henry: before and insert in 1668
8 f.e. for Barnaby read Barmby
2 f.e. for 1681 read 1680
404 i 6 Bagshaw, William: for Chalmarton read Chelmorton
411 i 28 f.e. Bailey, Thomas: for Gillingham read Gilling
ii 16 f.e. Baillie, Charles(1542-1625): for Rudolfi read Ridolfi
412 i 15 for L.H.S. read I.H.S.
ii 20 Baillie, Charles, Lord Jerviswoode(1804-1879): for 1683 read 1684
418 ii 6-7 Baillie, John (1772-1833): for from 1830 to 1832 read in 1830 and from 1832 till his death next year
8 before He was elected insert He was a moderate whig supporting Catholic emancipation but opposing the Reform Bill
420 ii 22-3 Baillie, Matthew: for Duntisbourne read Duntisburne Abbots
422 i 8 Baillie, Robert (1599-1662):for James Charles Stuart read Prince Charles Edward Stuart
427 ii 27 Baily, Edward H.: for British read Bristol
433 ii 1 Bainbridge, Christopher: for 1511 read 1511-2
437 ii 2 Bainbrigge, Sir Philip: for on 31 March 1854 read in May 1860
438 i 12 Baine, James: omit a tradition runs that
16 after Lord's Supper there insert in accordance with the principle of his denomination 'to hold communion with all visible saints'
27 for Whitfield read Whitefield
439 ii 12 Baines, Matthew T.: for Lord Russell's read Lord John Russell's
441 ii 4 f.e. Baines, Thomas (1822-1875): for 1876 read 1875
444 i 5 Baird, Sir David: for a filibustering read the