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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

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20 ii 36 Pullen, Samuel (1598-1667): after bridge insert (1623)
21 ii 13 Pullen, Tobias: after Joshua Pullen insert dean of Middleham from 1638 until his death in 1657
22 ii 30-31 Puller, Sir Christopher: for son of Christopher Puller read grandson of Christopher Puller (d. 1789) and son of Richard Puller (1747-1826)
32 after 1786-9, insert afterwards of Painswick Court, Gloucestershire. Christopher
36 for Queen's read Oriel
14f.e. for Puller married Louisa King read Puller married, on 9 Aug. 1804, Louisa (1772-1857), daughter of Joseph King, of Taplow, and
13f.e. after Hertfordshire insert to which estate she succeeded
34 ii 15-18 Pulteney, William, Earl of Bath: for having died .... and had obtained read having died at Madrid on his way home from Portugal on 12 Feb. 1763, aged 32. He had a promising career. He obtained
21 after 167). insert He was lieutenant-colonel 1759 and M.P. for Old Sarum 1754 and for Westminster 1761-3. He was buried in Westminster Abbey 21 April 1768.
36 ii 25 Pulton, Ferdinando: after afterwards insert (from Lady-day 1556 to Lady-day 1557)
57 ii 16f.e. Pusey, Edward B.: for Gaumé's c 'Manual of Confessors' read Gaumé's 'Manual for Confessors'
60 ii 30 for 14 Sept. read 16 Sept.
83 i 27 Pym, John: for Brynmore read Brymore
95 ii 8 f.e. Quarles, Francis: after Dibdin), insert and the Chiswick Press edition of 1812,
111 ii 21f.e. Quin, Walter: after Spencer's book insert [i.e. Edmund Spenser's 'Faerie Queene,' where the king's mother, Mary, Queen of Scots, was denounced under the name of Duessa]
120 i 30 Radcliffe, Ann: for 1822) read 1823)
129 ii 28 Radcliffe, John (1650-1714): for Duke of Portland read Earl of Portland
135 ii 4f.e. Radcliffe, Robert, 1st Earl of Sussex: for She died read Radcliffe's second wife died
136 ii 2f.e. Radcliffe, Thomas, 3rd Earl of Sussex: for 20 March 1557 read 22 March 1555-6
137 i 7 for 1557 read 1556
ii 2 for 1557 read 1556-7
4f.e. after 21 March insert 1557-8
140 i 32
for Worth read Wroth