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142 ii 23f.e. Radcliffe, Thomas, 3rd Earl of Sussex:for the Duc d'Anjou read Henry, Duc d'Anjou (afterwards Henry III of France)
17-16 f.e. for renewed in 1578 and again read renewed in 1578 with Francis, Duc d'Alençon and d'Anjou, brother of the earlier suitor. The new French suitor again
16 f.e. for in him read in Sussex
15 f.e. for Anjou's read the French prince's
143 i 1 after Aug. insert 1578
146 ii 16
Radclyffe, William: for 1796 read 1783
147 i 12 for He left three sons, of whom read Of his three sons
17 after 1846 insert in his father's lifetime
151 i 27 Rae, James: for Margarie' read Marjorie'
159 ii 8 Raffald, Elizabeth: after 1733 insert (baptised there on 8 July)
160 i 29 Raffles, Thomas: for where he was ordained read being ordained at Kensington Chapel
163 i 18 Raffles, Sir Thomas S.: after terest. insert A second edition appeared in 1830 and a French translation in 1824.
164 ii 36 after memoir of him. insert Another bust is in the Lion House of the Zoological Gardens.
167 ii 13 Raikes, Henry: for Cestrensis' read Cestriensis'
40-42 omit and a translation 1839 .... essay
9f.e. Raikes, Henry C.: for and his father was read His father, Henry Raikes (1811-1863), of Llwynegrin, Flint, was a barrister who twice unsuccessfully contested Derby in the conservative interest, was
7f.e. before of 'A Popular Sketch insert of a translation (1839) of Cardinal Pole's 'The Reform of England,' with an introductory essay, and
168 i 10-11 for unsuccessfully contested Derby as a conservative, read assisted his father in his candidature at Derby.
ii 15-16 for Denbighshire read Flintshire
170 i 13 Raikes, Robert: after James Raikes' insert (afterwards belonging to General Robert Napier Raikes, of Strangford Villa, Park Road, Watford)
177 ii 21 Raines, Francis R.: for rector read vicar
194 i 15-16 Ralegh, Sir Walter: for has been now identified read is identical
17 for 1650 read about 1650
202 i 24 for 1615 read 1665
203 i 20 for Ninias read Ninus
204 ii 22f.e. for 1583 read 1581
217 ii 9
Ralph (d. 1174) : for (ib. read (Röhricht
218 i 24 Ralph of St. Albans: for (d. 1151) read (d. 1150)
238 ii 4f.e. Ramsay, Andrew M. : for 1730 read 1728
239 i 23 for 1795 read 1795 and 1816
30 for National read Natural
36 after 1747. insert His 'Apology for the Free and Accepted Masons,' published in Dublin in 1738 and London in 1749, was burnt at Rome 1 Feb. 1739.
241 ii 32 Ramsay, Edward B.: for 1846 read 1841
247 ii l.l. Ramsay, James A. B., 1st Marquis of Dalhousie: for as a child, but was sent to Har- read in 1816, when four years old, but in 1822 he was sent to East Sheen and in Sept. 1825 to Harrow.
248 i 1 omit row when he was ten years old.
249 i 22f.e. for established himself at Firozpur. read went into camp at Makhu.
ii 14-20 for deemed it right to consult .... was declared to be read carefully considered the objections to that course, which were powerfully urged by Sir Henry Lawrence, and were shared in a less degree by his brother John. Feeling that hesitation and delay would give rise to disorder, Dalhousie acted on his own responsibility and on 29 March 1849 declared the Punjáb to be
250 i 28-29 omit the establishment. . . . . British India;