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250 i 13-9 f.e. Ramsay, James A. B., 1st Marquis of Dalhousie:for suspending without the authority .... in the Punjáb, read reversing without the authority of the government an order issued by Lord Hardinge in 1845 for calculating the allowances paid to native troops and compensation for the dearness of provisions.
251 i 20-21 for was away in Sind, and consequently read was consulted, and with his concurrence
256 i 1 before The Marquess insert A full life by Sir William Lee-Warner appeared in 1904.
275 ii 19 Randolph, Sir Thomas, 1st Earl of Moray: for 1305 read 1305-6
279 i 26 Randolph, Thomas (1523-1590): for the autumn of 1562 read April 1562
282 i 15f.e. Randolph, Thomas (1605-1635): for quiet read quick
285 i 19 Randulf, Earl of Chester (d. 1129?): for c. 5 read C. 5
39 for Mericia read Mercia
287 ii 34 Randulf, Earl of Chester (d. 1153): for Maradoc read Maredudd
35-36 for Counsylth read Consyllt
288 i 41-42 for Dominatus read Dominabus
307 i 5 Rastrick, John U.: for Shut read Shutt
312 ii 19 Rattray, Sylvester: for But the latter read The latter
20-23 omit whereas the Sylvester .... in Glasgow.
18f.e. after p. 51). insert He had a son, Sylvester, a student of medicine at Glasgow in 1680.
318 i 37 Ravenscroft, Thomas: before In 1614 insert In 1613 Ravenscroft issued 'Musalia,' a collection of glees (cf. Musical World, 1840, ii. 139).
322 ii 17 Rawdon, Marmaduke: for 1868 read 1863
324 ii 36 Rawlet, John: for 'Public read 'Poetic
334 i 20 Rawlinson, Sir Thomas (1647-1708): for A grandson read A second cousin
22-23 for of the elder Sir Thomas's .... in 1732). read of the Rev. Robert Rawlinson of Charlwood, Surrey, and his grandfather Daniel Rawlinson was the first Sir Thomas Rawlinson' s first cousin.
18-15 f.e. for He was twice married .... mason of Sudbury. read He was buried at Haughley, Suffolk. He married his first cousin Dorothea (1704-43), daughter of the Rev. Richard Ray of Haughley, Suffolk.
13f.e. for Walter read Sir Walter
12f.e. after estates, insert married Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Ladbroke, lord mayor of London,
335 i l.l. Rawlinson, Thomas (1681-1725): transfer inverted comma to close of article
ii 22 Rawlinson, Sir William: for 1696) read 1703)
32 before entered read was admitted from Hawkshead School pensioner of Christ's College, Cambridge, 13 April 1655, aged 15,
345 ii 25 Raymond, Robert, Lord Raymond: after 1673, insert was educated at Eton and was admitted pensioner of Christ's College, Cambridge, in Nov. 1689, aged 15, afterwards becoming a fellow-commoner. He
346 ii 15f.e. Raymond, Sir Thomas: after in 1627, insert was admitted from Stortford School pensioner of Christ's College, Cambridge, 5 April 1643, aged 16, being admitted student of Gray's Inn 4 Feb. 1644-5 and graduating B.A. at midsummer 1646. He
347 i 20f.e. Raynalde, Thomas: for In 1540 there appeared read In 1545 he edited
18-17 f.e. for the writer, whose initials, .... given, read the original writer, who is supposed to have been one Richard Jonas (1540),
5f.e. omit in 1545
ii 30 after 8vo. insert He also issued Wyat's 'Certaine Psalmes' and an edition of Matthew's Bible. In all about thirty books bear his imprint.
348 i 12f.e. Rayner, Lionel B.: for 1832 read 1831
353 i 16f.e. Read, Thomas: for has then become read was afterwards
ii 3 omit Pink
355 ii 9 Reade, Charles: for 1831 read 1851
359 i 5 Reade, Edward A.: for a connection read a cousin
361 i 3f.e.
Reade, Joseph B.: for Fairish read Farish
ii 7f.e. Reade, William W.: for 30 Jan. read 26 Dec.