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87 ii 27 Scott, Sir Walter (1771-1832): for 1809 read 1809-10
91 i 15 for (1816) read (1815)
92 i 6 for 1815 read 1816
101 ii 7f.e. for Scott's children were: read Scott was succeeded in the baronetcy by his eldest son, Walter, who was born on 28 Oct. 1801, and died on 8 Feb. 1847, when the title became extinct. His other children were:
3-1f.e. omit Walter, born .... no issue. (3)
102 i 1 for (4) read (8)
4 for Scott has now no descendants except read Scott is now lineally represented by the family of his great-granddaughter,
5-6 for daughter of Hope-Scott and her children. read now of Abbotsford; she is second daughter of J. R. Hope-Scott [q. v.] and wife of the Hon. Joseph Constable Maxwell (third son of William Maxwell, Lord Herries), who assumed the additional surname of Scott on his marriage.
103 ii 21 after printed) insert 1808
24 after 1813 insert (really 1812)
3f.e. for 1849 read 1820 and after 1820 insert (really 1819)
104 i 3 for George III's read George IV's
19 after 1651,’ insert 1826
112 i 28 Scott, William, Lord Stowell (1745-1836): for Colburne's read Colburn's
ii 30-31 Scott, William (1797-1848): for Knaveshire read Knavesmire
113 ii 12-11f.e. Scott, William: for Parliament House read a tenement overlooking Parliament House Square
114 i 34-35 for Perthshire read Ayrshire
125 ii 3f.e. Scriven, Edward: for 1318 read 1818
132 i 47-48 Scrope, Adrian: for thirty-seventh read twenty-seventh
135 i 38 Scrope, Sir Geoffrey: for Ufflete read Ufflete or Usflete
139 i 35-36 Scrope, Henry le, 3rd Baron Scrope of Masham: for A modern writer says read According to Monstrelet,
37 for but he gives no authority (Gesta read (ed. Panthéon Littéraire, p. 366; cf. Gesta
19-17f.e. for wife from the royal family. Even .... and the prince read wife, Joan Holland, from the royal family, the lady's father being half-brother of the late King Richard II. When at the end of 1411 the prince
16-15f.e. for Scrope continued at the treasury, read Scrope resigned the treasurership 16 Dec. 1411 (Wylie's Henry IV, iv. 51).
14-11f.e. for His supersession by Henry V .... he was entrusted read After the accession of Henry V he was entrusted
ii 17-19 for Possibly he had resented .... two years before. read Rumour ascribed the conspiracy to bribery with French gold; if so, it is possible that Scrope was the go-between.
158 i 15 Scudamore, William E.: for survives with read died 7 June 1898, aged 82, leaving
14f.e. Scudder, Henry: after Cambridge insert whence he graduated M.A. in 1606
159 ii 18f.e. Seager, Charles: for Brecknor read Bicknor
184 ii 14f.e. Sedgwick, Thomas: for Gainsford read Gainford
187 ii 7 Sedley, Sir Charles: for earl of Rivers read Earl Rivers
188 ii 6-5f.e. Sedulius: for must be the commentator read must be differentiated from the commentator
199 ii 36 Segrave, Sir Hugh: for Brustwick read Burstwick
202 i 17 Segrave, John de: for Almondbury read Alkmundbury (Alconbury)
211 ii 8f.e. Selby, Walford D.: for 1865 read 1867
226 ii 9 Sellar, William Y.: for his death in October 1890 read his death at Kenbank, Dalry, Galloway, on 12 Oct. 1890
28 after 1892. insert He also contributed ‘Characteristics of Thucydides’ to ‘Oxford Essays,’ 1857.
232 i 31 Selwyn, George A. (1809-1878): for Major Charles Selwyn read His father's uncle, Major Charles Selwyn
35 omit His father's uncle,
ii 6 for the first of a series read an early foundation in the series of colonial sees