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108 i 25 Starkey, George: for In 1666 read Before 14 Sept. 1665
27 after zeal insert (Allin's 'Notices of the Last Great Plague, 1665-6,' in Archæologia, 1857, vol. xxxvii. p. 10; but see, for another version of his fate, Sibley, Biog. Sketches of Graduates of Harvard Univ., 1873, vol. i. p. 134)
112 i 4 Statham, Nicholas: for (fl. 1467) read (d. 1472)
12 after no mention insert in records of judicial appointments
16 after the office. insert He was member for Old Sarum in the parliament of June 1467. His will, dated 15 July 1472, was proved on 5 August following (cf. Skottowe, Short History of Parliament, p. 14).
123 ii 17-19 Stebbing, Henry (1687-1763): for Malton read Walton
20 for (d. 1821) read (d. 1721)
138 ii 22 Steele, William: for was admitted to read joined Caius College, Cambridge, in 1627, and was scholar there 1629-31. He entered
143 i 3 Steevens, Charles: for (d. 1761) read (1705-1761)
4 after rear-admiral, insert born at West Hanningfield, Essex, on 7 Feb. 1705, was fifth son of John Steevens, a captain in the army, and brother of George Steevens, father of the Shakespearean commentator. He
ii 7 f.e. for A brother George read The George Stevens
6-4 f.e. for was probably the Mr. Stevens . . . . p. 242) read who is
3 f.e. after his pay insert was probably the admiral's nephew, the Shakespearean commentator
144 i 5 Steevens, George: for son read child
6 after Mary insert (Perryman)
145 ii 13 after Oliver Goldsmith, insert Johnson left him his watch by will.
146 i 26-27 for Beauclerk Topham read Topham Beauclerk
ii 11 f.e. for Mirror' read Review' (1763, i. 61-6)
7 f.e. for Birkenhout's read Berkenhout's
148 i 30 for housekeeper read cousin and housekeeper
32 for his sister read his 'dearest cousin,' Mrs. Collinson's sister
38 for Her brother's books read Steevens's books
ii 22 after vol. vii. insert A miniature belongs to Mrs. Inglis, Mrs. Collinson's great-granddaughter.
188 i 1 Stephenson, James: for Morton read Martin
201 i 20 f.e. Sterne, Laurence: for Ritson read Riston
202 i 12 f.e. for MSS. read Charters
205 ii 27 for Totteston read Tollerton
222 i 18 f.e. Sterne, Richard: for Bishopsthorpe read Bishopthorpe
ii 5 after Place. insert There is a portrait of the archbishop in the hall of Jesus College, Cambridge.
233 ii 23-24 Stevens, William: for It continued many years after Stevens's death read It still flourishes
241 i 26 Stevenson, Joseph: after Durham, insert He entered the university there, became a licentiate in theology in 1841,
245 ii 25 Stevenson, Robert L.: for James Balfour read Lewis Balfour
253 ii 5 for 4 Dec. read 3 Dec.
263 ii 33 Stewart, Alexander, Earl of Mar: for duke of Burgundy, read count of Holland and Hainault,
268 i 18 Stewart, Alexander, 4th Earl of Moray: for fourth Earl read fifth Earl
20 for third read fourth
295 i 14 f.e. Stewart, James (d. 1309): for Melton read Malton
297 ii 16 Stewart, Lord James, Earl of Mar and Moray: for 1556 read 1556-7
301 ii 32 for June read Jan.
307 i 40 Stewart, James, Earl of Moray (d. 1592): for Earl of Moray of a new line read second Earl of Moray
336 i 21 Stewart, Matthew, 4th or 12th Earl of Lennox: after Lennox; insert Yorks. Arch. Journ. x. 63-82, 407, 422;
ii 38 Stewart, Matthew (1717-1785): before On 21 June insert In 1756 Stewart was created D.D. of Glasgow University.
337 ii 29 Stewart, Murdac, 2nd Duke of Albany: for Fife read Fife and Menteith