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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

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7 ii 6 Stanhope, Sir Edward: for Wharffe read Wharfe
20 i 6 Stanhope, John, 1st Baron Stanhope: for Nottingham read Northampton
36 ii 12 Stanhope, Philip D., 4th Earl of Chesterfield: for Life,' by read Life' (1750), at one time attributed to
13 after [q. v.], insert but in large part written by Chesterfield,
38 ii 7 Stanhope, Philip H., 5th Earl Stanhope: for After Talfourd's death read After Talfourd lost his seat in 1841
54 i 24 Stanley, Edward G. G. S., 14th Earl of Derby: for 1820 read 1822
25 omit a tory,
28 after peer insert Earl Grosvenor
61 ii 40 Stanley, Edward H., 15th Earl of Derby: for 1835 read 1853
65 i 19 f.e. Stanley, Edward J., 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley: omit for the colonies 1833-4, and
70 i 16 f.e. Stanley, Henry, 4th Earl of Derby: for Brandon read Suffolk
79 i 15 Stanley, Thomas (1625-1678): for was incorporated in the same degree at read is said to have joined the university of
80 ii 15 for Enyon read Engan
88 i 9-10 Stanyan, Abraham: omit (the original edition
10 after 8vo, insert ('a large paper copy'
11 for rare; it read rare). The original edition
97 i 2
Stapleton, Miles de (d. 1314): for Brustwick read Burstwick
105 i 2 Stapley, Anthony: after Anthony insert who about 1640 gave 10l. to the new building at Christ's College, Cambridge, and was probably educated there,
106 i l.l. Stark, Adam: after Gent. Mag. insert 1816, ii. 542, 1823, ii. 613,
107 i 23-25 Stark, William: for of Irish parentage . . . . Scotland. read eldest son of Thomas Stark, a merchant of Manchester.
26 after University insert where he graduated M.A. in 1758 (Addison's Graduates of Glasgow University, 1898)
ii 3 f.e. Starkey, George: after Starkey insert or Stirk and for (d. 1666) read (d. 1665)
2-1 f.e. for may be identical . . . . Leicester—read born in the Bermudas, was son of George Stirk (d. 1636-7), a minister of Scottish nationality in those islands, and author of 'Musæ Somorenses' (London, 1635, 8vo), of which there is a copy in the Bodleian Library (cf. Lefroy, Memorials of the Bermudas, 1877, vol. i.) In early life the son occasionally designated himself Storkey, but in his printed works his name appears as either Starkey or Starkeius. He graduated M.A. at Harvard College, and, while practising as a doctor in America,
108 i 1-7 omit shire by his wife . . . . settlements. There he
11 for In 1646 Starkey returned read Between 1646 and 1650 Starkey proceeded