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454 ii 37·38 Stafford, John (d. 1452)—continued.

dispensation dated 17 March 1403, which entitled John Stafford, clerk of the diocese of Lincoln, who was then in or about his fourteenth year, to hold a benefice (Lateran Register, cviii. f. 79 b). Whether the John Stafford mentioned in this dispensation was the future archbishop is uncertain. If so he was born about 1389. In 1408 his father, Sir Humphrey, presented him to the living of Farnborough, Somerset, a fact which might suggest an earlier date of birth.

469 i 27 Stalham, John: after Oxford, insert It seems more likely that he was the John Stalham who was matriculated as a sizar of Christ's College, Cambridge, in April 1617, graduating B.A. in 1620-1, M.A. 1624, and whose son John, admitted to the same college in 1667-8, was born at Terling, where the puritan divine was beneficed.
470 i 2f.e. Stanbridge, John: after Stanbridge, insert who was B.A. 1511 and M.A. 1518
ii 8 omit one
9-10 omit who was B.A. 1511 and M.A. 1518