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154 i 19 Wallop, Sir John: for 1540-1 read 1539-40
159 i 14-15 Walmesley, Sir Thomas: for Showley-in-Clayton and Cunliffe-in-Rishton, read Showley, in the township of Clayton, and Cunliffe, in the township of Rishton,
ii 39 for the manor of Dunkenhalgh read at Dunkenhalgh
160 i 16 omit first
17-18 for and secondly with . . . baron Stourton read her first husband
18 omit doubly
20 for day. read day; by her second husband, Charles, fifteenth baron Stourton, she had no issue.
36 after xxviii; insert Whitaker's History of Whalley; Abram's History of Blackburn;
161 i 17 f.e. Walmisley, Thomas A.: for 'Portfolio' read 'Cambridge Portfolio'
ii 27 for edited read adapted
163 i 23 Walpole, Edward: for embraced read showed sympathy for
ii 35 for Jessop's read Jessopp's
177 i 24-25 Walpole, Ralph de: for coronation read consecration
184 ii 10 Walpole, Sir Robert, 1st Earl of Orford: for Strafford read Stafford
206 i 7 for (Mary) read (Catherine)
212 ii 4 f.e. Walsh, Antoine V.: for 1759?) read 1763) and for born at St. Malo in 1703, read baptised at St. Malo on 22 Jan. 1702-3,
2 f.e. for shipowner read wealthy Waterford merchant
213 i 1-2 for Mary O'Shiel read Mary, daughter of Luke O'Shiel
36 for 1755 read 1753
37-38 for and he died . . . about 1759. read Subsequently he went to San Domingo, where he died at Cap Français on 2 March 1763; his will, dated 11 Nov. 1758, was proved at Châtelet, Paris, on 13 Sept. 1763.
39-40 for Paulin,who died . . . issue, read (1745-1798), who was in 1772 appointed chamberlain to Maria Theresa,
215 i 42-44 Walsh, John (1725?-1795): omit Walsh was returned . . . until 1780.
216 ii 46-47 Walsh, John E.: for following read same
219 ii 3 Walsh, Peter: for Dean read Dease
221 ii l.l. for In March read On 24 Feb.
222 i 25 for Caron read Coppinger
224 ii 40-41 Walsh, Robert: omit but though his title pages . . . cannot be traced
225 i 5 for he accepted read during which year he received the diploma of M.D. from the Royal College, Aberdeen, as well as the degree of LL.D. from Trinity College, Dublin, Walsh accepted
ii 5 Walsh, William (1512?-1577): for no doubt read perhaps
226 i 32 for convent read abbey
229 i 14 f.e. Walsingham, Sir Edmund: for Somerby read Somerley
230 i 24-25 Walsingham, Edward: for (fl. 1643-1659) read (d. 1663).
231 ii 10-18 for The last reference to Walsingham . . . . died abroad. read Walsingham was already acting as secretary to Walter Montagu, then abbot of St. Martin's, near Pontoise, and filled that post until his death. He interested himself in the settlement at Pontoise of the English Benedictine Dames in July 1659, and next year being ordained priest and named curé of Aronville, near Pontoise, became spiritual director of the nunnery, for which he wrote a manuscript manual of prayer called 'The Evangelique Pearle' (now preserved at the convent at Newhall, Essex). Accompanying his chief, Abbot Walter Montagu, to England in the autumn of 1663, he died there suddenly on 9 Oct. of that year (cf. Foley's Records of Society of Jesus, vol. ii. ser. iii. pt. ii. 383).
240 ii 2-3 Walsingham, Sir Francis (1530?-1590): omit in other manuscript collections than those named
241 ii 9-13 Walsingham, Francis (1577-1647): for He left in manuscript . . . . nunnery at Pontoise read A manuscript manual of prayer, 'The Evangelique Pearle' (now preserved at the convent at Newhall, Essex), which was written for the use of the English nunnery (the Benedictine Dames) of Pontoise, has been erroneously assigned to Francis Walsingham, whose death preceded by eleven years the conventual settlement at Pontoise; the manuscript is from the pen of Edward Walsingham [q. v.].
248 i 14 f.e. Walter, Sir John: for Woolvercott read Wolvercote