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262 i 16 f.e. Walters, Edward: for From 1848 to 1860 read Until 1860
275 i 38 Walton, Izaak: for Winchester Cathedral read Salisbury Cathedral
12 f.e. after 1888. insert A memorial to Walton has been placed outside the church of St. Dunstan's in the West, Fleet Street.
277 ii 8
Walton, James: for Somerby read Sowerby
284 i 6 Walwyn, William: for born about 1600 read baptised on 17 Aug. 1600
291 i 41 Wanostrocht, Nicholas: after 1876. insert His widow died in 1901.
43 after esp. ii. 61; insert Caffyn's Seventy-one Not Out;
292 ii 40 Warbeck, Perkin: for Flanders read England
300 i 32 Warburton, Peter: for Kimbleton read Himbleton
302 i 52-53 Warburton, William: for Lincolnshire read Leicestershire
335 i 7-9 Ward, Samuel (d. 1643): for He was originally a scholar . . . In 1595 he was elected read He matriculated as a pensioner of Christ's College, Cambridge, in 1588-9, and graduated B.A. 1592-3 and M.A. 1596. In the last year he was elected
339 ii 4 f.e. Ward, Seth: for Wood read Thomas Wood
344 i 22 Ward, William (1787-1849): for a London merchant, read of Northwood Park, Cowes, a London merchant and large landowner in the Isle of Wight and Hampshire,
4 f.e. after currency. insert Ward was a famous cricketer and patron of the game. John Nyren dedicated his 'Cricketer's Guide' to him in 1833, and congratulated him on 'having gained the longest hands on record,' referring to his at that time unequalled score of 278, made on Lord's Ground on 24 July 1820 for the M.C.C. against Norfolk. In 1825 Ward bought the lease of Lord's Ground, to save it from sale for building purposes (Cricket, in Badminton Series, and Pycroft's Cricket Field). He continued to play occasionally down to 1845.
349 i 19-18 f.e. Warde, James Prescott: for On becoming a player read Intended for the army, he became a cadet at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, on 15 Sept. 1807, and was appointed second lieutentant in the Royal Artillery in December 1809. He took part in theatricals at the Academy, playing in 1808 the title part in 'Douglas.' Subsequently his absorbing passion for the stage led to his supersession in the army for 'absence without leave' (1 April 1815). On becoming a professional player
357 ii 12 Ware, Hugh: for Rathcoffrey read Rathcoffey
361 ii 6 Warelwast, William de: for 1197 read 1097
390 i 15 Warmestry, Thomas: for Noakes's read Noake's
403 i 24 Warner, Sir Thomas: for Meanwhile Warner had been read Warner was
404 i 15 f.e. for a negro woman read a Carib woman
415 i 16 Warren, John B. L., 3rd Baron de Tabley: for Salis-Saglio read Salis-Soglio
416 i 22 for Mr. W. H. Miles read Mr. A. H. Miles
428 ii 1-2 Warton, Joseph: for Like Warton, Collins read Like Collins, Warton
436 ii 19 f.e. Warton, Thomas (1728-1790): for Royle Lee read Boyle Lee
439 ii 50-51 Wase, Christopher: omit Dr. Johnson . . . commonplace
440 ii 39 Washbourne, Thomas: for Gloucestershire read Worcestershire
444 i 1 Waterhonse, Sir Edward: for Armagh read Cashel
450 i 5 Waterton, Charles: for the remainder of his life read most of his remaining life
452 i 31 Wath, Michael: omit or Sir Michael
17 f.e. for Sir Michael read 'Sir' [i.e. Dominus] Michael