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130 ii 34-37 Wilson, Sir Robert T.: for in consequence, .... his seat, losing read he lost
132 ii 19-20 Wilson, Thomas (1525?-1581): for it contains read the third edition contains
135 ii 19 for Lidney read Lydney
138 ii 19-20 Wilson, Sir Thomas (1560?-1629): for Wilson died .... letters read Wilson was buried at St. Martin's in the Fields on 17 July 1629, and on the 31st letters
146 i 32 Wilson, William (1690-1741): for Williams read Wilson
151 i 13f.e. Wilson, Sir Wiltshire: for 1838 read 1836
ii 25 Wilson-Patten, John, Baron Winmarleigh: for Lord Stanley, afterwards read Edward G. G. S. Stanley, afterwards Lord Stanley, and
29-30 for his friend Lord Stanley, read his friend's father, Lord Stanley, afterwards thirteenth earl of Derby,
36 for again of his friend read of his friend Edward Stanley, afterwards Lord Stanley
152 i 20 for In the year following read In September of the year following
21-23 for a post he held .... three months later, read under Disraeli, and held the post till Disraeli's resignation in Dec. 1868.
30 for 12 July read 11 July
172 i 14f.e. Windham, Sir Charles A.: for 4 Feb. read 2 Feb.
ii 7f.e. Windham, William: for Ash Windham read William Windham
6f.e. after Sudbury insert 1722-7
6-5f.e. for between 1721 and 1727 read until his death in 1730,
173 i 19-20 omit and Helston in 1766
174 i 2 for secretary for war read secretary at war
8-6 f.e. for He took refuge .... 8 May 1807, read Throughout these proceedings he retained his seat for New Romney, and held it till the dissolution on 29 April 1807. At the general election in May he was returned for Higham Ferrers,
177 ii 12 Windsor, Thomas, 1st Earl of Plymouth: omit (Sir)
178 i 2 Windsor, Sir William de, Baron Windsor: for G. T. read G. F.
182 ii 11 Wingfield, Sir Anthony: for thirteenth earl read fourteenth earl
183 ii 7 Wingfield, Anthony(1550?-1615?) : for Oxford read Orford
185 i 4f.e. Wingfield, Sir Humphrey: for Partiger read Pargiter
196 ii 37 Winniffe, Thomas: for receiving at the same time read he also held
198 i 11 Winnington, Thomas: for Whitley read Witley
203 i 16-17 Winslow, Edward: for Richard Holdrip and Edward Blagge read Daniel Searle and Gregory Butler
208 i 9 f.e. Winstanley, Henry: for (d. 1703) read (1644-1703)
8-7 f.e. for was probably a native .... of William read baptised at Saffron Walden on 31 March 1644, and was eldest son of Henry Winstanley (d. 1680) of that place. He was nephew of William
209 ii 23-24 Winstanley, William: for (1628?-1690?) read (1628?-1698)
24-27 for was related to .... Henry Winstanley [q. v.], read was second son of William Winstanley, of Quendon, Essex (d. 1687), by his wife Elizabeth. Henry Winstanley [q. v.] was his nephew. William was sworn a freeman of Saffron Walden on 21 April 1649.
8 f.e. for died about 1690 .... married, and read was buried at Quendon on 22 Dec. 1698. He was twice married;
7 f.e. for wife read first wife
5 f.e. after p. 35). insert His second wife, Anne, was buried at Quendon on 29 Sept. 1691.
210 ii 21-22 for birth of one Robert .... (brother of Henry read baptism on 14 March 1646-7 of Robert Winstanley (a nephew of William and a younger brother of Henry
28 for sixteen read fifteen
213 ii 40 Winter, Sir Edward: for 20 Sept. read 20 Dec.
215 ii l.l. Winter, Sir John: for Metcalf's read Metcalfe's
216 ii 15 f.e. Winter, Samuel: for 24 Oct. read 24 Dec.
223 ii 23 Winterbottom, Thomas M.: after 1800. insert He left more than 5,000 philological books to Durham University.
253 i 33 Wishart, Sir James: for (d. 1729) read (d. 1723)