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236 ii 18-22 for his daughter . . . . At the latter date read Desire Minter, a maid-servant, two men-servants (John Howland and Roger Wilder), and two boys (William Latham and Jasper More). The last died in 1620. In 1627
25 before The William Carver insert who does not seem to have had any children
26 omit leaving many descendants
28 omit though probably a relation
30-31 for Carver's daughter . . . . with his children read Elizabeth Tilley, and although unrelated to Carver shared
33 for last read last but three and for 1672 read 1673
39 for a township read the southern portion of the township
41 for 'Carver's Town' read 'Carver'
238 ii 11 f.e. Carver, Robert: after director insert He was president of the Society of Artists in 1777
239 ii 19-18 f.e. Carwell, Thomas: for an ancient Lincolnshire family now extinct read the ancient Lincolnshire family of Thorold
241 i 4 Cary, Sir Henry, 1st Viscount Falkland: for Henry prince of Wales 1608 read Charles, prince of Wales in 1616
11 after 1627 insert He was elected M.P. for Hertfordshire 11 Dec. 1620
244 ii 20 f.e. Cary, John (d. 1720?): after commercial matters insert He was warden of the Merchant Venturers Company at Bristol 1683-4
19 f.e. for In 1687 read In Jan. 1687-8
15 f.e. before At the request insert He was superseded in October 1688. He was parliamentary candidate for Bristol in 1698
251 ii 20-19 f.e. Cary, Patrick: for After this it does not appear what became of him read He is said to have turned protestant and gone as secretary of Penn's expedition to the West Indies in 1655, and died there (Egerton MS. 2535, f. 487 b; cf. Athenæum, 7 May 1887).
252 ii 19 Cary, Valentine: for 1609 read 1610
34 after Gary insert who was vice-chancellor of the university that year
253 ii 3 for Cooke read Coke
258 i 13 f.e. Casaubon, Isaac: for 1696 read 1596
267 i 19 f.e. Caslon, William, the elder: for Psahnanzar read Psalmanazar
268 ii 15 Cassan, Stephen H.: after 1827 insert in the list of works 'Lives of the Bishops of Winchester,' London, 1827, 2 vols.
269 i 33 Cassell, John: for Cassell's 'Magazine of Art' read 'Cassell's Magazine'
6 omit 'Cassell's Magazine'
271 i 35 Castell, Edmund: omit Tadlow by
ii 3-2 f.e. for he was about the same time appointed read he had been appointed in 1664
272 ii 19 f.e. for Beverell read Peverell
273 ii 14 f.e. Castine, Thomas: for Cutler Fergus read Cutlar Fergusson
274 i 21 Castle, Edmund: for the same year read in 1744-5
22 after College insert In 1746 he was vice-chancellor
23 for the following year read 1748-9
279 i 21-22 Catcott, Alexander: for but styles himself read From July 1766 till his death he was
ii 5 Catcott, Alexander S.: after Oxford insert and was first appointed chaplain to the mayor of Bristol
284 i 31 Catesby, William: for the execution read its fulfilment
285 i 16-15 f.e. Cathcart, Charles, 9th Baron Cathcart: for at the time of his death read from 1752 till his death
286 ii 11 Cathcart, David, Lord Alloway: for lord-justiciary read lord of justiciary
33-34 Cathcart, Sir George: transpose and entered Paris . . . . 1814 to line 37 after Dresden
287 i 21 for In March 1854 read On 12 Dec. 1853
289 i 20 Cathcart, Sir William S., 1st Earl Cathcart: for In May 1813 read In July 1812
21 f.e. omit and the governorship of Hull
18-16 f.e. for until the suicide . . . . England, read He returned to England in 1820. He became governor of Hull in 1880
290 i 9 Catherine of Valois: for at her son's read and to her son's
39-40 for grandson read great-grandson