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His separate sermons, 1788-97, are reprinted R. xv. xvi. His signatures to articles in the 'Theological Repository,' 1769-70-71, 1784- 1786-88, are 'Beryllus,' ' Biblicus,' 'Clemens,' 'Ebionita,' 'Hernias,' 'Josephus,' 'Liberius,' 'Pamphilus,' 'Paulinos,' ' Pelagius,' 'Photinus,' and 'Scrutator' (see Monthly Repository, 1817, pp. 526 sq.) All these articles are reprinted by Rutt. Many German theologians, from Döderlein to Hagenbach, have erroneously assigned to him an essay denying the resurrection of the body, signed 'Philander,' i.e. John Cameron (1724-1799) [q. v.] In early life he wrote for the 'Monthly Review,' but the only article identified as his is a review (1755, xii. 485 sq.) of a translation of the Psalms by Thomas Edwards (1729-1785) [q. v.] He wrote a hymn at Birmingham for a charity occasion, but it was rejected as not good enough ; it is printed in the 'Disciple' (Belfast), 1881, p. 151. In 1790 he edited, in conjunction with William Hawkes (1759-1820) of Manchester, a collection of 'Psalms and Hymns,' 12mo, grievously altered from their originals ; it was in use at the New Meeting, Birmingham, and Mosley Street Chapel, Manchester (see his letter of 19 Dec. 1789, among the Priestley MSS. in Dr. Williams's library, Gordon Square, London).

II. Philological and Educational.-- 52. 'The Rudiments of English Grammar,' &c., 1761, 12mo ; 1762, 8vo ; enlarged edition, 1768, 12mo; often reprinted; it is said (Memoirs, i. 46) to have been useful to Hume (R. xxiii.) 53. 'A Course of Lectures on the Theory of Language,' &c., Warrington, 1762, 12mo (R. xxiii.) 54. 'An Essay on a Course of Liberal Education . . . with Plans of Lectures,' &c., 1765, 8vo (R. xxiv.) 55. 'Considerations for the Use of Young Men,' &c., 1775, 12mo ; reprinted in No. 57 (R. xxv.) 56. 'A Course of Lectures on Oratory and Criticism,' &c., 1777, 4to (R. xxiii.) 57. ' Miscellaneous Observations relating to Education,' &c., Bath, 1778, 8vo ; also Birmingham, same year ; reprinted, Cork, 1780, 8vo (R. xxv.)

III. Historical.-- 58. ' A Chart of Biography,' &c., 1765, engraved sheet, with 'Description,' 1765, 12mo ; also Warrington, 1765, 8vo; last edition, 1820, 12mo. 59. 'A New Chart of History,' &c., 1769, engraved sheet, with ' Description,' 1770, 12mo ; 15th ed. 1816. 60, 'An History of the Sufferings of ... De Marolles and . . . Le Fevre,' &c., Birmingham, 1788, 8vo, a reprint from the English translation of 1712, with preface (R. xxv. preface only). 61. 'Lectures on History and General Policy,' &c., Birmingham, 1788, 4to, 2 vols. (the 'Syllabus' was printed, Warrington [1765], 4to); reprinted, 1793, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1803, 8vo, with added lecture on the constitution of the United States; 1826, 8vo (R. xxiv.) 62. 'A General History of the Christian Church,' &c., vols. i. and ii., Birmingham, 1790, 8vo ; 2nd ed. Northumberland, 1803- 1804, 8vo; vols. iii. and iv., Northumberland, 1802-3, 8vo (R. viii. ix. x.) 63. 'Original Letters by the Rev. John Wesley and his Friends,' &c., Birmingham, 1791, 8vo ; Priestley got these letters from Badcock, and supplied particulars from them to John Hampson, father of John Hampson [q. v.] (R. xxv. preface and 'Address to the Methodists' only). 64. ' Memoirs,' &c., Northumberland, 1805, 8vo, edited by his son Joseph; often reprinted ; see below.

IV. Political and social.--65. 'An Essay on the First Principles of Government,' &c., 1768, 8vo; 2nd ed. 1771, 8vo (includes No. 66); reprinted, 1835; translated into Dutch, Leyden, 1783, 8vo (R. xxii.) 66. 'Considerations on Church Authority,' &c., 1769, 8vo, against Thomas Balguy [q. v.] (R. xxii.) 67. 'A Free Address to Protestant Dissenters. . . . By a Dissenter,' &c., 1769, 8vo (anon.); 3rd ed. Birmingham, 1788, 12mo (R. xxii.) 68. 'A Few Remarks on ... Blackstone's Commentaries,' &c., 1769, 8vo; reprinted, Dublin, 1771, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1772, 8vo (R. xxii.) 69. 'An Answer ... to Dr. Blackstone's Reply,' in the 'St. James's Chronicle,' October 1769; reprinted, Dublin and Philadelphia, with No. 68 (R. xxii.) 70. 'A View of the Principles and Conduct of ... Dissenters,' &c., 1769, 8vo ; 2nd ed. same year (R. xxii.) 71. 'The Present State of Liberty in Great Britain and her Colonies . . . By an Englishman,' &c., 1769, 8vo ; a dialogue (anon.) (R. xxii.) 72. 'Letters to the Author of "Remarks on Several late Publications," ' &c., 1770, 8vo ; in reply to William Enfield [q. v.] ; an 'Additional Letter,' 1770, 8vo (R. xxii.) 73. 'A Letter ... to ... Dissenters who conduct the Application . . . for Relief from . . . Penal Laws,' &c., 1773, 8vo (anon.) (R. xxii.) 74. 'An Address to ... Dissenters ... on the approaching Election,' &c., 1774, 12mo (anon.) (R. xxii.) 75. 'A Free Address ... in favour of the Roman Catholics. By a Lover of Peace and Truth,' &c., 1780, 8vo (anon.) (R. xxii.) 76. 'An Address to the Subscribers to the Birmingham Library, on the . . . Motion to restrict . . . the choice of Books,' &c., Birmingham, 1787, 12mo. 77. 'A Letter to ... Pitt, on ... Toleration and Church Establishments,' &c., 1787,