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together; add half a pint of yeast; keep it in a temperate situation, with the bung-hole open for two days, until fermentation subsides; close it up, or bottle it off, and it will be fit for use in a few days.

Instantaneous Ginger Beer.

Mix a quarter a lb. of loaf sugar with an ounce of carbonated soda, and a quarter of an ounce of ground ginger Put a tea spoonful of the above mixture and half a tea spoonful of tartaric acid, scented with essence of lemon into a glass of water, and you have Ginger Beer in a moment.


Made same as the above, only keep out the ginger.

To Engrave on Copper, Brass, or Steel.

Warm what you intend to engrave, and give it a thin coat of bees wax, then write on it with sharp instrument that will penetrate the wax, and rub it over with a little nitric acid, and it will cut it the same as if it has been engraved.

To make Good Shoe Blacking.

Ivory black 1 lb. molasses 1 lb. sperm oil and sulphuric acid 1 ounce each; then mix the whole well together, and form it into whatever shape you like.

To Remove Ink Spots and Iron Mould from Linen, &c.

Mix equal quantities of oxalic and tartaric acids, wet the stains with water, and rub a little of the above on it, and in a few minutes the spots will disappear.