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together over a slow fire till reduced to a pint, a small quantity is then to be taken on a clean sponge, and thinly applied to the harness, or boots or shoes, taking care that they are previously well brushed. This composition saves an ocean of trouble to coachmen and grooms.

To Fumigate Foul Rooms.

To 1 table spoonful of common salt with a little powdered manganese in a glass cup, add at four or five different times a quarter of a wine glass of strong vitriolic acid. At every addition of the acid, the vapour will come in contact with the malignant miasmata, and destroy them.

French Polish

Take 1 oz. each, mastic, sandarac, seed-lac, shell-lac, gum-lac, and gum arabic; reduce them to powder, and add a quarter of an oz. virgin wax; put the whole into a bottle, with one quart of rectified spirit of wine; let it stand 12 hours, and it will be fit for use.

To apply it, make a ball of cloth, and put on it occasionally a little of the polish; then wrap the ball in a piece of calico, when slightly touch with raw linseed oil: rub the furniture (not) hard with a circular motion, until a gloss is produced; finish in the same manner, but instead of all polish, use one-third polish to two-thirds spirits of wine.

Spruce Beer.

Take of water 16 gallons, and boil the half of it; put the water thus boiled to the reserved cold part, which should be previously put into a barrel or other vessel; then add 16 lbs. molasses, with a few spoonfuls of the essence of spruce, stirring the whole