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Bleaching Liquid

When water is added to the chloride of lime, one half of the chloride leaves the lime, and dissolves in the water; and this is the bleaching liquid of the shops which is sold at a high rate, although it cannot cost more than a farthing a gallon! Let not the cheapness, however, suffer this liquid to be overlooked, as its purifying properties are unquestionable.

Silvering Copper.

Equal parts of muriate of silver, common salt, and cream of tartar, form a composition well calculated for silvering the dial-plates of clocks, the scales of barometers, &c. by simply rubbing the powder upon them and afterwards washing off the saline particles with water.

To Preserve Steel or Iron from Rust

Take 1 lb of hog’s lard free from salt, 1 oz. of camphor, 2 drachms of black lead powder, and 2 drachms of dragon's blood in fine powder, melt the same on a slow fire until it is dissolved, and let it cool for use.

Destroy Rats.

Take a sponge and steep it well in fat. and then cut it in pieces, and lay them in the rat- oles, and the rats will soon be destroyed.

Harness Makers Jet.

Take 1 drachm of indigo, a quarter of an oz of isinglass, a quarter of an oz of sort soap, 4 oz. of glue, a pennyworth of logwood raspings, a quart of vinegar, and a small quantity of green vitriol; boil the whole