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Permanent Ink for Marking Linen.

Dissolve a drachm of lunar caustic in three drachms of distilled rain water, then add half a drachm of gum arabic, with which write with a clean pen upon the linen, prepared as follows:—Dissolve half an ounce of soda in an ounce of water, adding twenty grains of gum arabic, which is to be kept in a separate bottle; moisten the part of the linen you wish to write on with this liquid, dry it before a gentle fire, then write as before directed. The writing when exposed to the sun becomes black.

Mixture for Destroying Bugs.

Take of corrosive sublimate 2 drachms, spirits of wine 8 oz.; rub them well together in a mortar until the sublimate is dissolved; then add half a pint of spirits of turpentine This is an effectual destroyer of bugs; but, being a strong poison, great care should be taken in using it.

How to kill Cockroaches.

Give them the root of black hellibore, which grows in marshes, and may be had from the country people; strew it over the floor at night, and next morning you will find all the family of cockroaches dead or dying from having eaten of it, which they do with much avidity.

Amber Varnish.

Take of Chio turpentine 8 oz. melt it over a very slow fire, and add 1 lb. of powdered gum amber, keep on the fire half an hour, then take it off, and add 2 oz. of white resin while quite warm, and 1 lb of hot linseed oil. When cold, strain, and it will be ready for use.