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Alphabetical Table,

Referring to the NUMBER of the Reſpective


ANT and Fly. 34
Ant and Pigeon. 203
Ant and Graſshopper. 217
Ant formerly a Man. 188
Ape wanting a Tayl, and Fox. 51
Ape and Fox King. 116
Ape and two Brats. 248
Apes Dancing. 375
Ape and Dolphin. 169
Ape and Mountebank. 397
Ape Judge, Fox and Wolfe. 415
Ape and Lyon in's Kingdom. 416
Apes Kingdom. 413
Apples and Horſe-Turds. 134
Arion and a Dolphin. 382
Ariſtotles Tyrant. 189
Aſs and Lyon Hunting. 7
Aſs Braying and Lyon. 10
Aſs and Whelp. 15
Aſs and Maſtiffe. 191
Aſs and Ungrateful Maſter. 24
Aſs, Ape and Mole. 26
Aſs and Wolfe. 36
Aſe and Pamper'd Horſe. 38
Aſs Laden and Horſe. 63
Aſs, Lyon and Fox Hunting. 206
Aſs to Jupiter. 208
Aſs in a Lyons Skin. 224
Aſs and Two Travellers. 376
Aſe and Country-man (Alarum.) 262
Aſs puts in for an Office. 306
Aſs, Sick and Wolfe. 314
Aſſes Wiſh. 317
Aſs Green and a Widow. 332
Aſs, Lyon and Hare. 346
Aſs Lyon and Cock 150
Aſs Wild and Tame. 190
Aſſes to Jupiter. 191
Aſs and Frogs 192
Aſs Gall'd and Raven. 193
Aſs, Lyon and Fox, [Treachery.] 194
Aſs and Old Man. 358
Aſs to be Taught Grammar. 263
Aſſes and Country-man. 372
Aſs, Lyon and Wolves. 396
Two Aſſes Laden with Salt and Sponge. 408
Aſs Judge of Muſick 414
Aſſes Two. Laden. [Oats and Money.] 417
Aſs Challeng'd by a Boar. 418
Aſs and Shadow. 421
Aſſes Skin. 437
Aſs carrying an Image. 487
Aſtrologer and Traveller. 94
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