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Ant Hia
And Jur
Blood Huĕ
Black Ou
Cat Gniou
Can Oi
Dear Kui
Dog Kaou
Ear Hi
End Boe
Fan Si
Fish Hur
Gold Kim
Goat Ie
Hen Koi
House Chu
Inch Chun
In I
Jar Tome
Joint Chăt
Knife Taw
Know Chai
Love Ai
Leg Kha
Man Nang
Mat Chiĕ
Nail Teng
Night Mey
One Chĕk
Of Chur
Pen Pit
Pin Cham
Quick Mey
Quiet Tiem
Run Chaou
Shelf Key
Sock Buĕ
This Chi
Talk Kong
Uncle Chĕk
Ulcer Chung
Valley Khey
Virtue Tek
Whip Pni
Wheel Lun
You Lur
Year Ni