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This page needs to be proofread.
1st 初一 Chiw it
2nd 初二 Chiw ji
3nd 初三 Chiw sa
4th 初四 Chiw si
5th 初五 Chiw gñou
6th 初六 Chiw lak
7th 初七 Chiw chĭt
8th 初八 Chiw poĭ
9th 初九 Chiw kaou
10th 初十 Chiw chap
11th 十一 Chap it
15th 十五 Chap gñou
17th 十七 Chap chĭt
19th 十九 Chap kaou
20th 二十 Ji chap
21st 二一 Ji it
22nd 二二 Ji ji
25th 二五 Ji gñou
30th 三十 Sa chap
Season Kʼhui
Spring Chun
Summer Hey
Autumn Chiw
Winter Tang
Year Ni
11 to 1 A.M. Chŭr
01 to 03 Tiw
03 to 05 In
05 to 07 Baou
07 to 09 Sin
09 to 11 Chi
11 to 1 P.M. Gñou
01 to 03 Bi
03 to 05 Sin
05 to 07 Yiw
07 to 09 Sut
09 to 11 Hai