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114 Annual Report oj the Council.

Name of County.

Leicestershire Rutland . .


John's Lodge, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester.

Name of Collector. Address of Collector.

The Folk-Lore Committee of the Leicester Lit. and Soc. ,c/oC. J. Billson

Miss Matthews The Hollies, Swaffham.

Grundesburgh Hall,Woodbridge, 47, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. Barnwood Court, Gloucester.

itteeof\ dPhil. y^'

1, Esq. )

Norfolk . . .

Suffolk . . . Lady Camilla Gurdon . . Middlesex . . J. P. Emslie, Esq. . . Gloucestershire . E. S. Hartland, Esq. , F.S. A,

{County Folk-Lore, Vol. L Part i.) Surrey

Kent . . Hampshire Orkney and Shetland . Fifeshire .

Nairnshire Buteshire . Aberdeenshire . Kincardineshire.



Antrim . .



Isle of Man .


F. Green, Esq. . . .

Lady Dorothea Rycroft . G. F. Black, Esq. . . J. E. Simpkins, Esq.

Dr. B. Cruickshank . . Rev. J. King Hewison .

J. E. Crombie, Esq., M. P. ] Hon. J. Abercromby . .

Rev, S. A. Brenan . .

A. Eraut, Esq. . . . G. W. Wood, Esq. . .

Filstone, Addiscombe Grove,

Croydon. EastAnton Farm, Andover, Hants. Museum of Antiquities, Edin- burgh. Museum of Antiquities, Edin- burgh. Maida Place, Nairn. The Manse, Rothesay.

Balgownie Lodge, Aberdeen. 62, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh.

Knocknacarry, co. Antrim. St. Columba's College, Dublin.

As regards the second point, the idea of a conference for discussing the best means of obtaining a complete ethno- graphic survey of the United Kingdom emanated from Prof Haddon, and, at the invitation of the Council, the Society of Antiquaries and the Anthropological Institute at once appointed delegates to the Conference, the first meeting of which was held in July. In August, Mr. Brabrook, at the request of the Conference, very kindly brought the subject forward at the meeting of the British Association in Edinburgh. His observations were so warmly received, that an Association Committee was at once appointed, with Mr. Francis Galton as chairman, and Dr. Garson, Professor Haddon, and Dr. Joseph Anderson as members, to which were added, as representatives of this Society, the President, the Treasurer, and Mr. Jacobs. Representatives of other bodies were also appointed and the Council are encouraged to hope that some definite