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Annual Report of the Conncil. 115

steps may be taken during the ensuing year towards carrying out the objects they have in view.

It is proposed to record for certain typical villages and the neighbouring districts —

(i) Physical Types of the Inhabitants.

(2) Current Traditions and Beliefs.

(3) Peculiarities of Dialect.

(4) Monuments and other Remains of Ancient Culture; and

(5) Historical Evidence as to Continuity of Race.

As a first step, the Committee formed a list of such villages in the United Kingdom as appeared especially to deserve ethnographic study, out of which a selection was made for the survey. The villages or districts selected are such as contain not less than a hundred adults, the large majority of whose forefathers have lived there so far back as can be traced, and of whom the desired physical measurements, with photographs, may be obtained.

The Council have had under consideration the question of the feasibility of securing in London a permanent habitation, and of forming a library and, if possible, a museum of folk-lore objects. Meanwhile the Secretary has collected at his rooms in Lincoln's Lin all the books and pamphlets which have from time to time come into the possession of the Society, whether by gift, exchange, or otherwise.

The Council have also under consideration a motion by the President that the annual meetings should be held at a different town in the United Kingdom in each year, and they hope that suggestions from members may be forth- coming to enable them to test the advisability of this new departure, and to make the necessary arrangements if this plan should prove practicable.

The Council are again anxious to impress upon every member the urgent need of help both in money and work. A larger share of help in both these directions is absolutely essential, and it rests with members of the Society to enlist the sympathy and co-operation of their friends, if the Society is to achieve the objects it has in view.

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