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[English books published in London, French books in Paris,
unless otherwise mentioned.

Mediæval Lore: An Epitome of the Science, Geography, Animal and Plant Folk-lore and Myth of the Middle Ages: being Classified Gleanings from the Encyclopædia of Bartholomew Anglicus on the Properties of Things. Edited by Robert Steele. With a Preface by William Morris. 8vo. pp. 140. Elliot Stock.
Brown (J. C). People of Finland in Archaic Times: being sketches of them given in the Kalewala and in other national works. Crown 8vo. pp. 276. Kegan Paul, Trübner.
Golther (W.). Die Jungfrau mit den goldenen Haaren (extr. from Studien zur Literaturgeschichte Michael Bernays gewidmet). Leipzig: L. Voss.

(Symbol missingsymbol characters) Interesting discussion of the märchen underlying Tristan and Hrolf's Saga.

Graf (A.). Miti, leggende e superstizioni del Medio Evo. Vol. ii. La Leggenda di un Pontefice; Demonologia di Dante; Un monte di Pilato in Italia: Fu superstizioso el Boccaccio; La leggenda di un filosofo: Artù nell' Etna; Un Mito geografico.
Grinnell (G. B.). Pawnee Hero-stories and Folk-tales, with Notes on the Origin, Customs, and Character of the Pawnee people. To which is added a chapter on the Pawnee language by J. B. Dunbar. Crown 8vo. 445 pp. D. Nutt. (Reprint of first edition.)
———— Blackfoot Lodge Tales: the Story of a Primitive People. Crown 8vo. 310 pp. D. Nutt.
Grünbaum (M.). Neue Beiträge zur semitischen Sagenkunde. Leiden; Brill.